Lab17: SlimeLab

Half-Life: Deathmatch HLDM
Lab17: SlimeLab by darkphoenix_68
Posted 14 years ago2005-08-24 06:45:28 UTC • Completed • Half-Life: Deathmatch
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Lab17: SlimeLab
darkphoenix_68 darkphoenix_68
Half-Life: Deathmatch
14 years ago2005-08-24 06:45:28 UTC
8 months ago2019-11-24 22:41:25 UTC
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Deep beneath the surface of this remote island, at the end of a mile-long rail tunnel, lies this laboratory devoted to discovering the secrets of the slime. Sure, it's green, it's slimy, it smells bad -- but obviously there must be more to it than that! (People can get research grants for anything! Governments doubly so!)

This is the full SlimeLab level -- the "sequel" to Lab17: Storage. There is also a post-disaster variant of this map, Lab17: Quake.

[Warning/apology: I got a little carried away with the scope of the various Lab17 levels, and eventually gave up all hope of keeping the r_speeds respectably low (mostly because I'm spoiled by having good machines to run them on.) Consequently this level is a bit of a hog, and it won't play properly under HL's software display driver. It runs fine on a 2GHz Celeron with OpenGL. You have been warned!]

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Commented 14 years ago2005-08-24 09:15:42 UTC Comment #8674
Layout and architecture are two of the many strong points in this map. A lot of attention has been put to detail with a very good result, specially in the most important rooms of the lab.
The outside unreachable areas give us the feeling that this is all part of a bigger world, and it makes this and other maps so much better.
It could be a bit brighter (Since this is the pre-disaster version) and have more texture variation, but it's still a very solid map. Nice work.
Commented 14 years ago2005-08-24 12:31:40 UTC Comment #8690
My review:
+ Architecture. Looks great.
+ Texturing. Looks great too.
+ Gameplay. Good wpn placement and a couple a' secret places.
+ Layout. Looks alot like labs17_storage..
+/- Ambience. Some sounds, but you could have added more..
It's a nice map - looks alot like labs17_storage, but still it's ok.
Commented 14 years ago2005-09-05 00:14:25 UTC Comment #8862
Just a quick response to what has already been said about this map.

I certainly do need to go back and do some more texture work (see my comment on "Quake" for an elaboration on this subject) and I will, at the same time, review the lighting in this level. It is, as noted by Kasperg, the pre-disaster version, so it should be pretty well lit (the occasional dodgy lightbulb notwithstanding ;-))
Commented 14 years ago2006-01-24 12:56:24 UTC Comment #10667
This is literally some of the best mapping I've ever seen, especially for a DM map.

+Superb Airlock sequence:Highly detailed and sweet red lights!
+Superb big Lift--I kept trying to jump to the balcony as it went up!
+I loved those lights around the chargers!
+Superb and inventive use of original HL textures!
+Superb detail
+I loved the beds lol--FREAKIN' AWSOME
++Everything--Againe, FREAKIN' AWSOME

The only thing I could honestly say I didn't like, was the track lighting on the hallway floors. Other than that Uber-pwn!

<Adds DarkPhoenix_68 to list of fav mappers>

5 Stars
Commented 14 years ago2006-07-10 20:33:24 UTC Comment #12508
awesome map-very neat idea. Different than most maps ive seen. It has a neat fealing to it thow that music is real annoying and plane ambience would have maybe made it a 5 star imop.
Commented 13 years ago2006-08-06 09:06:45 UTC Comment #12771
Just a public reply to zeeba-G (since his inbox is full!)

There's no music that I can think of in this level. A couple of ambient sounds - mostly computer chatter and sparking, IIRC - but nothing else. (I'm thinking it could possibly do with a couple more, but that'll wait a while yet! :-))

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