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Dream1_ver2 by DieH@rd
Posted 20 years ago2003-11-21 15:16:01 UTC • Unfinished • Half-Life
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DieH@rd DieH@rd
20 years ago2003-11-21 15:16:01 UTC
15 years ago2009-01-14 17:03:25 UTC
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Dream1_ver2 is one of my first map for Half-Life.
You will expirience one of dreams that Gordon Freeman had after surviving the Black Mesa massacre...
Featuring lots of heart-stoping action, scripted sequences, and unique Half-Life atmosphere...
Hope you will enjoy it.


Commented 20 years ago2003-11-21 15:19:56 UTC Comment #463
that scrernshot look familiar....ho you problay have played delivirance lol il try it
Commented 20 years ago2003-11-22 07:01:17 UTC Comment #464
there is a problem with man. download wont start...
i will update it shortly
maybe is a server error....
i dont know
Commented 20 years ago2003-11-22 07:53:34 UTC Comment #465
ok problem solved... map can be downloaded now.
Commented 20 years ago2003-11-22 08:09:01 UTC Comment #466
...u gave the .rmx
Commented 20 years ago2003-11-22 08:09:53 UTC Comment #467
right now iam goign to download it
Commented 20 years ago2003-11-22 17:12:10 UTC Comment #472
ok after 5 uploads, and 4 server error messages i have sucesfuly uploaded my map.... jeeezzzz
ok i think this will do...
download is ok now.
Commented 20 years ago2003-11-27 10:35:37 UTC Comment #493
I played it and rated it with 3 stars... And these are 3 stars for your first map ever.
And now I?m commenting ?cos we all like to have comments on our maps.
I downloaded it half and hour ago and played through it. My first impression was quite good, I like the way you use the texts to tell the story, it?s nicely written and gets you in the mood to play.
As I started the map and killed the rat :) I saw something that would be seen in some other places... Well, we all know that carving is evil and well, it really can do something bad to your map as it did here. The pipe from which you come out is carved and white lines are seen everywere (leak warning :P!)... But let?s skip that.
I liked the Barney thing and that giant robot, as well as I enjoyed the fight with the apache (you know, started with the mp4 and ended up with the missile launcher). There is good lightining stuff and shadow effects out there.
The inside sections are also good. You show quite original ideas. It doesn?t look much like Black Mesa (in my opinion) but the scenery is great!!. The first grunt encounter was really enjoyable (the scenery there is really perfect for combat).
I enjoyed less the flickering light part (those lights really get my out of my mind) but the rest was good, specially the ending.
One thing I liked about your map is how you planned it. Player moves trough a relatively small area but it?s a long level, I mean, you are in and then out and you see places you?ve been before, but you?re always making it forward, it?s really good.
I saw some texture problems and the carving thing that would be the most important problems. The rest is good but I?d have made architecture a little more complex by adding barrels, pillars and different ceiling styles... And that?s why I give it 3 stars.
I?m willing to see more work from you.
Commented 20 years ago2003-11-27 10:59:14 UTC Comment #494
Well as you say, this is my first map... I will try to fix the leak (and texture) problems. I'm working on ver3, and it will be done for some 5-6 days...
Commented 20 years ago2003-11-27 12:28:05 UTC Comment #496
I'll play it, be sure of it. I liked this one.
Commented 6 years ago2017-12-17 09:52:22 UTC Comment #21137
You've made some nice improvements in this version (though the ending doesn't make sense in a different way now). A little more meat to the gameplay, and a few errors fixed up. Still the odd design choice here and there, but much stronger overall.

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