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Dream1_ver3 by DieH@rd
Posted 14 years ago2003-12-30 04:21:18 UTC • Completed • Half-Life
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DieH@rd DieH@rd
14 years ago2003-12-30 04:21:18 UTC
14 years ago2003-12-30 04:21:18 UTC
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Here it is. The "long expected" third version of my Dream1 map.

(One thing to say. I've tried to upload this map 12-13 times and always get some error. This version of map is WITHOUT MUSIC file (900Kb) and it is uloaded to DIFFERENT server. I will try to upload music in Unfinished Stuff)

I've upgraded meny aspects of previus versions. Now there is much more gameplay. I inserted few more camera scenes, key doors, and music (and 90 enemies!!! just kidding). I hope that you will be satisfied with this wersion ('cos it took ages to me to remove all bugs...:-). Ver4 is in pre-pre-pre-production...

PS: If you get lost or stucked, chek the readme.txt in this zip file and read HELP section.

PSS: Does anyone knows who is on this picture? The one who aswer correctly will won ORIGINAL RMF FILE OF THIS MAP!!! One of the kind, I tell you...

PSSS: Happy new year and all holydays and celebrations that you celebrate...


Commented 14 years ago2003-12-30 05:36:59 UTC Comment #617
Its the singer off Korn Dave Davis or something
Commented 14 years ago2003-12-30 08:03:10 UTC Comment #619
Wrong answer dude.
Commented 14 years ago2003-12-30 08:47:33 UTC Comment #620
uh its diehard wich is coming form the butcher??
Commented 14 years ago2003-12-30 11:33:02 UTC Comment #622
lol :-) sorry, no. Little help. It's a singer in one band...
Commented 14 years ago2003-12-30 11:39:28 UTC Comment #623
nice map dieh@rd only got prob's wiht hl so i havnt played it out yet but i think some things are pritty boring.... try a bit more texturing i would say cause almsot all the texture's are the same.
when you swim under water it's in a straight line....dont ot obvious, maby some aliens swim in the water??
Commented 14 years ago2003-12-30 11:47:21 UTC Comment #625
Yeah, textures are same trough the level. I didnt work on them much. Just find one and paste it on brush. I will try to some new texturing on Ver4 (or Dream2).
Commented 14 years ago2003-12-30 12:46:14 UTC Comment #628
By the way, Korn's lead singer is Jonathan Davis... or am I wrong to? ... ... ... darn you for making me think.
Commented 14 years ago2003-12-30 19:38:36 UTC Comment #630
it's the guy from megadeth?
Commented 14 years ago2003-12-30 19:51:05 UTC Comment #631
there's sumtin about dark places and knowing that hl has aliens in it that makes me wanna PISS MY PANTS. I'm not used to sp maps. hell, i'm not really used to half-life. i'd say that this map is... meh. the text is good for the setting at some points though
Commented 14 years ago2003-12-30 21:27:45 UTC Comment #632
This guy is Dani Filth from Cradle of Filth. It?s clear.
Commented 14 years ago2003-12-30 23:14:42 UTC Comment #633
good map i hate that bit when its in the dark and theres lots of aliens scared the shit out of me. lol just send barney in first to take tthe hits for you
Commented 14 years ago2003-12-31 00:57:07 UTC Comment #634
Commented 14 years ago2003-12-31 04:01:03 UTC Comment #636
The dark part is there 'cos "There must be a dark part". That is the way is gonna be... Dani Filth is a RIGHT ANSWER. Shot is from video clip Mannaquin, I just downloaded it few days ago... Ok marlboro you won the RMF file I will send it to you on your hotmail adress.
Just keep on with comments (and downloads)...
Commented 14 years ago2003-12-31 09:19:37 UTC Comment #637
why shouldnt i decompile it dieh@rd :D ROFL and the dark part. well i send barney in it adn got stuck first then i ran to the exit
Commented 14 years ago2003-12-31 11:05:10 UTC Comment #639
C'mon peeper. U are too scared to play HL. Better play something lighter... Undying prehaps... :-)
Commented 14 years ago2003-12-31 12:58:33 UTC Comment #640
hehe..i'm going to download this lvl, just because you have Dani on the screenshot...from Mannequin right?
Commented 14 years ago2003-12-31 15:44:22 UTC Comment #641
dark places, aliens. it's so scary. i'm gonna go back to playing Mary Kate & Ashley's Passport to Paris.

...no, i'm just kidding. i really like Barbie's Secret Spy Adventure better... no, I'm still just kidding. See? if ppl could take a joke i wouldn't have to say "i'm just kidding" after every damn sentence i say.
Commented 14 years ago2004-01-01 19:16:01 UTC Comment #649
Right, Mannequin it is. I downloaded it few days ago. Now I'm downloading "Hammerfall - Always will be".... 5 megs remaining...
And SuperMechaCow u can say whatever u want. I take nothing for serious... After few years of rpg, nothing is "serious".
Commented 14 years ago2004-01-01 19:39:04 UTC Comment #650
pretty sweet, its 1 of ur 1st maps and ur usin models! i still cant do that! anyway the preblems: i dunno if u meant it but 1 of the signs wasnt a decal even though it was a decal texture. a few textures were out of place aswell. click the little box in the toolbar with "tl" written on it. this activates texture lock so when u move a brush the textures do not move about. but still a pretty damned good map, especially the text. 4 stars.
Commented 13 years ago2004-07-25 18:16:05 UTC Comment #2872
thanks, ministeve
Commented 12 years ago2005-11-07 13:05:07 UTC Comment #9767
There are some obvious negatives to this map, but they however are completely overshadowed by the positives imo.

-texture scaling way to small in some cases for no reason, causin performance issues
-brushwork bad--invalids in some places

Though architecture is pretty plaing and blocky, the general layout is pretty nice with good detail in places/nice vistas. Some areas are unmistakingly barren and boring though, such as whole buildings with just the cinder block texture.

That said, The gameplay is verymuch fun, and has many neat elements. The cutscenes and general camera scenes are better than any map I can remember ever seeing.

Use of game text is also pretty well done, perhaps over a little bit.

considering how old this map is, and it's a first map, it's amazing to me how good it is. For that reason, 5-stars from me.

Nice job DieH@rd
Commented 12 years ago2006-02-23 04:33:55 UTC Comment #10958
Thanks for 5 star review!

This is the first map that I uploaded here and yeah, it has many things to tweek. [one day I will install HL1 and repair everyting. :)]

BTW, did u guys played map Someplace Else by Alan Foster? That man is a king... [he also made Minerva mod for HL2] If I ever made map that is almost near to his, I will be happpiest man alive :-)

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