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By Rimrook (See more)
6th January, 2009

Hosted Externally - RMF, BSP

Last edited: 8th January, 2016


Someone actually has a download link to this so I updated.


avatar Striker says: 6th January 2009, 11:16 AM
I'll download this. For the rmf x)
avatar Rimrook says: 6th January 2009, 11:18 AM
probably wasn't done uploading when you downloaded it. Who knows whats wrong with it. Also, fountain.wad wasn't included. All should be good now... unless I forgot something, there is a ton of crap in this map.
avatar Striker says: 6th January 2009, 11:21 AM
It's all there. I joked. I think I'll use the water texture in some wad some day cuz it's nice. Can I apply it to a func_water brush ?

[EDIT] Oh and the moving-leaves palm is just perfect for an outdoor map.
avatar raver says: 6th January 2009, 11:32 AM
Couldt oven dev.wad ...
avatar Habboi says: 6th January 2009, 11:34 AM
What the hell? The picture looks amazing and yet there aren't any "OMG" comments. :S
avatar SpaG says: 6th January 2009, 11:38 AM
Yeah, there's no dev.wad
avatar Rimrook says: 6th January 2009, 11:40 AM
dammit... will fix it immediately.

Habboi: Cuz much better looking stuff is everywhere... like in Ep2.
avatar raver says: star star star star star 6th January 2009, 11:50 AM
Why dont u use wadinclude rimrook? Then you dont need to include the wad files. And btw, rename rimroom.wad to dev.wad = win

edit2: rimook I added you to friends .. you still didnt accepted :(:(

Really amazing, but .. I dont like the fact that you suddenly get blocked because your not supposed to go there. Like with the waterfall, you can remove the clipping. And only clip around the rocks. That looks much better.

Also you can add fades to the end of both side of the map. Then when you fade is almost 100% you restart the round. Then it looks much more natural then just a transparant wall there.

The rest, custom textures/model are superb. Maby the lights are a bit to much. But it gives a good feeling :)

Also, when you spawn and you walk to the pool. Look at your left .. there is a black palm model. It looks ugly :) Move it a bit and it looks way better.

I give 4? stars. But because that doesnt excist .. ill give 5 !
avatar Rimrook says: 6th January 2009, 11:55 AM
40+ hours doesn't pay off like it used to. :(

Raver: Add friends to what?
avatar SpaG says: 6th January 2009, 12:32 PM
That girl's face looks weird.
avatar raver says: 6th January 2009, 12:32 PM
Steam friends!
avatar SpaG says: 6th January 2009, 12:35 PM
Hey, because of you, i can't edit my post now.
Anyways, why do all the models that have transparent textures look like they have no transparency but instead, a black background. Is it because of WON hl?
avatar potatis_invalid says: 6th January 2009, 13:22 PM
WON HL doesn't have model transparency support.
avatar Jinx says: star star star star 6th January 2009, 13:28 PM
Yeah, it's WON. I think these are the dlls that allow transparency- be sure to back up your old dlls before trying them of course:

It doesn't look like you are using any default textures, so you could just use -nowadtextures to include all used textures in the .bsp (less work than -wadinclude)

It looks amazing, but it has issues as a map in general. For goldsource, wpoly of 2500 and epoly of 40,000 is ridiculous. It's easy to make a pretty HL1 map when you build it like it's made for HL2! But regardless, the architecture, texturing, lighting, sound ambience, etc. are wonderful. It's clear that those polies went to good use, and aren't just the result of sloppy mapping.

In terms of gameplay, the way so much of the map is clipped off is frustrating. I've had to do those a couple times myself, but when you feel like there's an invisible barrier all around the map it's just irritating.

It feels like a pretty setpiece, but not something that's really meant to be played.
avatar raver says: 6th January 2009, 13:38 PM
Why do you even use won ... thats so retarded ... you are living in 2009 man c'mon! Use steam, get used to it!
avatar Skals says: 6th January 2009, 13:52 PM
wow that looks sexy... *cum*
avatar SpaG says: star star star star star 6th January 2009, 14:07 PM
Raver: I use steam. But i don't have steam HL.

Oh and pretty much what everyone said.
avatar Guinea Pirate says: star star star star star 6th January 2009, 17:51 PM
Wow, the detail is insane. A bit small, and I didn't like getting clipped out of areas, but nonetheless, a really great job.
avatar Captain Terror says: 7th January 2009, 06:58 AM

This looks absolutely breathtaking just from the screenie. I'm amazed at all the quality maps being produced for this little project... <downloading now>
avatar Rimrook says: 9th January 2009, 08:15 AM
finally, a holyshitfuck kind of comment.

I was about to slit my wrists o__O

BTW, i still map and do everything on WON-HL
avatar satchmo says: 12th January 2009, 16:31 PM
It's amazing what talented mappers can do with an out-dated engine.
avatar cubicvirtuoso says: 12th January 2009, 21:02 PM
RiverPool was discussed on this weeks edition of Podcast17:
avatar Rimrook says: 19th January 2009, 15:15 PM
avatar Soup Miner says: star star star star star 19th January 2009, 19:14 PM
I'd say this is your best looking map to date, bar none. It's hard to single out any single aspect, because the whole thing looks so great. It sounds great too. All the wind and birds made for a very immersive environment.
Though I REALLY liked how the trees swayed in the wind; it made the map feel alive. I don't think I've ever seen another map that did something like that.

The only complaint I have is that you clipped off the waterfall area. I wanted to get closer, but I couldn't, and many tears were shed.
avatar raver says: 19th January 2009, 21:49 PM
avatar Captain Terror says: star star star star star 24th January 2009, 03:15 AM
Ok i have time to give a proper review...

This map blew me away from the screenie and the actual map was even better than i imagined. I was really like "holy shit" and "fuck" walking through the map...simply sexelent.

++Rimrook Textures never disappoint = )
+Superb brushwork, if not a bit thick or blocky on some trims and pillars imo.
+custom sky
+Neat fake HDR if not a little overdone
++Rimrook Models. Though the sexy gir's face was a little man-ish imo! = )
++excellent use of transparent textures for the trees
++excellent use of sounds

The only other comment i can think of atm is i felt as if the map in general felt like it was scaled a little too big. I think if you shrunk everything by 1/3 or a little less it would be even better.

Oh btw i did notice some disappearing brushes in the river in places, and i think srry mentioned that the "max viewable distance" could be increased, since some stuff disappears if in a few parts of the map.

Simply superb work. 5 all the way...
* * * * *
avatar Daubster says: star star star star star 25th January 2009, 12:56 PM
Wow. Loved the detail and custom resources, which gave this a very fresh feel. Architecture, texturing, ambience.. All top-notch.

The only thing I think could use improvements is lighting. It's got an absolutely lovely duskish skybox, yet the area's flooded with flourescent bluish/white. Toning down the brightness and giving it a more natural warm tone would really improve the map's serene feel.

Clipping out areas is usually somewhat frustrating; I can see why you'd do it with trees, though areas like the waterfall should stay unclipped.

5* for the huge effort nonetheless (chaeng lightningz pl0x!)
avatar JeffMOD says: star star star star star 19th April 2009, 19:58 PM
Just got around to this...
Loved it! sure, you clipped off some of the most senic areas, but the brushwork and ambience was amazing. The girl was'nt as man-ish as CT would have me believe, but I think you should work on her a bit, make the porportions a bit more realistic. Great rooms entry, you could base an entire mod off of this. (Rimrook's Mansion - That would be awsome! At least consider it next time you have some free time to work.)
5 stars for effort, brushwork and ambience.
avatar potatis_invalid says: star star star star star 24th April 2009, 12:03 PM
Amazing "room", but with stupid clipping. 4.8/5
avatar Qwertyus says: star star star star star 19th August 2009, 20:00 PM
Beautiful map! What a pleasure to rest here after numerous killing of nasty monsters. ;)
avatar Suparsonik says: star star star star 11th February 2010, 16:42 PM
Nice map.
avatar Deluxo says: 28th August 2010, 17:42 PM
damn, its looks good! Startig downloading...NOW
avatar Stojke says: 11th January 2011, 14:05 PM
Link is dead :((((
avatar Rimrook says: 17th January 2011, 15:22 PM
Link updated, my bad.
avatar zeeba-G says: star star star star star 21st May 2011, 04:21 AM
Hmm, don't know why I didn't comment. I have a better perspective now that I just mapped a pool. I really like the idea of it being a river made into a pool. Really cool, I was checking out a pool magazine today and there was a river like pool in it. It's a great concept. The greens and blues went wonderfully with the contrasting orange sky. The water lapping sound was a great touch that I should have included in my pool. The textures were absolutely astounding especially the water and sand ones.

Very cool transition sequence from outside the area "jungle like trail" to the pool area. Wonderful surroundings. The girl was a very nice touch though her face could be a little more feminine looking and less round. I wasn't extremely fond of the building with its huge door and the statue though it does have tranquil form and compliments the theme. The pool could have possibly used one more bridge but with only one it secludes the inner side more so it may have not been necessary.

Good job dude this pool is sexy as hell! I'd say this was the best "room" done in the project and deserves some recognition! Have you considered being an architect?
avatar WeightlessFalls says: 13th January 2013, 06:39 AM
link dead...
avatar Alberto309 says: star star star star star 13th August 2013, 05:56 AM
The link is dead, mate. Can you provide another one or fix it? I really want to take a look at this map. It's incredible! :O
avatar xawari says: 16th December 2013, 05:11 AM
Yup, still dead...
avatar Rimrook says: 8th January 2016, 22:30 PM
Updated link to someone who had it on ModDB.
avatar UrbaNebula says: 8th January 2016, 23:03 PM
Downloading for old time's sake.
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