Sk8park Prefabs Set

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Sk8park Prefabs Set by Alberto309
Posted 7 years ago2014-01-23 05:39:19 UTC • Examples • Not Listed (Goldsource)
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Sk8park Prefabs Set
Alberto309 Alberto309
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7 years ago2014-01-23 05:39:19 UTC
7 years ago2014-01-23 07:14:59 UTC
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As an ex skater, I would like to share with you my skatepark ramps prefabs. :)
These prefabs are compatible with every GoldSource Engine based game (included Mods).

  • A half pipe;
  • A quarter pipe;
  • A drop ramp;
  • 4 different types of funboxes;
  • 3 rails with different lenght;
  • 2 different types of jump ramps;
  • A detailed city stairway;
  • A WAD file with few custom textures.
Each prefab has been fully optimized with NULL and BEVEL textures, to reduce WPolys where possible and where needed.
To use these prefabs you need the "Vluzacn's ZHLT (VHLT)" tools.
I've used the "func_detail" entity, and it doesn't exist in the standard GoldSource games' FGDs nor in the ZHLT FGD.

Also, I do not recommend to use all of the prefabs in a single zone of the map (try to cut the VIS with walls/solids instead), otherwise the WPolys could go too high (1180 more or less). It is recommended to stay below 900 WPolys in every place of the map.

If you want to see some more screenshots, you can take a look a the GameBanana upload at this link:
Thank you, and have fun sk8ing! :P


Commented 7 years ago2014-01-23 07:38:20 UTC Comment #19890
These are money Berto, well done! =P

My only complaint is the texture scale of the plywood from the seems a little too big, but i know this IS GoldSrc, and it looks good nonwitstanding ;)
Commented 7 years ago2014-01-23 07:57:57 UTC Comment #20444
Hehe, thanks Bert. ;)

Yup, I hate the way GoldSource blurs the textures, so I said fuck: 512x512 textures. Problem solved.

Didn't want to use TGAs detailed textures, though. And the light patches didn't affected too much WPolys on such small surfaces, so I decided to leave the textures size as is. :3

Thanks for the comment and for rating (once again)! :D
Commented 7 years ago2014-01-26 11:21:23 UTC Comment #20455
Prefabs packs are often tangled messes of off-grid geometry and extremely inefficient brushwork, so I applaud you for creating a set of perfectly clean and nicely optimised props.

4 stars (would have been 5 if you'd included a couple of bowl designs) +1 star for helping to promote Vluzacn's tools.

Very nicely done.
Commented 7 years ago2014-01-26 22:37:51 UTC Comment #20460
Hey, thanks a lot Archie!

I like things clean. Every single vertex must be on the grid for me. No exceptions.

And, yeah, I totally forgot about bowls or empty pools, unfortunately.
Oh, well... I will make them on the second version I'm currently working on. Thanks for the suggestion!

Vluzacn's tools are basic for me, and his tools should be used by everyone, regardless of what GoldSource based game people are mapping for.
That +1 star you gave me should be given to him. :)

Thanks a lot again, Archie. Your feedback means a lot to me. :)

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