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By Bruce (See more)
11th November, 2007

880.46KB - BSP

Last edited: 15th November, 2007


Knife Arena map.
Created for Martial Arts Shindokai/Shidokan Karate Bushido club.


avatar Skals says: 11th November 2007, 14:58 PM
One question. What does Ka stand for?
avatar Bruce says: 11th November 2007, 15:40 PM
Sorry, my English is bad. If I understand right you, Ka is Knife Arena. :)
avatar Angry Carrot says: 11th November 2007, 15:53 PM
Please add a discription or the map will be removed.
avatar Bruce says: 11th November 2007, 16:26 PM
MuzzleFlash my English is very bad, how i can write? :(
avatar Mariowned says: 11th November 2007, 16:29 PM
Very nice map.
avatar Daubster says: 11th November 2007, 17:34 PM
Oba, Dragos.
Sveiks atvykes. Aprasyma pasistenk imest, nes mazai kas siusis. ;)
Spausk edit prie mapo pavadinimo, ten galesi keist viska.
avatar Bruce says: 12th November 2007, 09:58 AM
Sveikas Daubster, na o dėl apra?ymo tai a? negalėsiu jo apra?yti, nebent kasnors padės.. Jaigu gali i?versk normaliai suprantamai į Anglų kalbą ?itai ką pasakysiu, kad Moderatorius ?inotų. Nu pasakyk jam, kad mano Anglų kalba labai prasta, nu negaliu a? para?yti normalaus apra?ymo, nemoku daug ?od?ių, gramatikos :D ir pn?. :(
avatar Daubster says: 12th November 2007, 16:35 PM
Pats vienu is moderatoriu cia busiu, tai del anglu nesijaudink per daug. :>
Isverciau aprasyma is labusu ir idejau.
avatar kraken says: 13th November 2007, 02:47 AM
just gets daubster to translate it for you, he looks more than capable.
avatar Rimrook says: star star star star star 13th November 2007, 16:13 PM
Geez, are you guys friggin blind? This map is the cleanest and nicest looking out of many in the vault. Though its small, it has a charm and level of detail that surpasses the intermediate mapper.

avatar St!cK3r says: star star star star 20th November 2007, 01:23 AM
Very good map. Its rare that you see a descent ka_ map (for me at least). I loved the layout, and very nice yet "different" theme.

avatar Striker says: star star star star star 1st December 2007, 12:57 PM
I'm voting this map for the map of the month.(please excuse my bad english , that's my only excuse)
5 stars . Why ?

[quote]This map is the cleanest and nicest looking out of many in the vault[/quote]

That's why. Although the texture palette is poor, the level of detail makes you just forget that lack of texturing.I know , I know , it's just a knife arena , but did you tried this ? did you played this map ?

On a Cstrike server with no fancy mods , the gameplay is excelent !

The only bad of this map is that .......it's a liitle small you know....:D

Put that away.Look at the detail, I mean , DragosLt , I think you put a lot of effort in this map.

Another factor : That level of detail makes the map very realistic . Karate , gentlemens ? Almost , anly you can't because it's CS :)) .

This map should be the map of the month.Agree with me :D
avatar Bruce says: 3rd December 2007, 16:17 PM
Thanks The(c)Striker :)
avatar veclast says: star star star star star 14th December 2007, 20:48 PM
Genius map.

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