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UrbaNebula1 month ago2019-07-01 14:43:18 UTC 0 comments
Once again, we have a new mini competition underway. The Whole Splash Life.

We are looking for maps where water plays a significant role. Yes, you could essentially just make a map that features a lot of it, but where's the fun in that? Try and think of ways that water can be an obstacle to overcome, or indeed a solution to a problem.

The official thread can be found here. Discuss with other members who might be pitching in their own ideas. Share screenshots, ask questions, get involved and spread the word.

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The Whole Splash Life (Mini Competition)

Mini Competition • Community Vote

Judging in Progress

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The Mad Carrot11 minutes ago2019-08-20 01:34:37 UTC 3 replies
Just tried it myself, it works for me. Have a look. Created in JACK.
I remember Solokiller pointed me to add console messages for a block of code that´s not working, I did that part the first (now I add a console printing part in every new code I try ;) ). And... well...
Admer4561 day ago2019-08-19 00:43:05 UTC 6 replies
Precisely, that'd be FCVAR_ARCHIVE. If the hud_color console variable doesn't have that flag enabled, it won't get saved. So, we'd have to look at the SOHL source code then. Think of hud.cpp or any...
Admer4561 day ago2019-08-18 23:32:12 UTC 27 replies
So, next up: physics. [img:|27 cubes of phys_base] You might notice that the boxes clip into the floor by approximately 1 or 2 units. That's because I currently d...
UrbaNebula1 day ago2019-08-18 13:00:20 UTC 7145 replies

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Posted 5 months ago2019-03-07 08:21:05 UTC • Voting closed • 18 comments
Which team are you on?
  • Baguette Battalion: 44% (20 votes)
  • Croissant Crew: 38% (17 votes)
  • Neutral Scumbags: 11% (5 votes)
  • Brioche Brigade: 7% (3 votes)