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Penguinboy1 month ago2021-07-28 07:23:40 UTC 2 comments
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The inevitable Source version of the TWHL Tower project is under way! Whether you're already a Source mapper or new to the engine, TWHL Tower: Source is the perfect chance for anybody to dust off Hammer and create a level in this collaborative mod! Creators are given a template with 1280x1280x256 of available space - what you do with that space is up to you. All skill levels are welcome, so check it out! Submissions are open until December 1st 2021.

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Penguinboy4 hours ago2021-09-20 02:14:46 UTC 1 reply
Yep, there's a few ways to do it, but the quick and dirty way is to just never draw the battery HUD element. Comment out this one line so that this method always returns at the start of the method: h...
kruk13 hours ago2021-09-19 17:30:33 UTC 2 replies
second teaser and few screanshots ;) [img:] [img: never bothered making a full on mod so never had to make a splash screen.
RealMamitler1 day ago2021-09-18 21:43:36 UTC 3 replies
Also, does your method work with buttons? Like if you press a button it randomly picks a entity? Thanks
Petko4 days ago2021-09-15 18:20:18 UTC 3 replies
@Admer456 Thanks Admer, this helped alot, I think I might post the results

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