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Pripyat by Skals
Posted 10 years ago2013-09-27 12:55:24 UTC • Completed • CS: Global Offensive
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Skals Skals
CS: Global Offensive
10 years ago2013-09-27 12:55:24 UTC
10 years ago2013-09-27 12:55:24 UTC
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Balkan Terrorists and the British Special Air Services clash in the abandoned streets of Pripyat.
de_pripyat by Albert Naumov
version 1.1 [September 2013]
Game modes: Bomb Defusal/Arsenal/Deathmatch
Max players: 32
Special thanks to '' for some basic concrete, grass, building, and sand pictures.

Please report any bugs/problems with this map in the comment section on the steam workshop.

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Commented 10 years ago2013-09-29 20:49:59 UTC Comment #19883
Ah, where should I start? This map is yet another proof that you've refined your mapping skills over the years. It shows a touch of professionalism, although not perfect.

I literally have nothing to comment about the overall optic impact. The architecture is fine, and your theme proves that even when having lots of blocky brushes, you can still create atmosphere. The skybox is really well-done and doesn't let you for a moment think that you're surrounded by a box. Lighting is well done and not particularly interesting, with the exception of the hideout near the bombspot, it's really dark there.

This scene in particular reminds me of some part of the last map from Stalker: Call of Pripyat:

User posted image

When seeing the map for the first time I thought it was more of a fight yard, but then I discovered that there are some hideouts in the blocks of flats. That is a nice addition and improves the strategic gameplay.

Gameplay is where I have a few comments though. Have you designed the map to be a burden for the CT? Don't get me wrong, the gameplay is still fun, but while playing on both sides, I felt like the terrorists had a bit of advantage.
They get a hallway through one of the block of flats which, compared to the CT paths, grants them quick access to the main flat hideout which goes to the roof.
The rightmost road for CT(leftmost for T) is perfect for rifle and AWP confrontation.

User posted image

User posted image

A team which uses Teamspeak and controls the roof, controls the game. It's an awesome observational spot, especially on the bomb site.

Which brings me to the hot spot. It's where all the interesting action focuses.

User posted image

User posted image

All in all, it's a balanced map, and even if the visuals are not stunning, they are too balanced an offer a great atmosphere for an intense combat map.

Architecture: 85%
Texturing: 90%
Ambience: 90%
Lighting: 85%
Gameplay: 80%

Total: 86%

That's a 4.3 rating. Let's round that to 4.5 and give it 5 stars using the TWHL voting system since overall the map deserves it.

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