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Genetic Research Facility

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map screenshot

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By freyyr890 (See more)
24th August, 2007

246.73KB - RMF, BSP

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Okay... my first map, so I fully expect to flamed. Anyway....

Genetic Research Facility is a single player map, which has you fighting your way through a facility intended to create and research life forms that could prove useful in military action.

Sorry about my over-addiction to rappel marines. This was mainly a map designed to familiarize myself with Half-Life's entities.

I think for my next map, I might make an urban environment (deathmatch map, of course) with two or three houses constructed entirely out of func_breakable brushes linked to fire in sequence (so when you blow out a wall with a grenade, for instance, the ceiling disintegrates, but not vice-versa). It might lead to some interesting breaches. If I do, I'll use custom textures so that they don't come out as stretched as this one did (sorry).


avatar srry says: 24th August 2007, 03:35 AM
Hey-hey! You did all the right things for a first map! You admitted to making various small mistakes in the good sized description, and your English is ACTUALLY COMPREHENDABLE! :D

I'm going to check this out later if I get the time. Looks good for a first map.
avatar Dave932932 says: 24th August 2007, 12:57 PM
avatar Dave932932 says: star star star 24th August 2007, 13:21 PM
A very good first map this is.

The map started feeling a little claustrophobic with the low ceilings, but I grabbed my gear and headed out, down some plain hallway. The marines were placed well and all of the entities worked perfectly. I actually died once on this map lol.

Possible improvements:

- Add support beams to the platform in the screenshot
- Spice up the hallways into something believable
- Add some dead bodies to explain the weapon/ armor/ health cache?
- Skybox the holes where the marines repel from
avatar freyyr890 says: 24th August 2007, 15:03 PM
Wow, three star review. Thanks :).

Yeah, I will implement those suggestions. The map was originally going to be underground, so I never bothered skyboxing the rappeling points. I'll also fix that clipping issue at the Gargantua's gate that was bothering me.

Also, is there any way to change autosave names? At this point, It seems to overwrite the Campaign autosave. This isn't an issue if they're saving often in separate slots like they should be, but it will inevitably overwrite someone's end-of-game save who hasn't manually saved. I'd prefer to not be at the receiving end of their wrath.
avatar espen180 says: 10th September 2007, 12:34 PM
To write an alternate autosave file, you must set up a custom mod folder, see the tutorials section.
avatar pwnalizer93 says: star star star star 14th November 2012, 23:32 PM
nice map.
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