Compo 20 - Interior

Half-Life HL
Compo 20 - Interior by ZombieLoffe
Posted 17 years ago2006-05-12 10:51:16 UTC • Completed • Half-Life
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Compo 20 - Interior
ZombieLoffe ZombieLoffe
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17 years ago2006-05-12 10:51:16 UTC
17 years ago2006-05-12 10:51:54 UTC
4.40 (5)
full star full star full star full star half star Download (2.22mb)

Info in the readme.
Lemme win, plz :(.


Commented 17 years ago2006-05-12 10:52:05 UTC Comment #11783
woah. total re-texture... I didn't think that was the aim. I'll test in a minute or two
Commented 17 years ago2006-05-12 11:11:09 UTC Comment #11785
ZombieLoffe.. I am extremely impressed with this entry! Good work!
Commented 17 years ago2006-05-12 11:27:40 UTC Comment #11786
Very, very good indeed. The story is quite spectacular for a 5 minute map.

and w00t! I know G-man's IP address! bwahahaha.

The only thing i'd say, is there wasn't enough architectural damage...
Still, very good.
Commented 17 years ago2006-05-12 11:54:22 UTC Comment #11788
Thrilling :)
I liked it.
Commented 17 years ago2006-05-12 12:08:05 UTC Comment #11792
why is the screenie so low-res?
Commented 17 years ago2006-05-12 12:39:07 UTC Comment #11798
The stuff I liked:

-Texturing. I bet, that it took ages to retexture the map. Although I can say, that it was worth it. From the wall textures to the computers - it all looked awesome.

-Story. One of the biggest cons in this map. You've actually managed to make up with a normal and interesting story for a 5-minute map! I really liked the message system and the whole story. Great job.

-Extra things. I really liked the extra stuff, like the portals and burning computers, they added alot to realism.

-Ambience. It all sounded just right. The sirens and computer sounds were all great.

Things, that need more work:

-Gameplay. Since the map had monsters to shoot - I'll rate the gameplay too. It wasn't too great, actually. Just a few monsters teleporting in and that's all. There wasn't much of a puzzle too. Although that's not very important, since gameplay wasn't a requirement.

-Destructification. Like Hunter said - there wasn't enough architectural damage. A few broken pillars (even if they're interactive) and explosions aren't really enough. Still - I liked the realistic falling pillars and exploding equipment. The shakes were also a good touch.

Overall - a very good map with a very nice story, great looks and a nice ending. It all looked very clean and interesting. 5* - no doubt.
Commented 17 years ago2006-05-12 13:37:44 UTC Comment #11802
Thanks for all the comments, they're much appreciated. I'll hopefully get to work on a real map, anytime soon >_<.

Anyway, the IP isn't the G-mans... it does point to someone though. A cookie to the one who finds out who :) .
Commented 17 years ago2006-05-12 13:43:19 UTC Comment #11806
:D Its seventh monkeys!
Commented 17 years ago2006-05-12 16:12:41 UTC Comment #11811
++Glad to see you actually entered ^_^!

++Minimod format!!(no config.cfg file FTW, +1000 points)

??What is the batch file...for WON users??

++Holy Jesus, nice custom splash!

++Nice game text, and accompanying sounds--really cool :)

++Superb retextuing/ambience/enviroment/lighting!

++Nice triggers, and scripting.

++fun gameplay and breathtaking visuals, and story!

--Can't really think of any, sorry :P!

You can tell a lot of work/time/thought went into this.

Superb work!
Commented 17 years ago2006-05-12 17:13:16 UTC Comment #11815
superb texturing! Resembles the clarity of FEAR's textures!
Commented 17 years ago2006-05-14 08:35:28 UTC Comment #11838
Commented 17 years ago2006-05-16 15:04:44 UTC Comment #11905
The batch file works for everyone. Atleast it should. Try double-clicking it.

The Hunter:
Commented 17 years ago2006-05-22 16:43:20 UTC Comment #11985
that sir, is a PWN cookie.
Commented 17 years ago2007-01-31 04:09:57 UTC Comment #14110
Forgot to rate o_0!

5 all the way!

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