Vital Signs

Half-Life HL
Vital Signs by G_KID
Posted 18 years ago2006-05-15 14:44:54 UTC • Completed • Half-Life
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Vital Signs
18 years ago2006-05-15 14:44:54 UTC
18 years ago2006-05-15 14:44:54 UTC

This is my first submitted map really. I started working on it quite a while ago, but kind of lost interest after a while. Then I restarted because I just really wanted to finish I guess I didn't put 100% effort into this map.

This map is meant to be a fun little single player experience, it isn't boasting great texturing, architecture or storyline, though I would like to think it was at least acceptable in all respects.

So anyway, hope you enjoy this, and constructive critisism is welcome, though to be honest Iam unlikely to work on this map any more, but I can take it onboard for any other mapping projects.


Commented 18 years ago2006-05-15 14:45:51 UTC Comment #11872
909 days and one finished map. Impressive :)

I'll download and give it a whirl
Commented 18 years ago2006-05-15 14:46:22 UTC Comment #11873
Hehe, cheers :)
Commented 18 years ago2006-05-15 15:08:27 UTC Comment #11874
Neat stuff!

Quite nice Architecture and texturing, and pwn use of decals to really make a room look great--numbers and streed decals looked pwn on those doors at the beginning!

Lighting is a little dark for my taste, but I suppose it's part of the theme.

Gameplay is fun, and not too hard, but a few things I didn't like:

-In the crate room, it was unclear to me that you had to break that meatal grid to go into the floor, and I roamed around in that room for a long time pointlessly tryint to jump on boxes. This illustrates one of the 2 mistakes--well, imo anyway :)--I see for breakables a lot:

1. Their health is set way too high.

2. It's unclear that they're breakable, because of the material they're made out of. I usually try to make breakables out of really "weak-looking" materias, so it's apparent they're so. Also in the third to last room, you have the valves blocked by the same material, but now it isn't breakable--inconsistent!

lso, if the lighting was brighter, or if you put a subtle water ambient sound by there, it also would of been a nice clue .

++The architecture in the second to last room was amazing!

Very nice work!

Commented 18 years ago2006-05-15 15:16:37 UTC Comment #11875
Thanks buddy :)
I have taken those points into consideration for any other maps. I guess their hp where pretty high, and it was a bit uncertain as what to do.
Commented 18 years ago2006-05-15 15:16:59 UTC Comment #11876
I liked the map. It has that scary and nostalgic HL1 feeling. Maybe too dark, and you didn't compile it with full VIS, but good anyway.
Don't let this map be your last! :)
Commented 18 years ago2006-05-15 15:17:18 UTC Comment #11877
You can also add decals or make them half broken already If you want people to notice they can be broken. ;)
Commented 18 years ago2006-05-15 16:09:57 UTC Comment #11880
yep, my only nag would be that it's too dark... Everything else seemed pretty good.
Commented 18 years ago2006-05-15 16:35:35 UTC Comment #11884
Really? Too dark? I tried to make it dark, with quite soft atmospheric lighting.
But none the less, I'll take that point on board.
Cheers :)
Commented 18 years ago2006-05-15 16:45:56 UTC Comment #11885
Er, out of interest, did you use point-based lights?
Commented 18 years ago2006-05-15 16:46:40 UTC Comment #11886
No. Texture lights for every single light. Why?
Commented 18 years ago2006-05-15 17:04:47 UTC Comment #11887
i didnt think texturelights were that dark.. :P
Commented 18 years ago2006-05-15 17:29:21 UTC Comment #11889
I just experimented with different colours and different uses of them for a while until I was satisfied with each room :)
Commented 18 years ago2006-05-16 13:10:36 UTC Comment #11901
Impressive map rate G-kid ^_^.

i'l download it later on when im back.
Commented 18 years ago2006-05-16 14:46:55 UTC Comment #11903
Hehe, cheers pepper ;D

And good man, tell all your friends. ^_^
Commented 18 years ago2006-05-16 18:19:51 UTC Comment #11907
i thought it was too dark. especially for the number of lights you have.

If you want dark maps, try leaving it dark, but add in bright points of light around key areas. This also adds drama, and even tension if the light is flickering.

it was fun, i thought there was a secret above the room with the houndeyes and the crates, but i guess not. I tried jumping up there. :)
Commented 18 years ago2006-05-16 18:24:21 UTC Comment #11908
Personally I thought the lighting was fine. But when you have made something you rarely see all the faults. :)

I made the map quite dark because I wanted to emphasise the texture lighting, which I was quite impressed with at the time, since I only learnt to do it on this map.
And I tried to put the lights in key places to lighten the map up in certain areas, but also leave it quite dark.

Since every one seems to be against the dark, I guess next map will be brighter, now you all have to wait another 903 days for the next one ;D
Commented 18 years ago2006-05-16 18:25:12 UTC Comment #11909
Thanks everybody for the comments by the way, I am taking them all into consideration, not just saying 'uh huh' and discarding them. :)
Commented 18 years ago2006-05-16 19:32:48 UTC Comment #11910
I downloaded and looked. I have nothing new to add.
Commented 18 years ago2006-05-16 19:39:34 UTC Comment #11911
I know that my inexperience in this site is the issue but I cannot seem to rate this map. I cannot imagine why someone would not want their map rated so it has got to be my own stupidity.

I do not believe in 1's unless the map was total shit. I do not believe in 5's because no one makes maps that good. Tis why I opted to promote a 10/10 rating system it leaves a lot of room between a 9/10 map and a 10/10 one.

Anyways, this is not a 1 map.

I score it a 2.

Commented 18 years ago2006-05-17 16:48:50 UTC Comment #11914
I left the rating off because all the other maps in the vault just get spammed with ratings, either high or low. And to be perfectly honest, I expected you to low rating spam it.

Anyway, what exactly was wrong with it?
How can I improve?
Commented 18 years ago2006-05-19 19:58:16 UTC Comment #11943
Not bad, but now seriously. What kind of monitor do you have? I needed to pull up gamma to 1.5 to even see something! Till that point I only saw a few glowing colors, nothing else. The map itself is good, but please, add some lights next time!
Commented 18 years ago2006-05-19 20:46:09 UTC Comment #11944
Kid, if anything I am brutally honest. If you felt that I would spam you for some reason, well thats something you'll have to get over.

I do not rate people by feelings. I rate them by their achievements.
To be honest, without a 10/10 rating system, its truly difficult to give an honest opinion because it only leaves 3 numbers you can really use.

very few maps are truly 1's, and there can never really be a 5 because that signifies perfectly made so we are left with 2,3 and 4. :(

Anyways, get to know me.. You'll be surprised methinks.

I suspect that you got spammed by your attitude, more than anything else but, I don't care about attitudes.
Commented 18 years ago2006-05-20 06:27:49 UTC Comment #11945
Thanks Masta Killa. I will make future maps brighter.

And Orpheus, I am not completely sure what you mean...But in the past I have seen many great maps being spammed 1 star becuase a person doesn't like them.

If you look in the vault at some maps, you'll see 2 downloads and fifteen 1 star ratings. That is why I disabled the rating.

But Orpheus, what could I improve in this or future maps to make it say..a 3 star, or even a 4 star map then?
Commented 18 years ago2006-05-20 06:35:50 UTC Comment #11946
You misunderstand. I know that people spam. You need to know that I do not. I don't even rate a map unless I look at it personally. If you fear spamming, take that up with the site admin. If they are worth a shit they'll rectify the situation satisfactorily.

What could you do? I dunno what you did, or didn't do while making this one so how can I possibly answer?

My only bit of advice is get as much feedback as you can stomach. If this site doesn't give you what you need seek it elsewhere too.
Commented 18 years ago2006-05-20 06:41:49 UTC Comment #11947
Fair comments.
I have been trying to get as many comments as possible, and pretty much all of them have been about lighting, so I shall try to make future maps lighter.

And I was going to submit my map on Snarkpit, but I found it to be slightly uhh..unweildy. I couldn't find anywhere to submit a map. I went to the maps page, where it would be logically, but I couldn't find anything. But I am not really bothered now, I might try and submit my next map there though.
Commented 18 years ago2006-05-20 06:59:45 UTC Comment #11948
Everything you need to know about submitting anything is contained within your "CONTROL PANEL"

The site has been fine tuned so much that is appears complicated until you see the simplicity. Everything you have the power to control is in your control panel.

As far as feedback goes, Snarkpit will push you to your limits. If it is within you to succeed, you will. If not...
Commented 18 years ago2006-05-20 07:22:22 UTC Comment #11949
Ah, I see now. Hmm, doesn't really seem that logical to not have a submit map function within the map area ;D
Commented 18 years ago2006-05-20 07:24:55 UTC Comment #11950
Does when you consider that you need to be a member to submit anything. Doesn't really matter if it makes sense. Now you know where to look and knowing is half the battle.
Commented 18 years ago2006-05-20 07:28:22 UTC Comment #11951
I am a member on Snarkpit if that is what you where implying,
But I might submit maps in the future now I know where to. ;D
Commented 18 years ago2006-05-20 07:34:11 UTC Comment #11952
Wasn't implying anything. This site has made you paranoid.
No sarcasm or humor intended.
Commented 18 years ago2006-05-21 23:26:38 UTC Comment #11976
this map is too dark, you must put some lights on your maps
Commented 17 years ago2006-11-10 19:33:29 UTC Comment #13454
Hope its good, but heck, what do I know, I have not submitted any of my maps yet.

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