Project AI - Nanofight

Half-Life 2: Episode 2 EP2
Project AI - Nanofight by Madcow
Posted 11 years ago2010-07-30 12:15:09 UTC • Completed • Half-Life 2: Episode 2
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Project AI - Nanofight
Madcow Madcow
Half-Life 2: Episode 2
11 years ago2010-07-30 12:15:09 UTC
9 years ago2012-05-15 12:21:17 UTC
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The map is similar to a game of deathmatch. You are inside a small area in which you battle three enemies who will use their best tactics to take you down. I suggest trying this on different skill settings which can be changed in the game options.

You will start off with only a crowbar. There are three more weapons available in the map, but they are hidden. Find them or you will most likely end up dead.

The soldiers have an armour-system which allows them to take serious amounts of damage before they die, but keep in mind that for each hit they take their armour energy is drained a bit, but it regenerates slowly. A fully drained armour can be fully regenerated in about 1.5 minutes.

The soldiers will also cloak and hide around the map, and will support their injured squadmates using a heat-system which tells the other soldiers how much fire the other squadmates are taking, and when it reaches a certain limit they come to his aid.

If you want a real challenge, try beating this on HARD (change manually in game options)
I can safely say that this is possible for I myself have done it, and so have some of the beta testers
Extract zip file in ep2 directory
Ex: D:Steamsteamappsxxxxxhalf-life 2 episode twoep2

Known bugs:
+Soldier mele-attacks doesn't seem to work
+Only the soldier will cloak, not their weapons.
+Only four weapons are compatible with the system: Crowbar, pistol, Smg1 and ar2

Updates regarding the positioning system which allows the soldiers to take different positions each time and some cubemap fixes coming soon!

Special thanks to The Mighty Atom for hosting the map on his website



Commented 11 years ago2010-07-30 17:10:14 UTC Comment #18300
Gah this is so hard! i can't wait to try it again! =)

++Wicked job on mimicing the nanosuited soldiers from Crysis!
+thoughtfully consturcted
+Great scary ambience
+/-Fun gameplay if not insanely hard
+/-a bit dark but it fits the scary/stalking theme
-Props could be more varied in areas
-some architecture is a bit basic

I had a lot of fun playing this! I kept trying to stack boxes to blockade one of the doors, and wehn one dude would walk in i would try to close the door behind him, in an attempt to isolate/destroy him more swiftly. (this did not work but i had fun trying!)

On possible thing that might be good to add would be to have their behavior change when they are getting closer to death, so you at least have some idea if you're doing any damage.

I would also recommend to anyone playing to utilize the save feature as you make progress.. =)

Question: are there any hidden passages/rooms to aid the player!

+5 for superb entity work, decent construction, and scary/fun factor! hope to see more from u moocow!


Commented 11 years ago2010-07-30 19:58:45 UTC Comment #18302
Thanks Terror :)

No, there are no real secret rooms, however there are a lot of places where there are supplies which at first might not appear obvious to the player.
The thought of creating a secret room never struck me until now. That would have been great!

Also, I wanted to make the behaviour change as they got more injured, and it did in the earlier versions using an earlier version of the heat-indicator. However it turned out buggy and there wasn't much I could do about it then. I'll see if I can come up with a new idea for a possible future patch
Thanks for the feedback :)

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