Map2Curve v0.7

Half-Life HL
Map2Curve v0.7 by ToTac
Posted 4 years ago2019-03-18 07:41:05 UTC • Unfinished • Half-Life
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Map2Curve v0.7
ToTac ToTac
4 years ago2019-03-18 07:41:05 UTC
3 years ago2020-01-16 05:04:55 UTC
4.20 (5)
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This program generates arcs and ramps from Goldsource map files, or extrudes them along paths made from path_corners.

v0.7 Overview

Main features:
  • Turns map files into arcs or ramps or extrudes them along paths.
  • Preserves original texture shifts and alignments.
  • Exports into *.rmf, *.map and *.obj file format.
  • Obtains texture informations from WAD files.
  • Processes any kind of entity (solid and point).
  • Triangulates brushes automatically.
  • Snaps vertices to grid.
Please report any bugs and feature request to my email (totacATwebDOTde), including the specific files
(map and config file) and other relevant information (e.g. Operating System).


Commented 4 years ago2019-04-10 12:06:54 UTC Comment #101945
Thank you
Commented 3 years ago2019-10-11 19:04:24 UTC Comment #102325
Dude! This looks fantastic! Have to try this out!
Commented 3 years ago2019-12-26 20:08:02 UTC Comment #102473
I have big problem with map2curve why does it not work for me :( I am very disappointed...
Commented 3 years ago2019-12-29 22:41:24 UTC Comment #102485
NOTE 0.6 has bug if map2curve generates brushes into than I load map file into J.A.C.K. or VHE than it seems nothing for 0.6

PLEASE DOWNGRADE TO Map2Curve 0.5 !!! Because It works as well for me! Check my latest "// Edit 3" in Sven Coop Forum And scroll to "// EDIT 3" and read it. Thanks and i am sorry for double posts...
Commented 3 years ago2020-01-16 05:09:00 UTC Comment #102511
Thanks for the hint Sky, the issue should be resolved in version 0.7.
Apparently JACK exports vertices in a different way to Hammer, which created problems during the generation process sometimes, but not always. Hopefully this has been fixed now.
Looking forward to further feedback.
Commented 3 years ago2020-01-16 12:28:37 UTC Comment #102514
Thanks for updating version, Totac! I will try out. If I am back at home. I check out.

// EDIT Nice job if I use proton of Steam:
1. Create CompatData Directory for custom Proton-Directory
export STEAM_COMPAT_DATA_PATH=/Applications/Steam-Proton ( It is my own directory for Ubuntu 18.04 )
2. Run cmd with proton
cd ~/.steam/steamapps/common/Proton\ 4.11
./proton run cmd
cd Map2Curve
map2curve_x64.exe Templates/Hallway/hallway.txt

User posted image
Sorry it is my directory for my own C:\Program Files\Map2Curve ( Linux-Directory /Applications/Steam-Proton/pfx/drive_c/Program Files/Map2Curve )
User posted image
Why does it show only crazy skip brush.
It works fine but I don't know why does it generate with impossible skip brush.

Is it buggy or not?
// EDIT 2:
Lol why does it show check-problem dialogue :biggrin: :P
User posted image
I remember that before old version was successful without problem. Sorry I found documentation rmf 0, map 1 I resolve thanks. But Check-problem-dialogue shows up with invalid faces :/
Commented 3 years ago2020-01-17 06:39:06 UTC Comment #102515
Thanks again for the report.
Apparently you're running M2C without using any information from WAD files.
Check out this tutorial I made recently:
But really it's no big deal, just go to the M2C WAD folder and add your WAD file paths to the WADList.txt file.
Without looking at the file myself I can't say if those perpendicular errors are a real problem and why they appear but maybe they resolve themselfs when you're using WAD information.

Furthermore I don't know about Proton and usually I am not testing M2C under linux to make sure everything works there. It is designed to work under Windows, which it does well mostly, at least for myself. The interest this app gets is usually too small for me to put more effort into testing it in different environments.

The skip brush is working as a bounding box and is being generated as an example in this template file. You can remove it by setting bounds to "0" for that particular curve object inside of the presetfile "hallway.txt".
Commented 3 years ago2020-01-17 13:14:21 UTC Comment #102516
Thanks for explanation. I have readden it. Proton is custom wine with Vulkan of DirectX and OpenGL like under native Windows 7/8/10
Proton is big deal for non-linux or non-mac apps like Windows-only executable *.exe and libraries *.dll and works under Steam for Non-Windows ( Mac and Linux Users play with Windows-only games or tools. m2c executable has not problem with wine location like Windows 7/8/10.
If I use posix unix to m2c executable than m2c doesn't work for generating brushes. I know that. Don't worry!

Of course I know that. I have not problem now. Thanks for resolve! I use Ubuntu. No problem with me.
Commented 3 years ago2020-01-17 22:33:29 UTC Comment #102517
Wow, thats amazing!
Commented 3 years ago2020-01-19 22:37:21 UTC Comment #102519
What is the brush limit for this?, I remember that making pipes for my map ended in an un-compilable map because of that limit...
Commented 3 years ago2020-01-21 10:41:16 UTC Comment #102522
There's no brush limit for the tool itself, although the maximum number of curve-sides is 384, which is already pretty high for most cases. Usually you wouldn't use the whole object then, but just a small section.
In the end it is up to you how much wpoly you want to use (or rather how much you are able to use because of the various engine limits, which is probably what you meant by "un-compilable map").
Commented 3 years ago2020-01-21 20:14:17 UTC Comment #102523
Thanks!, very explanatory!!
Commented 2 years ago2021-01-12 12:53:04 UTC Comment #103187
This is awesome.
Commented 2 years ago2021-01-15 15:53:10 UTC Comment #103194
Hello, for some reason when I drag the .map file into the .exe, the program runs, but leaves no .rmf file :/
Commented 2 years ago2021-01-15 15:54:42 UTC Comment #103195
Nevermind, I fixed it
Commented 5 months ago2023-04-06 18:55:42 UTC Comment #105196
This looks really impressive. Site looks detailed too. You are wonderful person who supports goldsrc scene.

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