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deathrun_soviet_v1 by Skals
Posted 5 years ago2012-09-14 12:45:18 UTC • Completed • Not Listed (Source)
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Skals Skals
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5 years ago2012-09-14 12:45:18 UTC
5 years ago2012-09-14 12:46:07 UTC
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I based this map on a bunch of abandoned soviet time buildings in Liepaja, Karosta (Latvia).

I love making deathrun maps, I used to be a Counter-Strike 1.6 deathrun mapper that made maps such as deathrun_icarus and deathrun_bandicoot , I love making deathrun maps outside of the conventional style, I take a lot of risks, some of them pay off, some of them don't. When many people make deathrun maps, they make linear corridors, box like rooms, they are very boring. I like to be different. This map is no different, the players are tasked with scaling this old abandoned soviet apartment building, whilst the terrorist moves parallel to them in the other building using traps. Once the CT players reach the rooftop, they can jump over to the other building and finally kill the terrorist, but scaling the building is no easy task.

The map has 28 CT spawns, and 3 Terrorist spawns. A server of 20 people would probably be ideal for this map. The difficulty is Easy-Medium, I did not want to make it hard since the game just came out. Please note that to be able to do a lot of strafe jumps (which this map contains) you will have to have the svairaccelerate set to 150. To do this, go into your steam library, on CS:GO go into properties, set launch options, and type in +svairaccelerate 150. This is not a cheat, it simply turns air accelerate on, allowing you to strafe around while in mid-air.

This is a deathrun map, however I am going to make another similar awp wars map!

I hope you'll enjoy the map, comment & rate!


Commented 5 years ago2012-09-14 18:41:46 UTC Comment #20104
"This is a deathrun map, however I am going to make another similar awp wars map!"

Pick a game mode that doesn't suck! The map looks great but I want to be able to actually play it, rather than endure it.
Commented 5 years ago2012-09-15 07:49:41 UTC Comment #20105
What do you mean, I think awp wars is a great idea, it's going to be a large open area with a ridiculous amount of cover, both teams will spawn on opposite sides of map, and slowly pick each other off with AWP's. Imagine 32 players on this big open map, it would be like battlefield with just snipers and deagles.

Well I'll consider something else too.
Commented 5 years ago2012-09-15 14:03:15 UTC Comment #20106
yeah see that's the problem, there's no fun getting killed by something you don't see (yet) and then spectate for a long while, just to do that again. Unless you do this on purpose to train your survival skills. Vanilla is casual
Commented 5 years ago2012-09-15 14:34:37 UTC Comment #20107
"battlefield with just snipers and deagles"

So, the worst possible game of Battlefield ever?
Commented 5 years ago2012-09-16 22:34:46 UTC Comment #20108
:D no, what I meant is the open style of it.
Commented 5 years ago2012-09-25 08:27:34 UTC Comment #20122
Looks beautiful mate =)

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