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Posted 11 years ago2006-07-07 16:02:48 UTC • Completed • Half-Life: Deathmatch
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zeeba-G zeeba-G
Half-Life: Deathmatch
11 years ago2006-07-07 16:02:48 UTC
11 years ago2006-07-15 21:31:40 UTC

A strange feeling themed map. The water heals, there is a waterslide, floating robot pads, etc. Started as a drawing of one room and went from there. There is a secret on this map and I included a tip in the download...please atleast try to find it b4 nocliping.
fixed wave height


Commented 11 years ago2006-07-07 16:52:10 UTC Comment #12492
Pretty good. It seems to have an interesting gameflow, except for a dead end where the 357 weapon is located. I like the simple yet elegant architecture. The map reminded me of "hexagerate" in a certain way.
The little tracktrains were a nice original touch. However, some areas felt too far away from the map itself, a kind of exploration you would find in singleplayer maps.
By the way, fix the wave height in the water pools where the 357 is! It's the only big flaw i saw in this map. Other people would complain about the blandless of the main texture, but I'm not allowed since I've done similar things.
Commented 11 years ago2006-07-07 16:58:18 UTC Comment #12493
thanks/did you find the secret?... oh yea and the room w the 357 .the drain if you push E on the door is a water slide so the room doesnt realy dead end.
Commented 11 years ago2006-07-07 18:13:38 UTC Comment #12495
I've seen it now. It's not really obvious so for many players it would be a dead end. I saw the secret areas but I don't know what their real purpose was. The waterfalls, teleports and flying platforms are a great way to move players around.
As for a final comment on the architecture, maybe some walls coud use a trim or brush at the top, instead of just ending like they do.
Commented 11 years ago2006-07-08 00:16:14 UTC Comment #12498
The secrets are strictly for mood of the map. Also ive been around half life and counterstrike since i was very young and I always loved finding a good secret:)
Commented 11 years ago2006-07-09 04:49:58 UTC Comment #12503
I saw your plea for more map comments in your journal, so here's my short pros-n-cons review.

--- PROS ---
  • Mostly clean architecture.
  • Nice use of flowing water.
  • Not too confusing to get around.
  • Secrets - Which I didn't spend long enough in the map to find. ;)
  • Mostly okay lighting, except for a few small areas which were too dark.
  • Smaller details in certain areas.
--- CONS ---
  • Kind of bland texturing. The It's okay to use the original textures, but the ones chosen here struck me as all fairly flat, and mostly concrete. Because of this, no part of the map really stood out that much.
  • There may have been some ambience, but I don't remember hearing any, apart from the sound of flowing water, and that computer beeping.
  • A little too cramped in places, and It seemed a bit small overall.
  • That overlapping brush at the bottom of the big waterfall made a huge impact on the otherwise great graphics in that area.

This is one of those situations where I don't think the rating system is broad enough.

3.5 stars from MY rating system.
Commented 11 years ago2006-07-09 14:00:15 UTC Comment #12505
theres a lot of ambience in this map, your volume prolly wasnt loud enough.-I dont like making ambience loud enough to be annoying but I could hear it very clearly, retry the map w your volume up some more...
Commented 11 years ago2006-07-10 23:51:35 UTC Comment #12512
+Nice sounds
+Nice Architecture
+Mostly nice lighting(upstairs is kinda bleh imo)
+secret area
-boring textures (up top)

I thought the coolest part of the map was the secret underground area, though I must admit I couldn't figure out how to get there, besides by noclipping. Do you have to super jump to that button, or shoot it or something?

I loved the lighting, cool sounds, and neat vistas in the undergound.

The upper part of the map had some cool stuff to, but was basically kinda boring imo. the layout was neat in it's originality, but sorta confusing with the buttons, dead end(s), and the doors I could not figure out how to open.

Probably If I played this on a server, a lot of the strange things would seem more clear to me.

As a whole, I like your last couple of maps better than this one :)
Commented 11 years ago2006-07-11 15:22:12 UTC Comment #12519
to open the door to the secret, you have to push all 3 of the buttons right after eachother. First you get up to where the longjump is by using the gauss or making stairs out of tripmines. Than you get the longjump and push the button right by it. Than you run to the button by the little waterfall and push it. After that you go to the button by the big waterfall that seams unreachable and jump using the longjump and push E a few times and it will push it and open the secret door and you will fall down to it.
Commented 11 years ago2006-07-15 21:08:56 UTC Comment #12538
holy crap, I just changed my graphics and now i can see the overlapping brushes->will fixem, and my comp didnt even show waves in water till now lol wtf?
Commented 11 years ago2006-07-15 21:35:01 UTC Comment #12539
hmm weird, there is no overlapping brush, I tryed to fix it but cant,, i guess i could make the groung a func wall and than surround it with brushes but whatever-if you mess w your graphics mode you can get it to not show up anyway...

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