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Penguinboy2 months ago2018-09-07 12:00:06 UTC 7 comments
TWHL now has an official Discord server! It's a good place to talk about TWHL, mapping, or whatever else you like! We also have channels for some TWHL projects.A link to the server is on the front page for all logged-in and logged-out users. We haven't set up many channels yet, so if you have suggestions please join in and let us know!

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Half-Life 20th Anniversary: Vanilla Half-Life

Full Map • Judged (each engine separate)


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UrbaNebula11 minutes ago2018-11-19 15:04:02 UTC 1564 replies
Fallout 4 - Gone back to my first ever save from 10th of November, 2015. Playing with my first character again from scratch but with a heavily modded game with all DLC installed. *Fallout New Veg...
UrbaNebula30 minutes ago2018-11-19 14:45:57 UTC 140 replies
As per previous competitions, they will just list the maps with a mini review and link to the download for each.
kazik14 hours ago2018-11-19 00:24:03 UTC 0 replies
Hey, I want to create a scene similar to this in a HL1 map: [img:
Solokiller18 hours ago2018-11-18 20:36:35 UTC 9 replies
Yeah that looks good. If you want to paste blocks of code you should use pre tags:
Sirlion1 day ago2018-11-18 00:05:03 UTC 7065 replies
Remake \ recreation of d1_garage_01 also known as d1_industrial (GoldSrc). There's quite a lot of work left but I think its a good start [img:|] [img:https://i.i...

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Posted 5 months ago2018-06-02 03:15:35 UTC • Voting closed • 0 comments
What's your favourite shade of blue?
  • Cobalt: 38% (38 votes)
  • Azure: 21% (21 votes)
  • Cyan: 17% (17 votes)
  • Turquoise: 11% (11 votes)
  • Royal: 11% (11 votes)
  • Teal: 3% (3 votes)