Five More Ways to Die

Half-Life HL
Five More Ways to Die by Archie
Posted 18 years ago2005-12-19 16:06:41 UTC • Completed • Half-Life
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Five More Ways to Die
Archie Archie
18 years ago2005-12-19 16:06:41 UTC
15 years ago2008-11-13 11:10:07 UTC
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Try "5 Worse Ways to Die" - a slightly more modern spin on this idea.

Put the sound in

if you don't already have that folder, make it.


Commented 18 years ago2005-12-19 16:27:05 UTC Comment #10140
Some things were nicer than the original--"You chose well," better texturing, better presentation overall--and lighting, but imo you forgot what made the firstone so good, which were the traps.

Pretty much all these traps were falling to death--"pwned" was a nice touch though, or just not very imaginative imo.

+that you could move backward to previous traps

+that trap 4 was escapable--were any more?

+voice was a nice touch

-boring to play compared to the first one.

-traps need to be more elaborate imo

-Part II should have had a vertical layout or different setting altogether imo.
Commented 18 years ago2005-12-19 16:31:21 UTC Comment #10141
-Some traps you couldn't see what happened after it's sprung--maybe use trigger cameras to give i nice sexy death-view?
Commented 18 years ago2005-12-19 16:46:18 UTC Comment #10145
Will rate soon...
Commented 18 years ago2005-12-19 17:35:12 UTC Comment #10146
Over all I died only two times in this map. The first time in the first trap and then in the trap with the grunts.(where I just wanted to fight against them)...I'll be more specific later. I'm tired and want to map...
Commented 18 years ago2005-12-19 18:31:31 UTC Comment #10149
I kept dying, seriously... I picked the wrong door every time :D.

+ Architecture

- Gameplay (almost every death had to do with falling down a shaft)

+ Voice was a nice touch, but seriously... text-to-speech?

Commented 18 years ago2005-12-19 20:48:44 UTC Comment #10152
2 stars. and why only two?

Here is what i think of the map: i love the idea, would love it even more if you couldn?t survive. This is the kind of maps that i enjoy to play and make. You did a OK job here, but it was a lack of feeling, i feelt like you made it just to map something, that's ok, but it would have turned out better if you worked on the idea a little bit more before mapping it. And it's not 5 ways to die, most of the time you just fall.

- It is a very blocky map, i understand that the design doesn't need much more than it already has but the xenish room shouldn't be just a box. make it come alive!

- the texturing is pretty boring. texturing is important, you should work hard on the texture and make sure that they fit nad look as realistic as you can get them.

- the lights. More work is needed with the lights, it's pretty much the same through the whole map, exept down the traps. the light is a very usefull tool to make it come alive. good lights gives the player more of the feeling you want him to have while playing it, if you don't know how to improve them you should mess around and try all kinds of lights, even the ones that you think you know won?t fit the map may sometimes be the best ones.

+ you have some details in it, like the lights, that is always good, but it needs more details, details can make a blocky map unblockish if used in the right way. and there is no right or wrong way, it depends on the map, on what it needs and what goal you want to reach.

+ the idea is fun, it's the kind of map you can make what ever you feel like, sadistic and fun.

so all in all it's a OK map. Nothing fancy but keep on working and you'll end up with a great map that is fun to play. Make the player play it again.

good luck!
Commented 18 years ago2005-12-20 12:27:50 UTC Comment #10160
a source type map like this would be nice... anyone?
Commented 18 years ago2005-12-20 13:06:57 UTC Comment #10162
Seeing I agree with tosse on the lights and lack of feeling etc, i'm going to review the actually traps this time.

If found it good that you could walk back to traps.

For the ones that didn't played the map yet, don't read further then.

- Trap 1 was kinda boring, you falled down and you died, that was it.

But the pwned sign down was a nice thought though.

- Trap 2 was kinda cool, didn't say that coming.

- Trap 3 was that dark room, it was kinda stupid, you just died by walking in a dark room??

- Trap 4 was very very cool!!!!

Sadly, you could see the guns of the grunts true the door.

- Trap 5 was alright, the teleports did a nice touch.

I really liked teleport 1 were you just falled down, but it was a nice though to see that door going higher and higher, sadly, no gman.

Teleport 2 was a repeat of trap 1

Teleport 3 was alright.

3 stars, good map, but it lacked of looks and feeling.
Commented 18 years ago2005-12-20 14:26:05 UTC Comment #10170
What the.. ?
Commented 18 years ago2005-12-20 15:26:39 UTC Comment #10173
will also try soon... although bad screenshot
Commented 18 years ago2005-12-23 13:37:05 UTC Comment #10228
erm... that was kinda naff! sorry, but a dissapointment.

- boring rooms

- blocky architeture

- 3 deaths the same (falling) which is the most boring way to die

- no furniture, etc in rooms

- once done once, no point replaying. NO skill involved, so would get deleted by most people after playing.

- everytime I died, the beginning speech happening,- really annoying. also, you may want to not use your voice, but microsoft speech engine? oh come on!!! :(

Overall really not that good
Commented 18 years ago2006-01-15 14:03:30 UTC Comment #10472
Commented 17 years ago2006-02-26 05:11:24 UTC Comment #11003
yay i only died once in this map (and it was in the end) and i enjoyed it it was better than the first keep up the good work ;)

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