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Comp31_Skals by Skals
Posted 6 years ago2011-12-11 20:56:04 UTC • Unfinished • Half-Life
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Skals Skals
6 years ago2011-12-11 20:56:04 UTC
6 years ago2011-12-11 20:56:04 UTC
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My Competition 31 Entry, won second place.
Download it here from filefront or from the competition page!

"One of the more interesting entries of this particular competition. Skals' entry is a very open-ended mission, that while is perhaps a little vague in it's execution, let's the player tackle it from a manner of angles. Visually, I found it's the most distinct Goldsource entry, being set in some sort of modern, open desert installation. Unfortunately, it's very incomplete in areas, with terrain cutting off unexpectantly, and a number of dead ends that felt like he may have ran out of time. Nonetheless a great entry from Skals.

Skals gives us the only Goldsource entry with some single player gameplay - and it's reasonably difficult, too. Not much ammo is spread around the map, so if you're not careful you'll find yourself with no bullets and plenty of soldiers shooting at you. The story of the map does the job, and the layout of the level is quite good, even if it is a bit incomplete. Use of some coloured lighting, glass floors and corridors, and laser effects set the mood quite nicely. This map is very unfinished - I got stuck a number of times due to lack of clipping, there are a number of NULL textures visible, some hallways lead nowhere at all, and the level of detail is quite low. Some extra time spent on this map could make it shine. I also found the map to be quite dark - some additional lighting would be more than welcome. "


Commented 6 years ago2011-12-16 01:47:44 UTC Comment #19660
Yeah, the reviews about sum it up. I was playing this and thought it was kinda dark too. The entire map reminds me of Karl Jones' Crawler series of HL maps, large, complex maze-like pathways that make up a nonlinear map. Actually now that this is mentioned the darkness sort of compliment the exploration, since exploring in the dark is always fun, you know.

The first time I played, I rushed through to the green area with the two soldiers, fell off to the side and got stuck. Clipping is pretty important in these cases. I also saw some architecture cut-offs like right in the beginning at the bottom of the canyon. But the gameplay is pretty good (although I thought the crowbar should be provided, I didn't find one) the 357 is really powerful in the right hands; I didn't have ammo problems. The mission itself is pretty simple and straightforward. But since there's SP gameplay I believe it's a good idea to have some scripted scenarios with the soldiers, well just some thoughts. Overall a great setting with a simple mission. Congrats for winning the compo!
Commented 6 years ago2011-12-19 03:40:01 UTC Comment #19664
I enjoyed playing this. I love open-ended level design and 357 sniping! It reminded me of Deus Ex a tiny, tiny bit. Your only goal is disrupting the power, there's 3 generators you can hit, and how you get there is up to you. I'd love to see more maps run with this idea and go more in-depth.

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