round-reset flooding

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round-reset flooding by Captain Terror
Posted 3 years ago2015-06-02 13:36:40 UTC • Completed • Counter-Strike
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round-reset flooding
Captain Terror Captain Terror
3 years ago2015-06-02 13:36:40 UTC
3 years ago2015-06-15 22:30:26 UTC

One possible solution to reset water flooding each round for this problem map, using teleports, changetargets, and Schlumpf1404's method to reset CS 1.6 entities each round.

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T and CT spawns are surrounded by a teleport, sending them to the first room at beginning of the round. There, a trigger_once activates a trigger_changetarget which alters the spawn destination to a new room for next round(and repeat for each round). Schlump's above method resets one trigger_hurt and weaponstrip, which all the rooms share.

  • Added trigger_hurt and increased the water speed, so you can see the effect faster.
  • There are 5 rooms(00-04) that cover the first 5 rounds; copy and paste additional rooms for more rounds.
  • Load the map by using New Game from the CS menu. (WILL NOT WORK loading straight from the console)
  • The text primitives MAY NOT compile correctly without a HLFix-enabled Hammer, or using Sledge, since I also scaled and skewed them afterwards..


Commented 3 years ago2015-06-02 20:38:15 UTC Comment #20899
Also known as how to make five maps to stand in for the same map within the same map.
Commented 3 years ago2015-06-03 01:29:48 UTC Comment #20900
Yeah this is not really a feasible solution ;p

Originally tried to use trigger_relays to reset the flooding water brush, but I couldn't make them work. If it was a fixed round time, it would be easy to sync the water to match..

Stu, do you know of anyway to kill or reset them properly with a trigger_relay or something else?
Commented 3 years ago2015-06-03 01:41:03 UTC Comment #20901
Well trigger_relays can remove entities from the map, so you could in theory have water1 on the first round, then remove it and changetarget to use the until-now inactive water2 for the second round, and so on.

The problem is that you can't create entities in-game, so water1, water2, etc. will have to be previously crafted in. And the problem with that is that since you don't know how many rounds the server will have for this map, theoretically you might need to create infinite entities that will be removed one by one each round or risk having a number of rounds without water at all after the predefined ones ran out.

This plays against the entity limit but at least you wouldn't have to make a copy of the whole map for each round (this also counts for n times the total number of entities which is worse, and n times fixing bugs and errors), instead just copies of the one brush.
Commented 3 years ago2015-06-03 02:58:52 UTC Comment #20904
Yeah i tried the 'kill' feature on the water entites, but it didn't seem to have any effect, not that I guess it would help much as you stated =P
Commented 3 years ago2015-06-03 04:59:35 UTC Comment #20906
Maybe it doesn't work on water. Too bad, it would have been better (or less bad) to have n copies of 1 entity than having n copies of every single entity in the map. So I suppose your way wins :P

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