Half-Life: Deathmatch HLDM
CoreXplosion_v2 by Skals
Posted 11 years ago2007-05-15 08:18:31 UTC • Completed • Half-Life: Deathmatch
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Skals Skals
Half-Life: Deathmatch
11 years ago2007-05-15 08:18:31 UTC
11 years ago2007-05-16 14:42:23 UTC
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The new , mutch better version.


Commented 11 years ago2007-05-15 08:42:14 UTC Comment #14878
I don't see any differences, apart from a different vending machine...
  • Still the same badly alligned brush and texture work
  • FIRE DOOR textures mirrorred.
  • Light texture applied to all sides of the light fixtures
  • You brushboxed your map. Bad.
Work on these.
Commented 11 years ago2007-05-15 08:52:40 UTC Comment #14879

well i fixed the textures of them 'things' in the bottom of the generals room.

i changed few rooms to make em cool.

i made holes to make it look like explosions.

i changed the bit from 2 minimaids to 1 coke 1 mini maid.

i added sounds to door. :P
Commented 11 years ago2007-05-15 10:06:24 UTC Comment #14880
It's a good start, but it could definitely be better.
Commented 11 years ago2007-05-15 18:58:12 UTC Comment #14885
How were my comments and ratings any less acceptable than Ghetto's were about my map, eh? I don't see you deleting his spamratings. :
Commented 11 years ago2007-05-17 13:32:50 UTC Comment #14917
  • Very poor brushwork.
  • Poor texturing
  • Poor lighting
  • Small, and not in a good way. Uninteresting layout.
  • Laggy. For a map this small, it's really bad. This is mostly because of your inefficient brushwork. You've tried to make nice indentations in the floor, but it's done all wrong. For example, the r_speeds are 900-1200 while looking straight down at just one tile of the floor where you've done this. And you've also just made one pattern, and copied and pasted it several times. This could easily be OK, in a large map, but in such confined spaces its boring to see the same obvious pattern in the floor every 5 seconds.
I really struggled to find anything nice to say about this map - but I always try (these days) to say at least one thing positive about any map.

But all I could come up with, is that this map is slightly better than the very first thing I ever made the first time I ever opened Hammer -
which no-one is ever going to see.

Practise. A lot. And do some reading on how to make your brushwork not make the engine cry in horror. There's some tutorials on this site, and also in many other places on the good old intarweb.
Commented 10 years ago2007-07-02 15:07:25 UTC Comment #15266
The only thing i really dont like about this map is it is the walls are a little too short and makes the level feel alot more small and cramped
Commented 10 years ago2007-07-02 15:25:16 UTC Comment #15267
Hey. why are u postion on a 2 month old map? xD this is my first releast too
Commented 10 years ago2007-07-08 10:50:29 UTC Comment #15301
I post where i like dammit!! -_-

Now onto the map:
  • Small, combat cramped
  • The cracked floor seems a bit wierd to me.
  • Fire doors backwards
But for a first release its pretty good :D

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