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UrbaNebula3 months ago2019-07-01 14:43:18 UTC 0 comments
Once again, we have a new mini competition underway. The Whole Splash Life.

We are looking for maps where water plays a significant role. Yes, you could essentially just make a map that features a lot of it, but where's the fun in that? Try and think of ways that water can be an obstacle to overcome, or indeed a solution to a problem.

The official thread can be found here. Discuss with other members who might be pitching in their own ideas. Share screenshots, ask questions, get involved and spread the word.

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abbadon2 days ago2019-10-15 22:14:15 UTC 3 replies
Move bip01 joint in the z axis (if the animation consist of 30 frames set the keyframe on 1 at distance zero, 15, half the distance, and set keyframe 30 at distance goal), and, ta-dah!! of course it m...
MOCOLONI3 days ago2019-10-14 21:39:51 UTC 6 replies
[quote=The Mad Carrot]You can include definitions from one fgd file into another by adding the line ''@include "filename.fgd" (no quotes) as is explained here:
UrbaNebula5 days ago2019-10-12 20:21:52 UTC 631 replies
A wild chickenfist appears
abbadon5 days ago2019-10-12 12:22:56 UTC 7 replies
But, what will you do?, maybe mapping? it is hard to find people to join a project which only have a name and no other information. Also: what you aer asking for is a full team of developers that...
hfc6 days ago2019-10-11 21:09:54 UTC 2 replies
yes this was xash3d mod. it is from the guys that remake half-life prerelease versions.

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Posted 1 day ago2019-10-16 11:05:50 UTC • Voting now! • 3 comments
Which is the best English vowel? The real ones only of course, those weak pseudo-vowel letters like Y and W don't count.
  • I: 33% (6 votes)
  • A: 22% (4 votes)
  • E: 22% (4 votes)
  • O: 17% (3 votes)
  • U: 6% (1 vote)