Half-Life: Deathmatch HLDM
bootbox_vanilla by AN0TH3R
Posted 5 months ago2021-01-01 16:51:05 UTC • Completed • Half-Life: Deathmatch
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Half-Life: Deathmatch
5 months ago2021-01-01 16:51:05 UTC
1 week ago2021-06-06 13:07:58 UTC
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bootbox_vanilla (new version of remak3)

In 2015, My dear friend (DeaolD.) made bootbox3 with his friends. Then this map became so popular especially in turkish servers and it broke crossfire's domination and created demand for a different server without crossfire map anymore. As a server owner and mapper, I decided to remake bootbox3 because of some reasons which i explained on the bottom. Also I made the map from 0 within 7 days. (Without decompiling and editing.)

In this better version of bootbox3:
  • Map is fully optimized. (There is not any optimization on old version.)
  • Fps is better. (Null texture is on every non visible face.)
  • Structures have been redesigned according to the ground texture.
  • Overall symmetry of the map has been completely improved.
  • Item placements have been re edited to the ground symmetry.
  • Secret room patch has been re designed.
  • Lighting sources have been re designed to be more minimal.
  • Puzzle of secret door has been re created and it works correctly ;)
  • Clip textures have been placed correctly. No more bullet collision to the secret room walls. (Players were accidentally killing themselves in old map because of that bug.)
  • Players can now teleport to main secret room from small secret room by using gauss.
  • New box trap added for main secret room
I did not change the textures of the map because I strongly believe simplicity is permament. In a nutshell vanilla is bright, light and fun map. I highly recommend this map for your bootbox servers because players will get more fps.

Have fun ^^


Commented 4 weeks ago2021-05-16 22:28:35 UTC Comment #103566
The main arena could use some work to make the gameplay a little more interesting. It's mainly just a killbox at the moment - additional cover and routes would keep the players moving and would present more varied encounters than just gauss sniping. The verticality of the main arena has a lot of potential - having more levels than just the one bridge at the top would incentivise players to get creative with gauss jumping and would certainly help with the lack of cover and pathing.

Texturing is okay, but the lighting is bad. A lot of players will never find the secret area which is the only part of the map with lighting - keeping the arena fullbright makes the map seem unfinished. The original Bootbox3 at least had basic lighting in the main arena, and looks much better as a result. Remember the arena is the main focus of the map, and is the first thing players will see, so it should be properly lit and textured.

Definitely potential here, but it needs some work.
Commented 3 weeks ago2021-05-17 19:00:54 UTC Comment #103569
Thank you for the feedback ^^ Actually my purpose was to make the brightest and simplest looking remake of bootbox3. I chose this method because many players don't like detailed textures and realistic lighting in my opinion. But I'm still working on my another bootbox projects which will be more detailed and fun :)

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