Abomination v1.1

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Abomination v1.1 by Skals
Posted 14 years ago2008-05-23 16:05:49 UTC • Unfinished • Half-Life
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Abomination v1.1
Skals Skals
14 years ago2008-05-23 16:05:49 UTC
14 years ago2008-05-25 03:54:43 UTC
Download (4.51mb)

its a small part of my project "Abomination"

this map works in any half-life 1 mod. all the wads are in the zip.

its very short, but its extremely detailed and i exceded max textures already.

please feel welcome to give me suggestions on how to improve this map and what should happen next.

Updates: v1.1

changed name to abomination
added all necesarry wads and you dont need hl2d_skals wad anymore
added cool pull effects
added sounds
fixed some lights
added new holes with pull effects in the map


Commented 14 years ago2008-05-23 16:35:05 UTC Comment #16659

1. Choose a different name for your map/mod. There's already a mod with the same name on the Internet.

2. Should'nt this be placed in unfinished?

3. Don't use capital characters in mapnames!

4. You can't specify a map duration as this is different for every single person who plays your map. If this was a audio file, then yeah...

5. Missing WAD file hl2d_skals.wad.
Commented 14 years ago2008-05-23 17:40:44 UTC Comment #16658
Screenie looks great! Get the wads sorted and pm me, and I'll check it out... wadinclude is your friend!
= )
Commented 14 years ago2008-05-23 18:23:13 UTC Comment #16665
You can still play the map, just take a random (small) wadfile and rename it to hl2d_skals.wad. It seems that no single texture from this wad has bene used in his map, so it run fine.

I just played the map, and i don't get it.

First of all: THERE'S A HULL BREACH! You would immediately die if you were in a space station with a hole in the hull.
Its impossible to manoeuvre yourself in space if you're not wearing a space suit with small rockets to steer yourself.
Plus, i can still walk around while outside the space station. Normally you would float arround because there's no gravity in space.

You're lights still need work though.

Keep this up!
Commented 14 years ago2008-05-23 23:49:06 UTC Comment #16668
NIce map!
Commented 14 years ago2008-05-24 02:40:06 UTC Comment #16669
Hey Muzz, how can i make the low gravity effect?

and still, the space ship has some gravity field around it.

ok, i forgot to remove the hl2d wad when compiling this map. the next version will have sounds new features pull effects and all the wads it needs.
Commented 14 years ago2008-05-24 08:41:50 UTC Comment #16670
Use the trigger_gravity entity to mimic weightlessness. This is a brush entity, place it where you want to have the weightlessness effect.
Commented 14 years ago2008-05-30 19:11:37 UTC Comment #16666
Very neat! ^___^

+Some very nice brushwork
+Some very nice texturing
+a supperb feeling to the place, probably the neat low lighting

I like the trigger pushes pushing you out of the atmosphere, and the cold damage/wind is a neat way to simulate outer space. The scale is a little too tall like someone else said, and i think the traps are too hard/random imo. the detail on the first broken window was really nice too.

Keep it up, I love this theme! = )
Commented 14 years ago2008-06-05 03:10:34 UTC Comment #16696
lol thanx captain terror.
Commented 14 years ago2008-06-06 13:16:17 UTC Comment #16697
I hate filefront.
Commented 14 years ago2008-07-23 19:11:09 UTC Comment #16790
FileFront is the best.
Commented 10 years ago2011-11-22 19:07:22 UTC Comment #19551
I can't download...
Commented 6 months ago2022-02-10 00:47:18 UTC Comment #104105
Now you can. Fixed it for you. FileFront is the worst.

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