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Santa's Revenge 2 - (Hl Sp Mo

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By hlife_hotdog (See more)
24th December, 2007

Half-Life MOTM Winner!
Hosted Externally - BSP

Last edited: 22nd September, 2011


ATTENTION ALL!!! After a recent email from a Santa's Revenge 2 player who couldn't get it to run we may have found a solution to all your problems!!

Try downloading the latest Spirit dlls here:,1190219712

Copy the both the cldll and dlls into santasrevenge2 directory and overwrite the old ones. If this doesn't work then I don't know what to do! Sorry.

The sequel to my most popular mod comes Santa's Revenge 2 - Xmas Meltdown. This is a Single Player episode of Half-Life 1 but it can support multiplayer, although, it doesn't come with any maps and is no different than Half-Life multiplayer. Just to cover the basics, here are install instructions.

For Non-Steam users:
Open the sr2_setup.exe install file. I use a trusted installer so the install will be clean and bug free. Following the instructions please read the information and Licence Agreement. The installer will choose a non-steam location on you hard-drive "C:SierraHalf-Life" check to make sure the destination is correct and continue with the install. You can then open Half-Life and in the custom game menu find and activate Santa's Revenge 2.

For Steam users:
Close Steam if it is running. Open the sr2_setup.exe install file. I use a trusted installer so the install will be clean and bug free. Following the instructions, please read the information and Licence Agreement. The installer will not choose the location of your steam account. Change the install location to "C:Program FilesValveSteamSteamapps(your user name)half-life" Change this to suit the location of your steam account and continue with the install. Open Steam and Santa's Revenge will appear in your Games list.

New features in SR2:
1. New Steam interface. I have since installed Steam on my computer and was therefore able to create a Steam interface.
2. New weapon and monster models. All models were improved in quality.
3. Old maps re-designed for SR2.
4. New soundtrack.
5. Twice as many maps as SR1.
6. New enemies.
7. Super-Secret bonus game! Read sr2_howtoplay.txt

Known problems are:
1. Children models may seem to freak out when they fire. This bug was present in SR1 but its cause is unknown so I have been unable to fix it. Generally, their hitboxes seem to remain constant so firing at them normally should still be effective.
2. Some static models (eg, cars, trees) may not appear because of rendering problems if your computer has an old video card.
3. SR2 is not fully backward compatible with SR1. If you try then I will not responsible for it stuffing up!
4. SR2 uses the latest version of Spirit of HL (SoHL) V1.5 alpha4. This version is greatly superior over the buggy 1.2 used in the first Santa's Revenge. However, no custom engine is perfect and crashes may occur at rare intervals. I have played to through and it did not crash once.
5. It is important that you run SR2 in OpenGL as the fog effects may not work in Direct3D and not at all in Software mode.
6. Low-end computers may have problems rendering some levels as some areas contain high content including models, enemies, sequences and high brush counts. However, I have taken good care to keep r_speeds and framerate under control but some maps suffer from a slight lag but not too significant.
7. Fog effects may not work in some Steam applications, the cause of this error is unknown but it worked in a WON version of HL. Note that func_bounce entity used on the trampolines also suffers from the use of a Steam application. You are warned! I recommend using a WON version of HL if you have one. This mod is seriously untested on Steam.

If you have any problems with the running of this mod please email me so I may inform you of a solution or create a patch. Because all computers are different and may be running different versions of Half-Life, I can't guarantee that SR2 will work perfectly on any system but here are the basic system requirements:

Steam Users:
Fully working Steam application and a purchased version of Half-Life
> 1.6Gz Processor
> 1Gb Ram
> Min 160mb Hard-Drive space

Non-Steam Users:
Half-Life updated to version or higher
> 1.2Gz Processor
> 1Gb Ram
> Min 160mb Hard-Drive space
> Model Transparancy Patch (Don't have it? Get it at the SPIRIT web site

If you have any queries or would like to give feedback then please comment at


avatar Daubster says: star star star star star 24th December 2007, 10:14 AM
Finished and pretty much enjoyed it all.

The weapons were great, my fav. was definitely the grenade singing "Merry Xmas". It had me constantly chuckling in the first 10 mins. Animations were overall clean, though sometimes too repetative/fast (helper elfs repeated the same 2-3 animations every 5 or so seconds, making them look pretty crappy)

I think some Santa taunts after killing the enemies would've worked ok. Something Duke Nukem in a red suit would say, perhaps? ;D

Mapping was solid throughout. Pretty much all areas looked convincing and had moderate detail.

Gameplay-wise - challenging. I think some of the changed weapons could've been introduced earlier. I didn't like the zombies having tons of HP, making you either waste tons of ammo, which isn't plentiful, or go for the frustratingly slow crowbar-kill.

Overall - a very nice Christmas mod. 5* and..

<marquee width="100%"><img src="
anioncubecc4.png"> <font color="#AA0000"><b>Merry Xmas!</b></font> <img src="
avatar Ag3nt-X says: 24th December 2007, 13:49 PM
"Couldn't load libary"
avatar Highlander says: 24th December 2007, 15:56 PM
I've started the first level. Everything looked promising, mainly the ability to shoot the kids, but when loading the second map, HL crashed. Looks good so far.
avatar Ag3nt-X says: 24th December 2007, 22:09 PM
Yes my HL exits after the first level. I installed this one on the Steam HL now.
avatar The Mad Carrot says: star star star 25th December 2007, 08:49 AM
Hmmm, its nice, but:

- Intro is too long. And when you die in the first room, you have to watch the entire intro all over again. Adding an autosave after the intro would help.

- Second map has very bad performance, it lags and the entire map is rendered. Did you compile with fast vis or something?

- Third map also has bad performance. Then HL crashed and i started all over again. Then HL crashed again on the third map, and i stopped playing.

Fix these issues and you'll get a higher rating.

+ Models, skins, weapons and sounds +++!

+ Mapping. It was decent, but overall very nice. I like the "giant toy soldiers" in the first room. Nicely mapped!

3 of 5 stars for now.
avatar Daubster says: 10th April 2008, 01:47 AM
Finally posted that MotM. ;>
avatar maximka52 says: star star star star star 30th October 2008, 19:30 PM
Please somebody upload this mod to rapidshare,or another mirror,because i cant download from filefront,and send me link of the file to my e-mail
avatar Qwertyus says: 13th August 2009, 19:48 PM
Well, the link is dead. Author don't have this mod too, as he said, so can somebody upload this mod again? It is a pity that "MOTM Winner" mod not avaliable for download. I have long searched for, but it's not on any HL-website.
avatar Qwertyus says: star star star star star 21st September 2011, 19:15 PM

Grab it quickly, because it's really fun ;)
avatar TheUnbeholden says: 17th December 2013, 19:50 PM
its down :(
avatar Qwertyus says: 20th December 2013, 21:12 PM
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