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ka_pitchblack by rayK
Posted 14 years ago2008-02-15 13:44:27 UTC • Completed • Counter-Strike
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rayK rayK
14 years ago2008-02-15 13:44:27 UTC
14 years ago2008-02-15 13:44:27 UTC
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Knife map in the DARK!

Turn on your flashlight!

Wait, you don't want to do that!


Commented 14 years ago2008-02-15 22:36:13 UTC Comment #16392
Knife map in the dark. So, your only options are to run around blindly, swinging your knife and hoping you'll hit someone. The only way this would work is if the map has NO terrain so it's easy to get around, and if the players are good enough to locate people by their footsteps.

Just a friendly warning: are you new to Hammer or HL mapping? Because the way you posted this map, it makes you look like a new guy. Please, put some lights in here.
Commented 14 years ago2008-02-15 23:55:44 UTC Comment #16394
Commented 14 years ago2008-02-16 01:43:42 UTC Comment #16395
lol? the name is ka_pitchblack?
Commented 14 years ago2008-02-16 01:45:01 UTC Comment #16396
its more fun with guns =D but this version has no guns =/
Commented 14 years ago2008-02-16 01:47:35 UTC Comment #16398
whoops double post
Commented 14 years ago2008-02-16 08:36:09 UTC Comment #16399
Not double post. but Fourple-Post.

Whats the point of having a pitch black map? atleast give them some light, so they know where to go when they get spawned. and if tt was on, then people would tk each other.
Commented 14 years ago2008-02-16 12:55:15 UTC Comment #16401
uhhh... urs suppose to use ur flashlight -_- but when u do, other ppl can see u.. so u use ur sound
Commented 14 years ago2008-02-16 15:58:37 UTC Comment #16402
You thought it is an original idea, but it isnt, there is already a pitchblack map created by a Hungarian mapper. This map called de_kurvasotet (translated de_fuckingdark), see here:
It is also a big crap like this...maybe add nightvision and put some walls or anything that makes it vary...
Commented 14 years ago2008-02-16 22:31:09 UTC Comment #16403
its ok i guess
Commented 14 years ago2008-02-17 06:35:10 UTC Comment #16409
This map isn't even worthy of Athlete's sarcastic rating.
Commented 14 years ago2008-02-17 06:36:46 UTC Comment #16410
Oh, one more thing: this has already been done in another map called "catbutthole". That one was just as useless as this.
Commented 14 years ago2008-02-18 07:20:45 UTC Comment #16415
Ow, you bunch need to quit your whining. I agree that this is a bad map, but damn people, BEHAVE!

@ Athlete.

Wow, back to your Jimmi days?

@ redka (and srry, but I assume that's just a incredible lame joke).

It's hard to come up with a original theme. There are a lot of maps with the same theme, but that doesn't mean there are bad maps.

@ rayK.

I haven't played the map, but I think I can give you my opinion just from reading your description. I like the idea, but a room in pitch black just won't cut it. It would be better to have some subtle white lightbulbs hanging from the ceiling, that you can shoot out (making the environment pitch black) every round. A map like this depends on atmosphere to make it any interesting.
Commented 14 years ago2008-02-18 07:21:58 UTC Comment #16416
*they are..
Commented 14 years ago2008-02-19 00:24:32 UTC Comment #16427
Texturing 1/10
Concrete and glass, not a nice look. You could have at least used a nice texture.

Team Balance 8/10
The two levels make it interesting except for those at the bottom who always get jumped on

Design 0/10
It's a box. With a small floor in between. It's been done, and this is not a prime example.

Ambience 0/10
There is absolutely no ambience.

Map Skill 1/10
You didn't put any skill in this whatsoever.

Total 2/10 (1 stars)
This map will get boring very quick for players. Not a good map at all.
Commented 14 years ago2008-02-19 11:44:08 UTC Comment #16430
Wtf is this .
Commented 14 years ago2008-02-20 23:30:39 UTC Comment #16434
This is a joke that is not funny...

It's one thing for a beginner to post their map when they genuinely believe
it's good, but this is just stupid intentional spam imo.

It should be deleted, or at the very least put in the unfinished vault. Or, just create a "Stupid/Garbage/Bullshit" vault and put it in there.

Sorry for the rant, but come on now wtf...
Commented 14 years ago2008-02-22 00:05:38 UTC Comment #16442
Post on Fpsbanana and your map will get 10/10. (If you didn't posted it already).
Commented 14 years ago2008-03-01 18:09:33 UTC Comment #16480
FresheD, it's not a joke, there really is a map called that, and it's just like this one.
Commented 14 years ago2008-06-16 18:30:31 UTC Comment #5710
lol.. it was a quickly made map... just for playing with my frds and for fun

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