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UrbaNebula1 month ago2022-12-11 14:18:33 UTC 14 comments
Celebrating 20 years of TWHL mapping competitions! Check out the newest competition: The Whole Goop Life
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The Whole Goop Life

TWHL Competition 20th Anniversary Extravaganza

That’s right! Today, December 10th, 2022 marks the 20th anniversary of TWHL’s first ever mapping competition! (You’re excited, I can tell)

Now, the 20th wedding anniversary is referred to as the Emerald Anniversary, the precious green gemstone symbolising the occasion and often the traditional gift. Well, the Valve titles aren’t exactly riddled with precious gemstones, but there is one thing they do have. Radioactive toxic waste. Not exactly the ideal gift for your beloved, but the thick, green goop can mix up both gameplay and aesthetics if applied to a map in just the right way.

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Today's featured tutorial:
Vlatitude: Scripting Tutorial Part 3

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The Whole Goop Life

Full Map • Judged (all engines combined)

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Loulimi3 hours ago2023-02-08 19:21:30 UTC 9 replies
I don’t know... func_button that mysteriously stop working have been plaguing me ever since I started mapping. To this day I still do not know why. I’ll double check my lip and my textures... I also...
CPripyatUit3 hours ago2023-02-08 18:39:07 UTC 0 replies
Lately I've been thinking of perhaps reviving a mod I started and promptly abandoned a few years ago. Among other things, I remember being quite disappointed that while Portal contains virtually all o...
nikenzzy21 hours ago2023-02-08 00:48:21 UTC 0 replies
Hi, so i am trying to create a player controllable sentry as in tf2. It works pretty well. I modified turret.cpp a bit: created turret.h file, moved CBaseTurret declarations there and created a player...
MegaBrutal1 day ago2023-02-07 20:30:45 UTC 6 replies
> Tower 1 uses spirit 1.8, maybe you downloaded the wrong version? I have a Linux version of SOHL 1.8 with bug fixes here, but note that I do not test these builds on Linux. At first it didn't seem...
Admer4561 day ago2023-02-07 15:45:37 UTC 1 reply
Depending on what you really need, you don't even need an NPC (CBaseMonster), really. You can inherit from CBaseAnimating and handle animation switching manually. In any case, you can also look i...

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