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Penguinboy2 months ago2018-12-25 00:24:33 UTC 8 comments
Happy holidays and a great new year to everyone from us here at TWHL! To celebrate the festive season, the results for competition 35 are available as of today!

Congratulations to the winners and a big thanks to everyone who entered or commented on the competition. Winners, please get in touch with myself and Satchmo to claim your prizes!

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Qwertyus1 hour ago2019-03-21 10:52:34 UTC 7106 replies
2 sakna All those shots you have posted a while ago look very impressive! It this just a map (Sven Co-op?) or something more?
UrbaNebula22 hours ago2019-03-20 14:05:21 UTC 1 reply
Blimey. I don't think I've played Quake coop since I did on a LAN with my dad. I have Quake on Steam so might see if I can get in. As for Half-Life Deathmatch, I think Archie's server is also up an...
sample vodka1 day ago2019-03-19 21:47:15 UTC 4 replies
I use Zbot
Yay, I won! Thanks guys, and thanks to everyone who voted for my entry!
Solokiller3 days ago2019-03-17 14:35:54 UTC 8 replies
They do, they use the follower behavior from that class. That's why i said to use breakpoints in the FollowerUse method, to see what it does.

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Posted 2 weeks ago2019-03-07 08:21:05 UTC • Voting now! • 13 comments
Which team are you on?
  • Croissant Crew: 43% (15 votes)
  • Baguette Battalion: 43% (15 votes)
  • Neutral Scumbags: 11% (4 votes)
  • Brioche Brigade: 3% (1 vote)