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Posted 12 years ago2009-01-16 01:53:34 UTC • Completed • Half-Life 2
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Tetsu0 Tetsu0
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12 years ago2009-01-16 01:53:34 UTC
12 years ago2009-01-16 19:16:34 UTC
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entry for the rooms SOURCE collab. I'm Still new to source. So it sucks. But with community input i'm hoping to improve it.

Took some advice from FresheD, Improved the lighting, connected all the lights. Cleaned up the decal clutter, added a door in the fence, added an entrance door, connected lights to a power box.


Commented 12 years ago2009-01-16 03:29:13 UTC Comment #17234
For one, increasing the light grid density would make it better.
Commented 12 years ago2009-01-16 15:06:34 UTC Comment #17235
Overall I'd say the use of props just don't fit in the scene. Especially the fences; they seem pasted in such a way they don't fit in with the general environment. There is no door to get behind the fences and I still can't quite figure why they are there, because the only thing behind the damn fences are some filler crates!! I also wonder how the NPC came there, with the fact there is no door, and on what purpose she is there. I figured she came in through the gap, but I couldn't get in myself! Personally i'd advise you to use the higher fence models, so that they reach the ceiling and build in a door with that.. also put something senseable behind them instead of some filler crates; this way things might blend in more with the general environment.

Another thing needing work is lightning, now it's just too 'normal' and you seem to be having some shadow issues (especially at the pipes). I'd advise to dense the lightning and slightly add some color to them so that it enhances more atmosphere. I like the cords between the lamps but they have no source of origin and one of them isn't connected at all.

Texturing and architecture are pretty decent but they work. You might want to practice a bit and add some more detail to make it more interesting tho. Also, I would cut down on the decals a bit, because you're overusing them. Anyways, that's just a bit of input; normally I'm not one to bash lack of realism but things just felt a bit off. Good luck!
Commented 12 years ago2009-01-16 15:37:58 UTC Comment #17236
That's the exact response i wanted.
thanks for the input it's greatly appreciated :)
I'll go touch things up a bit.
Commented 12 years ago2009-01-16 20:13:53 UTC Comment #17237
Nice improvement. I'd say give the player a crowbar, put a lock on the fence door which you can break, replace those carton boxes with (item) crates, remove the bicycle and further improve the lightning. Good luck, once again. ;)
Commented 11 years ago2009-01-29 08:06:38 UTC Comment #17257
well there isn't so much to talk about, and because i is source noob too, i'm afraid my i don't really have any great suggestions.

I like the room small as it is, and how it "flows" i guess. Theres a bit of eye candy with the nice detailed duct work (or are thosee models?) and the ligt fixtures and fenced-in area. I don't like the cords going from light to light tho, i think metal conduit would look better, or if the wires were thinner and rounder they would look more realistic.

The smallness of the room is nice for that gun that shoots the bouncy, charged particles all over, as it bounces 100 times before it fizzles out... if you can get it in between the nook of the propane tank and the wall it does quite a neat light show for you = )

Lighting was a tad too bright imo for a room like that. a service area where no routine work is done would be very minimally lit in most cases.

Anyway, i like the map, sorry for the over-analysis, but maybe something will be helpful? i rate 5 for entering the source coop while so many other people sit on the sidelines....(i swear how many people here actually map?! = )

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