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Competition 4 - Laser Fun

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Another bunch of creative entries. The three maps demonstrate the laser entity in completely different and original ways, and since the RMFs have all been provided, you should be able to get something extra out of the maps as well. Download them all now!

The Results

trophy map pic LDSF, by SlayerA


LDSF, in case you're wondering, stands for Laser Deployed Security Force. Naturally. And it's great. Pick up some ammo and wonder out into the hanger-type room and, whoa, what was that?! A few seconds later you're shooting frantically and running for the health charger.

Who would have thought to use lasers like that? The great original idea is helped by its cool execution. And of course the lasers look good too. Download this map and have a go!

Oh, and open the RMF up in Hammer as well. 'Nuff said.

trophy map pic That's Odd, by LightForce


Whoa! Run this map and see if you can count the lasers! It all looks great and there's even an amusing scripted story behind it (which will explain where the title comes from). And check out those rats!

There's a huge load of entities behind this map. Need a real example to help you with scripted sequences or sentences, multimanagers or func_trains?... you'll find them all here.

trophy map pic Random Betrayal, by Andy


Another strange one! Impressive stuff, but there's even more going on behind the scenes. Open up the RMF in Hammer and you'll get a great example of how to create a randomiser in-game using lasers. Those exploding sprites you see aren't the same every time!