Secret Santa 2011 - SpaG

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Secret Santa 2011 - SpaG by Daubster
Posted 11 years ago2011-12-31 13:11:54 UTC • Completed • Half-Life
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Secret Santa 2011 - SpaG
Daubster Daubster
11 years ago2011-12-31 13:11:54 UTC
3 years ago2019-11-23 10:53:36 UTC
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SpaG's xmas gift made for the Secret Santa project.
Based on this image on SpaG's website :D
Epic solo by Charlie Parra Del Riego.

Definitely the most complex piece of brushwork I've ever done. Was an absolute blast making it.

RMF included if you want to see the entire tetrahedron mess.

More info in the readme.
Happy holidays & enjoy!


Commented 11 years ago2011-12-31 13:34:27 UTC Comment #19701
Had a wonderful laugh with this one!
I appreciate the work you put into this, thanks. :-D
Commented 11 years ago2011-12-31 13:37:34 UTC Comment #19702
It was fun to build, glad you liked it :D
Commented 11 years ago2011-12-31 15:07:00 UTC Comment #19703
Haha, this was awesome and hilarious, awesilarious! Just love the opening! And the transition! Brushwork was cool too :P.

Did you build the bike in a horizontal position and then rotate it so that it stands on the back wheel? Or did you build it like that right off the bat?

Nice texturing too. I like how the fiber-flow follows the shapes of the bike.
Commented 11 years ago2011-12-31 17:29:57 UTC Comment #19706
I built it all using the image as a direct reference (i.e. had a wall textured with the drawing directly behind the brushwork), so the bike was standing on its back wheel from the beginning.
Was the only way to get it to look like the drawing & to keep the scale, etc. right. :]

Added some progress shots for those interested.
Commented 11 years ago2012-01-01 04:03:05 UTC Comment #19710
Ah I see, smart way :). Yeah, rotating that detailed brush work would make 90 % end up off grid and when compiled totally F-d up :P.
Commented 11 years ago2012-01-01 17:23:44 UTC Comment #19715
If you rotate using the Transform dialog (Ctrl + M in Hammer), it automatically snaps every vertice on-grid for you. It's just a matter of preparing the brushwork for that. ;)
Commented 11 years ago2012-01-02 02:21:51 UTC Comment #4833
Ha, and you call my work oddball! :P

++lovely snow texture(did you make it urself?)
++Superb construction
+fun/strange merger of a grisly bear and a motorcycle and a santa hat!
+Nice music and effects
+Including the .rmf

I REALLY loved how the terrain and how the scene looked, even if some of the terrain looked blocky. It would be awesome to make a quick aim or fy map out of this =)

Simply gorgeous work and a beautiful addition to the ssanta project!
Commented 11 years ago2012-01-02 03:26:01 UTC Comment #19717
Haha, good point on the oddball thing. :D

I did make the snow texture, and I totally agree with the terrain ending up blocky. Only had a few hrs to work on that in the end, so it was about as rushed as it could be. Spammed it with a bunch of trees in the end to at least somewhat conceal the blockiness.

Thanks for the comments, I appreciate the feedback :]
Commented 11 years ago2012-01-12 02:03:31 UTC Comment #13935
I got quite a good laugh from this map. 5 stars!

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