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Aperture Complex by Dr. Orange
Posted 5 years ago2017-03-28 14:06:03 UTC • Completed • Portal
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Aperture Complex
Dr. Orange Dr. Orange
5 years ago2017-03-28 14:06:03 UTC
4 years ago2018-06-15 21:33:26 UTC
4.00 (1)
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EDIT: If the download doesn't work, you can use this link instead: link

"Black Mesa stole our technology, now we steal their architecture!"

Aperture Complex is a remake of the chapter Office Complex from half-Life, made in Portal.
Made for the 34th TWHL mapping competition, Half-Life Reimagined.
To install, drop the "aperture_complex" folder into your "SteamApps/common/Portal/portal/custom" folder. If no such folder exists in this directory,
then please create this folder.

To launch the map, open Portal and click on the "Bonus Maps" button on the main menu. You should see the folder icon for Aperture Complex. Open this
folder and then open the map from within this folder.

Have fun!

P.S. There is a secret ending. See if you can find it!

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Commented 5 months ago2022-01-30 20:19:21 UTC Comment #104063
Hello my name is Oskar and welcome to another review. Today we'll be taking a look at Aperture Complex by "Doctor Orange" (I have not been able to verify that he actually is a doctor and an orange), the 2017 Luigi Righetti's Capitel de'Roari Amarone, and the pizza I just made.

Homemade pizza

- These days, store-bought doughs are pretty good. But the store-brand "pizza" cheese? Really?! Some Cheddar or Mozzarella would have been nice!
+ At least the goat cheese on top matched the artichoke and the tomato.
- A bit too salty. Next time, don't get the goat cheese that's in saltwater.
++ Did I mention there's artichoke?
- My girlfriend said she was "not hungry" and that she was "not going to eat any"... That turned out to be untrue. Make a bigger pizza next time!
⭐⭐⭐★ ★

Luigi Righetti's Capitel de'Roari Amarone 2017

++ It's wine and it was tasty.
~ Wait... I'm supposed to say stuff like "it's nutty" and "well-rounded" and "smells like chocolate" or some shit right? Okay...
~ Calm and light.
~ Hints of leather, dried fruit and oak.
+ Brilliant with pizza.

Apperture Complex

+ Okay so this was pretty difficult! If I'm going to download a Portal map, I'd rather it's too hard than too easy.
~ That's a looot of turrets.
- Some parts, especially the freezer, felt like they should have more detail. But Portal itself feels like that sometimes too I guess.
++ It really does look like Office Complex! But in Aperture Science.
~ The texts at the end get cut off (unless this is actually "Apperture Complex by Dr. C").
- I was promised cake. Where is my cake?

This all averages out to 4 stars. Well done everyone!

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