Hl:Fl Mission01-02

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Hl:Fl Mission01-02 by Skals
Posted 10 years ago2008-02-11 18:06:58 UTC • Completed • Other
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Hl:Fl Mission01-02
Skals Skals
10 years ago2008-02-11 18:06:58 UTC
10 years ago2008-02-12 05:16:29 UTC

(Map For Flat-Life.)

Fixed, new monsters, and also added mission:2, with a boss.The change_level work's now so you should be fine. Report any bugs.

I'll disable the rating for now because its not really finished.

Try it and comment!


Commented 10 years ago2008-02-13 06:26:31 UTC Comment #16379
Still no h2d file?
Commented 10 years ago2008-02-13 06:26:59 UTC Comment #16380
Going to test this when I get home.
Commented 10 years ago2008-02-13 15:24:08 UTC Comment #16381
What the hell is wrong with you. why do u love h2d files? why the fuck would i need one anyway
Commented 10 years ago2008-02-13 20:23:22 UTC Comment #16383
Texturing 7/10
Aside from a few random texturing bugs, looked very nice indeed

Entity Placement 6/10
The crowbar at the start would have been nice and being able to see the monsters that lay just on the other side of the door would of helped a bit. Could have used more health packs and one bullsquid was stuck in the floor and had the ugly yellow blobs but otherwise well placed.

Design 9/10
Extremely well done. Adding extra areas for continuity and the overall layout for a 2D map was very good

Ambience 4/10
I've see this alot and I learnt from my mistakes. I start the level and can't hear anything but monsters! Lighting was nice which is why you got a 4 but sound is the other half of the score and there wasn't much of it.

Map Skill 8/10
Again, very well done. Aside from a couple of split faces the map was neat and smooth

Total 7/10 (4 stars)
A very good map that suits Flat-Life very well. Next time add a ".hl2d" file, you need them so when you press NEW GAME it goes to the lobby map where everybody can easily select your map!!! Duh! Read ChickenFist's instruction manual!!!
Commented 10 years ago2008-02-14 15:13:46 UTC Comment #16384
Ok :) ill add that the next time.
Commented 10 years ago2008-02-17 04:26:49 UTC Comment #16405
I thought everything was fine except what hlife_hotdot said about the sound... all you can hear is the reloading sound and monsters.

Very well done and fun. I think it was funny/good that you chose to make walking through the duct so you hear but not see gordon. The challenges were a little tough at the end--I had to godmode for the last bullsquid and the other big guy = )

Excellent job, fun map, win.
Commented 10 years ago2008-02-17 06:00:15 UTC Comment #16408
hehe, you gota have skill for it :) i did it at 30 hp no cheats :P (the whole thing)
Commented 10 years ago2008-04-11 05:01:22 UTC Comment #16411
Architecture seemed fine. I liked the vent and the grunt ambush.
Low ammo at start. It wasnt enough to kill 2 bullsquids and the headcrab also there werent any medkits (or i couldnt find any). The boss was too easy..I just standed at the door and used the RPG. The boss could have been more creative. But i had to cheat in the area where there was a controller and a vortigaunt because of the special attack that controller does at close range is impossible to dodge.
So the gameplay was a bit boring for me. The map was too quite..no ambience.
However, the texturing was nicely done.

3 Stars

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