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de_wacky by WeightlessFalls
Posted 7 years ago2013-02-11 10:18:30 UTC • Completed • Counter-Strike
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WeightlessFalls WeightlessFalls
7 years ago2013-02-11 10:18:30 UTC
6 years ago2013-03-11 18:31:09 UTC
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Hello everyone, and welcome to de_Wacky

I said that de_dystopia_revisited would be my last map, but I just couldn't bare and scrap all the ideas I still had, so I made this map.

I put a lot of work into this one, from designing to actual making of the brushwork and models, but also wanting to make it unique in it's looks by combining realism and surrealism in one big bundle. Also, gameplay is a big factor in this one. My previous submissions were not made to play as well as they looked, but this one is an exception (might not be the best but I gave it my all). I built it in a new manner then my previous ones and a lot of that comes from timmycakes when he recreated my de_dystopia_revisited map. Also, I had help from shash7 and my fellows from SC-Studio when I ran into some problems with the design and needed help in solving them. ro0bO also gave his all on the models of his Im using.

Also to add, there is fog in the map, but it is not visible because it can be turned on only by some server side mods, or a .dll file I have. But I kept that out because of... well... as shash7 stated: Some developers found them outright abusive... and it makes your game a mod. And, bot's are excluded from the map. I will try and make a .nav file for them in the future, but for now it is playable only on the net/lan with other people.

All in all, this is my hardest work yet, and I would be glad if you would leave your opinions about it, and tell me if there are bugs in it, and of course, enjoy playing it :)

This is a short story about the map:

"In a creepy dark surreal town of "wherever", a bunch of people with different ideas have come into conflict. Who will win and who will loose is unknown, because can u win in this kind of place, where nothing is certain or understandable?"


For anyone who want's to figure the map out, here is the message of it:

We all start the same, it is the paths we take that make us what we are, which ones we choose are entirely our choice, unless we give up.

Lounge - Plesure, Joy

Exit - (dystopia part) - Pain, Suffering, Giving up

Theatre - Art, Creativity

Pavilion - Action, War, Rebel

Non of these are right or wrong, good/evil , it is just how we interpret them.

Imagine 2 planets/worlds, one evil and the other one good. And now imagine if they could see each other. The Evil world would see the Good one as Evil, and the same goes for the Good world, it would see the Evil one as Evil. This is somewhat a philosophy of life.


Commented 7 years ago2013-02-11 10:26:56 UTC Comment #20256
Can someone tell me how to make these screens I put in the description smaller? I don't like how they are going off the screen...
Commented 7 years ago2013-02-15 15:55:52 UTC Comment #20258
Unfortunately you can't do that from here, you need to resize them yourself or just link to your screenshots instead.
Commented 7 years ago2013-02-16 12:50:19 UTC Comment #20261
Commented 7 years ago2013-02-22 15:21:09 UTC Comment #20263
The map has been updated, some brushwork has been fixed, and some textures replaced/added, and the layout has had a tweak. Check it out.

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