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dm_falls by Tetsu0
Posted 9 years ago2009-07-26 00:35:33 UTC • Completed • Half-Life: Deathmatch
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Tetsu0 Tetsu0
Half-Life: Deathmatch
9 years ago2009-07-26 00:35:33 UTC
9 years ago2009-08-02 13:51:31 UTC
4.25 (4)
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Canyon map with a few waterfalls.
EXTREME use of symmetry, and hopefully a good use of vertical gameplay.
Few goodies sprinkled in there.
Lets see if playtesting works out
Vers: 1.1

Updates: 1.1 - Added more rooms: Generator room, SECRET ROOM! ahhhhhh, cool little hallway - Changed some spawn points, weapon placement. Increased inside lift speed for faster gameplay. Beveled the cliffs for easier movement.


Commented 9 years ago2009-07-26 05:11:12 UTC Comment #17686
Cool map, thought it would reming me of folow_control at first. Really cool area around the water falls. I wans't sure what to expect around it but there wasn't too much of an area. It seems like a lot of focus mainly whent to the center waterfall area. Every area should be interesting and unique. Either way it was a clean neat map. Definitly need to play it with some people in the server..
Commented 9 years ago2009-07-26 09:44:24 UTC Comment #17688
This looks SO hl2 ! Seems to be cool. I'll download it right now.

[EDIT] You forgot to align the twhl sign on one of the plates :P
Commented 9 years ago2009-07-31 17:32:17 UTC Comment #6779
It's too repetitive, it's like you made one part of the map and then copy-pasted it three times and rotated the copies to make a complete map.
Commented 9 years ago2009-07-31 17:32:20 UTC Comment #6780
Just played it with a bot and Potatis.
I think its good fun, but those pulsing lights are really a problem. They made dm_cliff lag, and they make dm_falls lag too. If it weren't for those lights, I'd 4star it.
Commented 9 years ago2009-07-31 17:33:52 UTC Comment #6709
Also, what's with the giant HEV charger?
And yes, it lags.

Edit: 1.1 is a big improvement. If I could rate again I would give it 4.

Now you can - Daub
Commented 9 years ago2009-08-05 21:32:18 UTC Comment #5704
Le fixes are nice.
Commented 9 years ago2009-08-05 22:47:38 UTC Comment #5705
More to come thanks to some hints from naserve. New update soon
Commented 9 years ago2009-08-11 02:53:28 UTC Comment #5674
the map is alright. I kinda like it. The fact that you spawn with no weapons makes spawn killing much easier tho, which is a minus. The insides of the mountain looked quite dull to me. 4.2 stars
Commented 9 years ago2009-08-11 07:32:17 UTC Comment #5668
Yeah. The spawn with no weapons thing is a glitch caused by a player_equip triggered by the egon.

Guess it fires for each new spawn.

Thanks for the critique skals, I'll try to spice it up.
Commented 9 years ago2009-08-13 09:56:02 UTC Comment #5648
AMAZING WORK FOR 13 hours!?!

really great stuff for such a small timeframe. And, I LOVE the curved, vaulted hallway with the routered top piece... DEF one of the more original. superbly done hallways i've seen with half-life!

I'll give more of a review after i've played it for more than just a couple of minutes...We should totally get this on a server to test the gameplay!

Again, an amazingly cohesive work very little time... bravo!


Commented 8 years ago2009-08-26 11:58:15 UTC Comment #17730
Thanks Daubster
Commented 1 year ago2017-04-30 12:04:18 UTC Comment #20970
This map looks awesome I love the style it reminds me of halo

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