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UrbaNebula2 weeks ago2019-07-01 14:43:18 UTC 0 comments
Once again, we have a new mini competition underway. The Whole Splash Life.

We are looking for maps where water plays a significant role. Yes, you could essentially just make a map that features a lot of it, but where's the fun in that? Try and think of ways that water can be an obstacle to overcome, or indeed a solution to a problem.

The official thread can be found here. Discuss with other members who might be pitching in their own ideas. Share screenshots, ask questions, get involved and spread the word.

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The Whole Splash Life (Mini Competition)

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Stojke5 minutes ago2019-07-19 02:08:50 UTC 22 replies
View always centers on the camera entity as far as I remember.
Screamernail1 day ago2019-07-17 11:45:01 UTC 2 replies
> Also this should probably be a journal post rather than a thread. Right I will try Visual Studio, but I can't say that it'll be a success for me. I don't even know if it's free cause the one I...
GameDrained2 days ago2019-07-16 18:28:33 UTC 6 replies
Thank you very much for your help! That worked. 8^)
Jessie2 days ago2019-07-16 11:50:00 UTC 2 replies
~~~message :Spikestacle Course [WCB-295-JDG] [img:|medium|left] This one should be challenging, but not as punishing as Dreams was...
Admer4565 days ago2019-07-13 21:14:50 UTC 1 reply
Looks like... SoHL but for HL2? COOL! Edit: Just watched the entire thing. Yep. It's A M A Z I N G for Source mappers. I seriously hope it won't have many bugs. P.S. it's not a set of tools (...

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Posted 4 months ago2019-03-07 08:21:05 UTC • Voting closed • 18 comments
Which team are you on?
  • Baguette Battalion: 44% (20 votes)
  • Croissant Crew: 38% (17 votes)
  • Neutral Scumbags: 11% (5 votes)
  • Brioche Brigade: 7% (3 votes)