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By Tetsu0 (See more)
14th December, 2006

1.5MB - BSP

Last edited: 24th December, 2006


Shoot-em-up map
no plot
just guns and zombies and stuff

Put a bit of detail into it
Name comes from the zombies being in the kitchen.

there's a toaster

and cool doors

and stuff.


avatar rowleybob says: 16th December 2006, 11:10 AM
Reposting is generally not cool, but since you added some nice detail in there, we will let it slide this once :)

The cabinets, window and toaster look really nice, but my absolute favourite is the toast!!1 (just add a plate, butter, jelly, etc)

The rest of the map seems to be the same, except the wall cracks, which with your brushwork skills I KNOW you can make look more natural/realisitic.

I don't know what your full intentions for are or the map, but if you add more detail, pm me and I'll check it out!!1

Btw, I think you may have just given me an idea for the next compo! :P
avatar Tetsu0 says: 16th December 2006, 13:50 PM
lol sounds good. I just stuck the cracks in the wall to make it REALLY obvious that you need to go there.

My future plans are :
Extremely detailed kitchen / dining room.
Make the rock walls outside look better.
Do something with the lighting because its still not so good outside.
Maybe put in a secret tunnel underground that does something.

its just a 'when i get bored i do stuff to it' map.

and i just moved the map from unfinished stuff to completed maps, so its technically not a double post. unless it is, i dunno.
avatar rowleybob says: 16th December 2006, 14:53 PM
If you just move it it shouldn't remove the map comments afaik... maybe it's a glitch?

My bad, sorry! :)
avatar Tetsu0 says: 16th December 2006, 15:05 PM
you can move maps bewteen vaults? HAH im dumb. I just deleted it and re-loaded it in the finished vault.

sorry about that. ill take that into account on future items. I map a lot but its not often that i use the vault.

Btw you can check almost daily progress of the map on my new website (ty freewebs)
avatar kc8kjp says: star star star star star 18th December 2006, 20:26 PM
I thought that this map was very detailed, if I am correct you used half life 2 textures right?
avatar Tetsu0 says: 18th December 2006, 21:30 PM
Yes. i used some hl2 textures, the tree underground, i made textures in MSPAINT for, and the rest are normal half life.

I hope i found a good balance, but this map is not completed yet. I recently updated it but i just didnt upload it.
avatar kc8kjp says: 18th December 2006, 23:22 PM
In my opinion there is a perfect balance.
avatar Tetsu0 says: 19th December 2006, 00:17 AM
thank you. ill make it my responsibility to send you a pm if i update it. or ill send out a shout. either way, keep tabs im not done with this one yet.
avatar rowleybob says: 23rd December 2006, 20:20 PM
LOL I accidentally noclipped through the ceiling--key bind--whilst looking at the toast in your map, and I ran into the room with the fat-headed babies, which I never saw before! (I couldn't get throught the door, lol )

I'll try to go through the door again, lol--is is supposed to be a puzzle?
avatar rowleybob says: 23rd December 2006, 20:26 PM
edit: lol I just played it again, and once again, it was crowbar only!! I missed the best part of the map!!

The tree looks spectacualar--I thought it was a model--, and the railings--reminded me of something you'd see in a japanese garden--and omg the irisish door were cool as hell!

Neat shit! :P
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