TimeWarp City Demo 1.0

Half-Life HL
TimeWarp City Demo 1.0 by cambreaKer
Posted 1 month ago2024-03-14 18:32:26 UTC • Completed • Half-Life
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TimeWarp City Demo 1.0
cambreaKer cambreaKer
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1 month ago2024-03-14 18:32:26 UTC
1 month ago2024-03-14 18:32:26 UTC
Download (Hosted Externally)

Gameplay demo of TimeWarp, contains half of the city chapter and plenty of frantic action! :D
This is a standalone Xash-powered HL1 mod, which means you don't need Half-Life
to run it, simply extract the zip file somewhere in your PC, and run tw.exe!

TimeWarp plays pretty much the same as regular Half-Life does,
however there's a couple of changes which you should get accustomed to.


Jay makes an appearance in this demo, in the form of an ally which you can
summon at any time, anywhere using the "Summon Jay" key (default "G"),
in case you need some assistance with enemy encounters.

You can also recall her by pressing "Recall Jay" (default "H"),
which in addition to teleporting her out of the map, it also regenerates her health
which you can see on your HUD next to your own health and armor.

When Jay's health depletes, she'll explode and you won't be able to summon
her again until her health is fully recharged.


The mod has a new armor system based on individual armor pieces which
also give the player a bonus effect.

Your HUD displays a silhouette which shows which armor pieces you have
and how damaged they are. The bonus effects are based on how much health
the armor pieces have. So for example if you have full gloves, your reloads will be
twice as fast, but the lower the piece's health goes the slower your reloading will get,
until it reaches back to your regular reloading speed when you run out of gloves.

The armor bar next to your health bar shows the general amount of armor you have.

Gives 15 armor points when picked up.
Bonus effect - Reduces view punch when shot, and headshot damage.

Gives 25 armor points when picked up.
Bonus effect - Adds additional damage reduction.

Gives 5 armor points when picked up.
Bonus effect - Speeds up weapon reloading.

Gives 5 armor points when picked up.
Bonus effect - Reduces fall damage.

The year is 2096. Advanced Engineering Corporation (AEC) facilities
have been on the forefront of groundbreaking technology
and human experimentation.

The mastermind of the experiments - "The Doc", has been developing
a technology people could only dream of until now - a time machine.
The Doc's planning to use the time travel technology to travel to the future,
and bring things from the future to the present. It is believed that 50 years from
now a discovery will be made that will change mankind forever - the key to eternal life.
The Doc wants to bring eternal life to the present, and make himself the most powerful
person who's ever lived.

One of The Doc's scientists - Dr. Hoff, believes that commiting such actions will lead
to the destruction of mankind, and has gone rogue. To avoid getting himself killed,
he has hatched a plan to stop The Doc, and shut down the whole facility.

He has reprogrammed J-727 Mark II (Jay), the facility's mainframe AI computer -
to become hostile to The Doc, and free all human experimentation patients.
One of them being Patient #84, who was selected for time travel experimentation a few weeks back.
In exchange for freedom, he must help with the plan.

The time machine prototype can only go to the past, but with the power of several Time Crystals,
one can go to the future, so to stop The Doc, Patient #84 must travel to the past and collect
the Time Crystals before The Doc's enforcers do.

Days later, you and Jay have managed to collect almost every Time Crystal, with the exception of one -
hidden deep in modern-day Welport City, you have to go through a mercenary infested district.

An .FGD file is included with the mod, which
lets you make your own maps for the mod if you really want to.
It should work with the latest version of J.A.C.K.


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Commented 3 weeks ago2024-03-21 03:05:59 UTC Comment #106080
Just finished it. This project continues to impress and intrigue me. I cannot wait for the full release.

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