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Strider6 months ago2020-11-11 14:32:36 UTC 14 comments
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It took a whole year and much blood, sweat and tears, but TWHL Tower 2 is finally out!

Five years ago, you fought and ascended the first tower alone. You thought it would be over, that that would be the end.

But you were sorely mistaken. You’ve received a new call to another tower’s roof and you meet an “old acquaintance” that kept insisting that a team should have been dispatched rather than a “lone wolf.”

You start to have a feeling of déjà vu – except this time, there’s a long descent ahead of you. And if you explore and observe well enough, the sub-basement bonus map will be unlocked!

Work your way through 25 floors from 18 mappers in this superb sequel to TWHL Tower!

Well, what are you waiting for? Grab it from our vault, or from RTSL now!

Welcome to TWHL!

Since the dawn of time, humanity has sought the answer to one simple question: How do I create content for Half-Life?

TWHL is a community which answers that question (and many others) with tutorials, resources, and forums! Click the Login/Register button in the navigation above to get started.

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Loulimi14 hours ago2021-05-18 05:23:22 UTC 2 replies
That's great! I actually long longed for such a tool, good job Captain!
yeah, i'm working on a mod. i put everything in it's respective folders in my mymoddirectory, launched the game with the`-game yourmoddirectory` argument and tried to load the map through a console...
Solokiller1 day ago2021-05-17 15:24:35 UTC 6 replies
I've partially implemented a code generator to replace the SDK's save game code. This is how you have to define information about entity variables that need saving in the SDK: [img]https://i.imgur...
might try this out later today
UrbaNebula2 days ago2021-05-16 09:29:08 UTC 2 replies
In Goldsource (HL1), make a new folder within the Half-Life directory. Take a copy of the liblist.gam file from Valve, place it in your mod folder and edit accordingly. If you're using Steam HL, re...

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