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aim_nuketown by Captain Terror
Posted 11 years ago2011-06-13 13:08:12 UTC • Completed • Counter-Strike: Source
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Captain Terror Captain Terror
Counter-Strike: Source
11 years ago2011-06-13 13:08:12 UTC
8 years ago2014-04-11 03:23:17 UTC
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Alternative download location - just the CS: Source map without the HL2DM version, but with bot nav points

Nuketown is now on a server! Come Come! =P
HL2DM version added! =)
I decided to make this map for counter-strike: source after watching my friends play COD BLOPS on 360. It's made almost entirely from google images, since I DO NOT own the game myself(I DID play it during the free BLOPS weekend preview on steam recently!). =P

I realize remaking an existing game is frowned upon at best, but i have go map where my inspiration takes me, unfortunately. If nothing else, this was an AMAZING learning experience in my introduction/transition to Source mapping.

The map is set up as an AIM, with AKs on the T side and Colts on the CT side, and would probably be most fun played as CSSTDM, but i'm willing to port to whatever.

Also included is an HL2DM version of the map. It's pretty much a straight port from the css map, and consequently, it needs LOTS of work.

Thanks for checking this out! = )

FULL README (best viewed in notepad)
valvE for making so easy for us to mod their games!
Original BLOPS designers and Score by Sean Murray
Models from Garry's mod
Mapping sites: Interlopers, TWHL, Cstrike Planet, Waffle tutorials, and more!
Full credits in the readme.
If you'd like to put this map on a server, i'm willing to make ANY CHANGES to the map to suit your needs, and/or PORT to whatever gametype you would like.
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Commented 11 years ago2011-06-13 13:57:23 UTC Comment #19256
How did you group your screenshots like that?
Commented 11 years ago2011-06-13 13:58:15 UTC Comment #19257
Magic? IDK, i just linked to three images/thumbs with a hard return in between? =)
Commented 11 years ago2011-06-13 15:29:22 UTC Comment #19258
D: did you map the whole thing at gridsize 2 or something? Damn that's a messy Hammer screenie.

OK, this map was very odd. I really like that you've tried to make it more interactive, but why do ammo crates give you control of jets/dogs/mounted guns?
Why are there hostages who only animate if you shoot them?
It also must have taken quite a long time to VIS compile judging from a quick mat_wireframe examination. Loads and loads of cut up brushwork.
You can also see the dogs playing their running animation before they're triggered. Just running on the spot forever.
Texturing is very bland, there is light inside the houses with no source and the houses themselves are almost empty on the inside.

It's absolutely not a bad start, but there is loads still to do on this.
Won't rate 'til it's finished.
Commented 11 years ago2011-06-13 15:56:25 UTC Comment #19259
Thanks for playing it!

Very good point! i waas so concernted with making the carepackages themeselves, i never gave much thought to how BADLY they are being presented.

These are meant to be carepacages from COD BLOPS. Granted there is no sound saying "carepackage incoming", nor the chinook heli that comes to drop the crate. the crates aren't meant to be shown all at once, but rewarded, but since i have no idea how to reward an item based on killstreaks in css, they're just all left out for now. eventually, i think i'll just randomly have the chinook drop them off and whomever gets there first, gets them.

Vvis took 29 minutes on normal. Maybe you could pm me in more detail exactly what you mean by "cut up brushwork"(i didn't think func_details cut visleafs, if that's what you mean), cuz obviously i want it as optimized as possible. read the readme to see what i've done so far to optimize.

I will certainly try running with "mat_wireframe 1" to see of which you are speaking, TY.

They are not really hosties but meant to represent the mannequens in from the original game. also left them as cyclers so i could tell if my damage triggers were working properly.

Absolutely agree. i hate having to zoom down to 1 or 2 grid size to adjust something that would be better placed 2 spaces over and be on the 16 or 32 gridpoint.

dogs showing up
thank you! i thought you could only see them from the napalm carepackaged so i left them. i'll fix that right up! =)

Absolutely agree. they are mostly stock css. Next version will have textures, PROMISSO. =)

Thanks for the good feedback!
= )
Commented 11 years ago2011-06-13 18:04:56 UTC Comment #19260
Ah cool, I probably would have understood this a lot more if I'd played the original. I didn't know about mannequins or care packages.

Great to see you so enthusiastic :)

Oh, forgot to say - I think you should get rid of the bus or find a better one. It's not a great model, and the texture on it is really, really low res and ugly. Also the collision model is non-existant.
Commented 11 years ago2011-06-13 19:21:11 UTC Comment #19262
agree 100% that bus is history next version… Also, didnt realize it had no physics mesh! TY.
Commented 11 years ago2011-06-19 02:48:01 UTC Comment #19276
Hahahah, can't believe you've actually remade the killstreaks. Props. :D
There should definitely be some sort of delay before you can activate/capture them though (just like in blops). Not sure if that'd be possible to implement in Source, but considering how advanced the entity system is, I think there should be some way. I'd also try placing all of the drop crates in the middle to avoid spawn camping, and to make capturing them a bit more of a challenge (bonus points if you make them disappear once taken like in blops).

As for the map itself, the visuals still have a long way to go to look on-par with blops. You chose the right map to remake in CSS due to simplicity, and your layout is pretty accurate from what I can tell, but it all looks pretty bland at the moment. Go for more props, find some replays/commentaries on nuketown to get a better idea on the intricate details.
The lighting could be improved too. The original went nuts on HDR for example, and you can replicate the exact same thing in Source.
Some more ambience apart from the music track would be neat as well.

Anyway, I don't even like blops (prefer MW2 by far), but still, this is pretty awesome. I really like how oddball most of your projects are (in a good way). Keep improving, and get it on some fun map servers - I'm sure you'll find some that'd accept the finished version! :]

Just read what you wrote about the killstreaks. Why not make it count the number of kills within the whole team? I'm sure there's ways to keep track of player deaths (hell, you could almost do the same back in CS 1.6). Say 3 consecutive kills in a team w/o any team casualties grant you a random killstreak in your back yard. You could make the number higher if it were possible to save the number of kills-per-team across multiple rounds. Not sure how well that'd work, but it's an idea.
Commented 11 years ago2011-06-19 03:01:32 UTC Comment #19277
Ha thanks for playin Daub! =)

delay before activation(killstreaks)
Hell ya! for the full version of the map i plan on adding a visual progress bar, and it will take say 6-10 seconds to "unlock" the carepackage. (maybe i should make the more powerful ones longer to open?)

I'm also adding the chinook coming in to "drop" them in and render them randomly. I would love them to be "rewarded" by actual kills, but i don't know how to do that in source. (yet)
= )

interior detail
Totally agree. At the beginning, i was plagued with performance issues so stopped detailing the interiors very early because i was scart the final version would be unplayable in terms of fps.

And ya, there are TONS of replay vids on youtube that i am only now starting to take advantage of. (much more detailed/dynamic than google images!)

The interiors will most assuredly be upgraded for the full version, and most of those hl2 and garrys mod props will be replaced by my own, which should hopefully fit better.

lighting and textures and ambience
I totally agree. I wanted to improve these before the demo's release, but i wanted to release the demo in my lifetime as well! I would love to add the atmosphere of the original(the sounds/smoke/explosions), that you experience in a real game.

i got to actually play the game during the free steam weekend, and i played nothing but nuketown for obvious reasons. =)

Could you pm me exactly what you mean. I would love to replicate that "haze" from the real game as much as possible1

Thanks for the playtest and the very-helpful comments! APPRECIATE.

Edit: you edited whilst i was also editing, LOL.
= )

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