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de_retrostation by Trempler
Posted 3 years ago2015-10-13 05:48:00 UTC • Completed • Counter-Strike
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Trempler Trempler
3 years ago2015-10-13 05:48:00 UTC
3 years ago2015-10-13 05:48:17 UTC
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de_retrostation - Bomb/Defuse
** Contestmap: Journey to the Center of the Earth **
by Trempler (
textures by trempler (most of them, check credit list for full info)
models by trempler (most of them, check credit list for full info)
sounds by vavle and

** Enable r_detailtextures 1 **
** r_detailtexturessupported 1 **
** If you forget to do this the map is mostly white **

Have fun playing :)


The Retrostation is a secret laboratory located 1,500 miles deep in the ground.

The Station is mostly empty because all research has finished and it acts more like a museum.
Some terrorists have just entered the station, the counter-terrorists have no idea why and what they want there.
So try to find out :)

Full Credit list:

de_retrostation by trempler (

Thanks for everyone reading and playing this :)

Credit List:

Thank you Totac for the forklift model.
Thanks to the creators of the models named hllab_ wasnt able to find the real creators.
And Myself for every model with tr_
Thank you Vavle for halfe-life <3
Thank you
Thanks Marec for stevie-run sound :)
Thanks CGtextures for a big help and inspiration
Thanks to PhillipK for his Sci-fi Texturepack great inspiration!
Thanks to Natural-Selection Team for some of the awesome pipe textures.
Thanks to Halflife Gold Mod for the crate Textures.
Thanks whoever made the sprites, wasnt able to find a Name.
Additional Credits

Kaffikopp for the awesome trailer :)

And thank everyone who supports me.

Plz contact me if you use any of my created content.
Or atleast credit me!

Feedback is welcome :)



Commented 3 years ago2015-10-17 18:34:57 UTC Comment #18038
Hot damn, this looks great. Downloading!
Commented 3 years ago2015-10-17 18:44:19 UTC Comment #18039
Good lord, this is obscenely good. The architecture and theming is better than just about anything I've ever seen achieved in Goldsource. Incredible.

I love the colour theming and the subtle deviations in lighting used to aid navigation. That walkway with the blue lights highlighting the grey railing in particular is such a brilliant contrast to the orange surroundings. It's really, really sweet.

Really my only problem is the use of wooden crates... They're so... dull in comparison to everything else in the environment you've created.

Easily a 5 star effort. You're a king.
Commented 3 years ago2015-10-18 12:32:19 UTC Comment #20235
Wow, thank you a lot.
Actually I ran out of time for the contest it was for.
The plan was to have 100% selfmade content inside the map.
Yeah so the crates and also some "shelfes" are just placeholder.

Thanks a lot for the feedback, really lovely if someone, with also good knowledge about mapping, writes that :)

Also you can check the wpolys/epolys if you want to drop your jaw. I tryed to optimize it as much as possible + dont loose much details.

more comments are totally welcome :) this really helps in motivation for doing some new shit :D

Also Archie, you should try out my new reworked mayacore map for hldm I bet you will like it :) Wish you a nice day sir :)
Commented 3 years ago2015-10-24 13:01:16 UTC Comment #19529
Ohhhh yeahhhhh...I've seen the cs version of this one, from sven coop. Easily a favorite, reminds me of 2001:A space odyssey. Could of added a bit more depth if it were for colder lights, instead of some of the white ones. Imma try the other levels soon.
Dem 60s feels yo.
Commented 2 years ago2016-03-06 12:30:01 UTC Comment #4291
Hey @Trempler, nice map! If they don't know to play under server How do they understand reason to type "r_detailtextures" How do you use white / blank textures? How do i get white / blank textures? Is it possible you do faked textures like {WHITE_1, {WHITE_2 , .... from wad correct?

I am very surpised because you are using only detailtextures wow. Thanks for suggestion from example detailtextures I know that....

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