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SilentFear_v1.4 by Skals
Posted 10 years ago2007-11-21 12:41:39 UTC • Unfinished • Half-Life 2
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Skals Skals
Half-Life 2
10 years ago2007-11-21 12:41:39 UTC
10 years ago2007-11-25 09:18:50 UTC
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(Map For Episode 2)

v1.3: 1. Location of pistol moved. 2. New hall way. 3. Moved location of crowbar. 4. Game_txt fixed. 5. The first NPC.

See the topic here:

Leave your ratings here please. Also i'd like a comment after every new patch.


Commented 10 years ago2007-11-21 14:42:30 UTC Comment #16028
Well, it honestly wasn't too bad. I've seen worse.

The player start didn't make much sense. I was unsure of why I was standing there and what I was doing before the game started.

If I didn't look at your overview, I may not have gotten the crowbar right away. You did have a vent that blocked the players progress if he didn't have the crowbar, but you made it possible to get the pistol first. The player could advance without the crowbar, which I assume is a necessary item.

Also, you need to establish what is going to hurt the player, and what isn't. Once I realized that all those sparking metal wires and boxes didn't actually hurt me, I was surprised when I was later shocked by... a sparking metal box. Granted, it was a bigger box, but that's about the only thing that distinguished it.

Either all sparking metal things need hurt the player, or none of them can. It's basic level design. You need to be consistent.

Some of this level looked placeholder, and I assume some of it was because it is unfinished. For example, the broken metal floor that happens to be in the screen shot. It's broken in an unbelievable, uniform, and just plain ugly way.

The sirens sounded like they were going off in a city, not on a boat.

Obviously I'm just being picky now, but you need to take every little thing into account, because people will notice them. No matter how small.
Commented 10 years ago2007-11-21 15:40:21 UTC Comment #16029
K. Ill fix them right away, well maybe not right away, coz i just ordered ASAP pizza ;)
Commented 10 years ago2007-11-21 18:23:23 UTC Comment #16030
Good to see you trying out some Singleplayer work, Ghetto :D

It is the true path :D

You have tried to get a bit of atmosphere going, and begun to succeed. Only a little so far, but it's definately a start.

I suggest you try to add to what you have in a way which makes it look more like a real ship. Make some windows which show other rooms which the player can't get to, but he can see into them. Fill them with the kind of things you might find on a Russian ship.

Try and vary the lighting more, and definately add more detail to structures which you want to appear broken.

Add detail to what happens too. It would be nice, for example, when the explosion blows a small hold in the roof, if something were to fall out of the hole. Maybe that's how the crowbar could appear, instead of just being on the floor. Or just some metal bits, to make it look like a part of the ceiling really did just blow up.

Keep at it! :D
Commented 10 years ago2007-11-22 05:02:48 UTC Comment #16031
Thanx playbus.
Commented 10 years ago2007-11-23 07:36:31 UTC Comment #16034
I looked at 1.3 and I was pleased to see you'd taken some of my advice. It has improved a little from 1.2. But you need to actually lengthen this thing now.


Keep going, let me know when you have 15 minutes worth of gameplay and then I'll have another look. :)

Right now it's a bit too short to say much else.

If you want my help with anything specific, PM me. :)
Commented 10 years ago2007-11-23 08:08:47 UTC Comment #16035
Thanx :P

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