Aquatos: Aqua Labs

Half-Life: Deathmatch HLDM
Aquatos: Aqua Labs by Suparsonik
Posted 9 years ago2010-07-30 23:25:41 UTC • Unfinished • Half-Life: Deathmatch
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Aquatos: Aqua Labs
Suparsonik Suparsonik
Half-Life: Deathmatch
9 years ago2010-07-30 23:25:41 UTC
6 months ago2019-11-24 00:58:44 UTC
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My first map really showing what I can do with the engine.

...or something

Things I wanted to add but just didn't work:

-Security scanner
-Xen monsters swimming in water

There is one of each weapon in this map. RPG and Gluon Gun are in the water.
Look out for air pockets in the water to be able to go up and get some air.

Enjoy! Constructive criticism is appreciated.

  • New pressurization chamber door handle. Thanks, Captain Terror!
  • More props and removed some of those dreaded crates.
  • Raised and lowered the blinds on the windows in some places for more variety.
  • Added long_jump, healthkits, batteries, and rechargers. >.> (things i forgot in last version, yeah i know, How could have i forgotten those?)


Edit 2019: Alright, I no longer have a compiled version of this map, but I still have all the files needed to compile, so I'm updating this download with those necessary files. You should be able to get damn near the same result as I did, provided you use standard ZHLT compilers. There's also another surprise in the zip; read the text file for more information. Enjoy!


Commented 9 years ago2010-07-31 00:06:09 UTC Comment #18303
Ok I tested it...

First: It's really awesome.. The textures are fantastic the design it very unique and also making sense it's realistic in the entire structure. The lightning fits well.

Pitty that this map is just a mp map I would love it to see that map as SP map + some others in a small mappack.
The ambience sounds were great as well.

Bugs: There's a little pressure chamber. In that chamber you can open both doors at the same time. This should be avoided because normally then all the water would flood the nearby rooms. You also don't really need the button for the water pumping in, pumping out at the moment because you can open the doors even without it. Fix that.

In the water itself you can't swim up due to an invisible wall. Only left & right in small corners you can swim up that should be getting fixed 'cause it's unrealistic air pockets back and forth.

The Headless Zombie causes a small graphic glitch. There are laying some organs on a blue cloth. This however sits between the ground and the visible area causing graphic glitches. To fix that you can place the Zombie a bit higher or you make the ground over the blue cloth deeper a bit. Meaning you cut a little square over the blue cloth.

All in all fantastic work. I don't believe that this was really your first map you obviously mapped for some other games before and if not then it's double so good.

As for scanners I recommend to decompile some other mp maps with bspviewer and take a look how it has been done in those maps.
Swimming monsters just need a scripted sequence I suppose. Never used them yet myself so I can't be really sure.

Due to the bugs only 4 stars.
Commented 9 years ago2010-07-31 00:37:44 UTC Comment #18304
Yeah, I am aware of the cloth glitch.

Thanks for the awesome review.

The pressure chamber can't be fixed seeming as how the door is a func_rot_button.

I already tried the security scanner thing but it's not exactly the best. and the sound will not stop even though i toggled not looped.

Sorry about the wall, it's a clip brush and i wanted it there to make it more of a dangerous mission to get the egon and rpg. I made air pockets so people don't have to die.

thanks again for the criticism.
Commented 9 years ago2010-07-31 05:47:01 UTC Comment #18305
No problem as for the pressure chamber you could script it with a multimanager & some trigger relays that work unlimted times.

Player opens the first door via button then it's closing behind him if he enters it.. Now the water starts automatically or also via button (otherwise he wouldn't be allowed to leave.) and then the door to the pool opens up. Same goes the opposide direction. (toggle function) Could maybe work. Not sure if that works however with multiple players.. What if 1 player is in the water the door is open and another 1 tries to enter the waterzone as well. That would lock the player out and no player could press the water button inside.

However maybe it's possible to create a condition if a player is inside the little chamber or not so it will go automatically without the need to press the button. Best thing however is to start the water drain automatically.
Commented 9 years ago2010-07-31 09:59:00 UTC Comment #18306
Detail, water, pressure chambers, and the Decay headless zombie model? Downloading.
Commented 9 years ago2010-07-31 13:17:48 UTC Comment #18307
That's what I did, but the doors are still openable either way, so it's not able to be fixed
Commented 9 years ago2010-07-31 13:29:58 UTC Comment #18308
I love this map. Everything that needs to be fixed is already mentioned so I'll spare it.

I can't believe how well constructed this map is. I don't even think Beerfort is made this well. I'm voting for this for MOTM!

I can provide you with a airlock for that part before the water I think.

Four Stars.
Commented 9 years ago2010-07-31 13:43:48 UTC Comment #18309
just remember rim, it's all your fault. :)
Commented 9 years ago2010-07-31 15:04:42 UTC Comment #18311
Wow looked really great. I liked the area with the elevator and its surrounding rooms. The textures get the job done but im pretty sick of them I guess because of their bland colors. Quite a lot of detail fora beginner! I thought it looked kind of silly having a discected headcrab on a big box. You could have placed a lower table against a wall somewhere with it on it and maybe a lamp or something.

And the clip over the water is a little annoying but it does make it a more darring mission to get the egon. You could have placed an ichthyosaur in the water and when played in deathmatch just type "mp_allowmonsters 1" in console and reload the map.

One thing that you could consider incorporating in your map along with everyone is a little bit more vertical gameplay. In the big lobby area or even the elevator room it would be really cool to have a second level balcony or over walk.

Almost forgot to mention those double doors are a little annoying because you have to touch each to open. Just place a trigger multiple that triggers the door and give them each the same name. I've seen your method done before but in its case the doors were seperated by a median so it looked a little better but with them touching they should act together imo.

Anyways great work, a huge improvement over your earlier work. I would give it 4 stars if it had more vertical gameplay.
Commented 9 years ago2010-07-31 16:08:13 UTC Comment #18312
ha excellent stuff!

++Great, thoughtful construction
+Nice layout
+/-The "airlocks" are awesome idea but could be done better
+/-Texturing nice but repetitive. I would replace all the ones with the arcane symbols(wat are they) for your own or some other sort of logo.
+/-Props could be more varied and interesting. If you're not sure what i mean, pm me and i cna give you some ideas!
+/-Double-doors are cool (sounds are nice too) but you should name them and trigger both with a trigger_multiple so they open/close more smoothly.
-clipping is weird in places: like you should be able to jump on aquarium tanks but you can't for no apparent reason
-weird visual glitch for me by the zombies head in the computer room

Nice but a bit buggy! You definitey should have beta tested and i think you would have got 5-star rating accross the board.

I'm going 5 despite the bugs for great construction and creativity. Plus, i no you are going to fix things up and re-release anyway.


Commented 9 years ago2010-07-31 17:18:59 UTC Comment #18314
the aquarium tanks are too high for you to jump on

so it's not clipping. :)

but yeah you're right, i'll fix the errors later on tonight

@zeeba, but then that would be impractical, people just want to play the game not go through that stuff. (icky comment)
Commented 9 years ago2010-07-31 22:47:00 UTC Comment #18315
Some nice changes tho there is still a lot of glitches:

-double doors still open independently(name the doors and target that name with a trigger_multiple, so they open simultaneously), unless you rally don't want that.

-the water airlock sequence is higly messed up. the water shouldn't be able to raise if the doors are open, and you should never be able to open both doors at a time. This may take a bit of time and effort to get working correctly.

-i would replace the crates the crates where the dissection occurs with a metal table suitable for a lab--google image your props. Also in the main computer room i would remove the dissections and put them all in the other area, so you have to distincltly themed rooms: Lab has lab equipment, dissections; computer room has only computer-related stuff like cables, disks. don't get me wrong the lab can have computers too, but i thing a more readily identifiable theme for each area would be much better.

-cut the round door handles i gave you in half and place the end of the turning shaft 1 unit away from the doors to prevent the splitting happeining there. you shouldn't be able to notice the gap, and even if you do, it is less distracting than the disappearing faces imo.

-layout is a bit confusing to me, probably because the areas are very like-textured. maybe change them up a bit or add some landmarks?

-lastly, maybe "decorate" the bottom of the sea bet with some ocean-bed stuff. I think there is a seaweed-looking model in the half-life pak file, plus, you could add some other static sea creature props like coral or someghing perhaps?

Final note: i noticed some really cool things i hadn't noticed previously:

++Ambient sounds overall are very nice
++you method of making the computer buttons "jump out: at you is superb!
Commented 9 years ago2010-08-01 06:27:00 UTC Comment #18316
Commented 9 years ago2010-08-01 14:23:48 UTC Comment #18317
Rimrook layout ftw.

You'll need to move the glowing illusionaries closer to the source, they stick stick out too much. Make the illusionaries 1 unit thick and place them next to the source.
Commented 9 years ago2010-08-01 20:04:46 UTC Comment #18318
The Mighty Atom recognizing the layout ftw.
Commented 9 years ago2010-08-02 09:16:03 UTC Comment #18320
Nice. I think you really have talent! All the bugs have been mentioned, so I won't go there, but... man! Innovation having the pressure chamber- players have to risk death to go inside and get the best weapons, making them all the more rare in the map, great used of Submerged.wad, and wonderful architectural detail, the likes of which I have never been able to make myself do in Goldsource. Five stars and a Vote.
Commented 9 years ago2010-08-02 12:10:08 UTC Comment #18322
Commented 6 years ago2014-05-02 18:18:02 UTC Comment #20547
Commented 5 years ago2014-08-06 22:29:21 UTC Comment #18599

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