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flbattle by Dimbeak
Posted 7 years ago2011-01-16 01:56:33 UTC • Completed • Opposing Force
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Dimbeak Dimbeak
Opposing Force
7 years ago2011-01-16 01:56:33 UTC
7 years ago2011-01-16 01:58:17 UTC
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This is my very first map for OP4, it's a deathmatch, and it's got some NPCs. I rushed on it, did it in like 2 days, because the person who I was making it for kept on saying: "Is it done yet? How bout now? Now? Now?"
I made a topside and belowside part of the map, and I tried to make some secret areas. I really do hope you enjoy my deathmatch map, and ima goin for 3 stars.


Commented 7 years ago2011-01-16 01:58:19 UTC Comment #18739
I guess I'll try it out real quick.

EDIT: It's pretty decent in terms of architecture for a new mapper. But, in terms of gameplay... there is much to be desired.

+Nice architecture

-the weird building is floating above the sand, dunno if you've noticed, but yeah.
-there's no way in through the tunnel underground.
-leads to a dead end, not good for DM.
-weapon placement is pretty bad. Tip: 762 ammo is for the Sniper Rifle. 568 is for the M249 SAW.
-slow as hell elevator.

I think you could have put more thought into the layout of this map, but as it stands, it's pretty shitty, no offense.
Commented 7 years ago2011-01-16 02:18:52 UTC Comment #18740
I agree.
I'm not used to mapping for OP4.
I did this in 2 days.
I could go for some crackers.
Shoot, I swallowed my gum.
Commented 7 years ago2011-01-16 17:05:10 UTC Comment #7330
Congrats on your first release. I have nothing else to add.
Commented 7 years ago2011-01-16 17:29:24 UTC Comment #7331
lol, I'm working on a TFC map.
Back before I found TWHL, i was on a TFC server forum named FM. They perma-banned me a year ago, because I was a n00b.... I've moved to another IP address, and now Im not banned. I started another account and I'm goin undercover. Lol, a year ago I posted "What if I wait a year, get my compiler running, and make an epic map?"
I'm going to do as I promised.
Commented 7 years ago2011-01-17 10:34:46 UTC Comment #6026
"They perma-banned me a year ago"
"I started another account and I'm goin undercover"

I don't think a faster way to get banned exists.

Also I don't have OP4 so I can't run the map but congrats on your first upload.
Commented 7 years ago2011-01-17 11:32:32 UTC Comment #5986
Well, like the people up there said, it's not a pretty good map. You should have worked more on it, and explain the-person-you-were-making-the-map-for why is it taking so long.

You can't expect to get a top notch map in just a few days.

I can't wait to see your TFC map, see what you truly can do without pressure nor time limits.
Commented 7 years ago2011-01-18 08:19:05 UTC Comment #18743

It's still possible to run an OP4 map through HL, It'll just be missing the OP4-special weapons.
Commented 7 years ago2011-01-18 19:36:32 UTC Comment #18748
well maybe not if he used op4 textures, but from the screenshot I dont think there are any
Commented 7 years ago2011-01-19 09:07:09 UTC Comment #18757
op4 is the best to map with. i used it more then HL
Commented 7 years ago2011-04-12 19:40:14 UTC Comment #18994

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