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Penguinboy3 months ago2022-01-25 01:06:11 UTC 17 comments
Time for a new competition: Bridge the gap!
User posted image

Create a map from the above template!

Happy 2022!
The goal is to create the coolest bridge to allow players to traverse the gap across the canyon.
Any goldsource game is permittable, and any HLDM entries will be added to the HLDM server.

There are no limitations on setting, style or design - be as farfetched and creative as you want, or perhaps you'd rather make something based more in reality.

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Bridge The Gap

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jamie8 hours ago2022-05-22 23:55:42 UTC 0 replies
Hey, so im making a mod and Barney has a 2 submodels: - Normal one - HEV one However, when Barney receives damage or stops shooting it changes to the normal/HEV one. I dont know why this is happeni...
Meerjel0118 hours ago2022-05-22 13:46:30 UTC 11 replies
Bump* Gonna try work on this a bit and hope someone comes by to help. I'm gonna use the source code for the cst to make a custom vrad compiler that can make lightmaps appear correctly.
Bruce22 hours ago2022-05-22 09:54:14 UTC 1 reply
In Half-Life you can't connect two entities. The tram and the door are one func_tracktrain entity. Only at the end, when the tram stops, a level change occurs to a map where the the tram door is a sep...
kruk1 day ago2022-05-22 06:33:44 UTC 20 replies
thx :> [img:] [img:]
As has been mentioned already, those are some lofty goals for what is essentially a Source mod at this stage. As Archie has stated, the artwork is pretty good so far, but the level design in particula...

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