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Penguinboy2 months ago2018-06-02 04:57:58 UTC 17 comments
TWHL is different! Welcome to the new version of TWHL, version 4. If you find any issues with the site, please post them in the discussion thread.
After some updates to the shoutbox, it seems that more people are able to locate it, so I've removed the big red message from the post.

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Half-Life 20th Anniversary: Vanilla Half-Life

Full Map • Judged (each engine separate)


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Rimrook5 hours ago2018-08-17 02:15:52 UTC 41 replies
I haven’t used it in a while. It’s not my original, My original was a clone of the first release copy. This is the November 8 1998 GOTY Edition.
Getting a "Spirit Ultimate" codebase up and running sounds tempting, but coding is the one thing I can't seem to get any kind of grasp on. I hadn't realized the core gameplay of HL had changed so dra...
sample vodka19 hours ago2018-08-16 11:43:05 UTC 0 replies
Hi, I know the mod "War In Europe" have bots (called AgroBOT) but is very hard to find it, someone know where can i get them?
Solokiller1 day ago2018-08-16 07:32:43 UTC 6 replies
I got interested in modding because i like to create environments. I used to play with Lego when i was a kid, so this allowed me to do much more. I'm making a mod now because i wanted to do somethi...
Instant Mix1 day ago2018-08-15 12:06:42 UTC 34 replies
Haven't had a chance to play it yet, but most people on Facepunch are practicslly creaming over the mod. You've clearly done something pretty good man!

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Posted 2 months ago2018-06-02 03:15:35 UTC • Voting closed • 0 comments
What's your favourite shade of blue?
  • Cobalt: 38% (38 votes)
  • Azure: 21% (21 votes)
  • Cyan: 17% (17 votes)
  • Turquoise: 11% (11 votes)
  • Royal: 11% (11 votes)
  • Teal: 3% (3 votes)