Five Stage Door

Half-Life HL
Five Stage Door by Tetsu0
Posted 11 years ago2006-12-11 18:35:39 UTC • Completed • Half-Life
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Five Stage Door
Tetsu0 Tetsu0
11 years ago2006-12-11 18:35:39 UTC
11 years ago2006-12-12 14:41:42 UTC
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Entry for Mini-Compo : Complex Door

UPDATED :: Dec 12th


Commented 11 years ago2006-12-12 04:04:42 UTC Comment #13666
Rednick, you fail. Your mom gets 1 star :| Why don't you actually try the map?

If you actually played the map and you actually think it sucks--quite doubtful, then I challenge you to make a better one. :|

I must say though the screenie doesn't do this justice. Really Great work, and the sequence is flawless each way, no matter how often you open/close it.

It's also a unique way to secure the door, and the mechanisms are nicely detailed.

The only improvements I can possibly think of would be from a texturing standpoint, but since this is a brushwork competition, it's not really warranted. In the same though, good textures add realism, so maybe it might be worth considering some new/different textures.

The sound effects and sprites were also a great touch, perfectly executed.

Feel free to update it at you leisure 'till the end of the compo--remember, the compo ends when we recieve at least 5 submissions int the thread.

Great work, Perfect for the compo!
Commented 11 years ago2006-12-12 05:07:11 UTC Comment #13669
Rednik, you are a crusty cunt and I hope to god you get banned someday (hopefully soon). Your maps suck, and I highly doubt you could make anything that even approaches the quality of this. You're also a CSBANANAer, and a CS player, which obviously means have no taste in maps. Now STFU.

Now about the actual map...

I think it's a very good entry, and it looks like you put some work into it. There's some very nice attention to detail, like with that tank hanging on the wall, and all the little mechanisms around the room. The smoke puff sprites also added some demension to it.

I think the opening/closing sequence of the doors was pretty good, but felt a little off. Some of the doors didn't make any sound when they moved, and that kind of detracted from it. It's hard to describe what seems "off" about it, but it's just a kind of feeling. I suppose it could just be that the door doesn't strike me as being very secure, especially with those claw things.

The texturing also wasn't very good, in my opinion, but Rowleybob is right that this is more of a brushwork compo than anything, so I'll let it slide.

Overall, good map. Could use some improvement in areas, but it's still deserving of four stars, given the circumstances.
Commented 11 years ago2006-12-12 12:33:19 UTC Comment #13670
Pretty simple, but I liked it.

The steam sprites and the locks were a good touch.
I'd say, that the effect would be much stronger, if the door was bigger (large five-layer door, sealing some silo, for e.g)

The doors could also deal the player some damage, if blocked, since they look pretty heavy.

Overall - good work.
3* :)

Rednek: I've removed your comment. Feel free to re-post it, if you want, but this time - add some motivation for your 1* rating. :
Commented 11 years ago2006-12-12 12:44:52 UTC Comment #13671
From the screen it looks awesome. I haven't got time to test it right now, but I'll rate from the screen.
Commented 11 years ago2006-12-12 13:11:06 UTC Comment #13672
Wow. thanks guys. As soon as i get photoshop working again i may add in some custom textures. At least i know it doesnt suck.

There's 5 'stages' to the door:
Initial locks
first door
second door
third door
lock on fourth door
and fourth door opening.
Commented 11 years ago2006-12-12 15:54:16 UTC Comment #13676
Helpful hint: Don't block all of the doors at once. You'll break it. The doors will eventually close, but you get the annoying stuck door sound.

The other entries to the compo (including mine) have some serious competition.
Commented 10 years ago2007-07-15 13:47:02 UTC Comment #15358
I thought this was a good idea, I havent looked at all entrys yet, but this was pretty interesting. Probably the part I liked the most was the unusualy strang look when you fiirst see the door, and the 4 clamps for the door, but its sort of hard to see the 2 clamps inside the doors.
5 *'s since the door I made on FF is nothing as interesting as this.

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