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Penguinboy6 months ago2022-05-26 09:59:03 UTC 8 comments
The results to the Bridge The Gap competition have been announced! We had so many great entries this time around, it was very hard to narrow it down to only three entries for the podium. Congratulations to the winners!

Check out the results here.

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Solokiller1 day ago2022-12-05 17:16:30 UTC 2 replies
There are no examples of server commands in the SDK but it's pretty straightforward. To add a command you need to call this function:
Thank you! This seems to be exactly what I need.
I have seen it before done in maps. My prop_dynamic_override uses a model, (obviously) and it had properties to adjust gib performance but when I compile, it's a prop_dynamic (not sure if that's the i...
SASTSimon3 days ago2022-12-03 13:49:54 UTC 2 replies
i dont know when i will be done. send me the map when its done and i can put it in the collection
Meerjel013 days ago2022-12-03 10:23:58 UTC 40 replies
A Christmas special

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Posted 2 years ago2020-10-02 12:11:18 UTC • Voting closed • 19 comments
What's your favourite season of the year?
  • Winter: 35% (18 votes)
  • Summer: 29% (15 votes)
  • Spring: 18% (9 votes)
  • Autumn: 18% (9 votes)