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Dying at Sea

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By 2muchvideogames (See more)
17th December, 2009

338.65KB - BSP

Last edited: 26th January, 2010


For those cool people who still play Half-Life ONE, I have here a short single-player mission where you are given objectives to complete and enemies to deplete. The setting is on a ship in the ocean (rather unconventional for Half-Life maps. Most take place in a lab or a know.) And there is a bit of stealth involved, (not the impossibly difficult stealth sequence from The Gate, no this one is fairly reasonable.)


avatar JeffMOD says: star star star 17th December 2009, 22:08 PM
Pretty good for your 3rd map.
*Sequences for the grunts were used well, like the guy that falls off the boat when you kill him, and the patrols, ect. I especially liked the guy working on the crack in the wall.
*Props were used well, and they're not usually used in vanila HL.
*The lighting was pretty moody and nice, too.
Now, a minuses
*With the loud AR and pistol, it didn't feel very stealthy to run around the level.
*It was kinda a drag to not be able to pick up the rocket launcher.
*No autosaves! With a level like this, I can't stress autosaves enough!

Good setting and whatnot, but I'd work on brushwork a bit. It wasn't bad, but kind of plain. I look forward to you getting better, your maps are good for a beginner. Try to work on your skills in textures and whatnot, at the very least it would be nice to have some custom signs in your levels.

Keep at it!
avatar The Mad Carrot says: star star star 20th December 2009, 17:12 PM
I agree with JeffMOD here. I would like to add the follow though:

- Try using texture lights, they light up your map much more realistic way.
- The wooden crates annoyed me. Noone enjoys whacking a crate for like 10 seconds only to find out there's nothing in it. Crates should be destroyed in 1 or 2 crowbar hits.
- I suggest compiling with HLFIX. Take the wooden chair in the control cabin for example: it looks weird. HLFIX fixes that.
- Is there an ending? After clearing that room with the unusable rocket launcher, i was looking all over the place for an exit. Make it clear to the player when he's finish the map by using a game_text entity and/or a trigger_end_section.

Still, good job, and keep mapping!
avatar 2muchvideogames says: 3rd January 2010, 19:18 PM
Feedback received. I really appreciate that which others can see what I see not. I'm glad the sequences are working nicely (they were responsible for the crashes experienced in earlier stages of development..)

Unfortunately I have no ability to chug out custom content, including silenced weapon models, sounds, textures or even better architecture (remember I'm your low-level WON Software buddy.)

ON A SIDE NOTE: The outdoor crates are purely for ambience/cover and have nothing in them. But the crates indoors can have stuff and should be destroyed 'in one or 2 crowbar hits'. And also there is an endsection; it is triggered when you have completed all four objectives listed in the readme. (Wow, my first time using multisource) I'm not sure of the text limit on game_text so I didn't use it. Once again, thanks for them feedback and especially them encouragements!
avatar Sajo says: star star star 6th February 2010, 13:46 PM
+Nice old-school architecture
+nice use of func_tank but kind of useless (the machine gun)
+RPG grunt

-I danced in front of the scripted_grunts, they did nothing.
-I need some armor to kill all of those grunts.
-Rooms can use some detail.
-A bit hard perhaps, I didnt see any health chargers, maybe I missed it.

But very good for a 3rd map. If it is your 3rd map.
avatar 2muchvideogames says: 8th February 2010, 21:44 PM
sajo: which grunt(s) did you dance in front of? I find that there is a dilemma between using script sequences and path corners, there are problems with both setups..

btw there is a health charger, in the bathroom.
avatar X-LAyer2 says: 25th September 2010, 18:19 PM
I find that often times I'm spotted right as the map loads and then I get all the grunts outside attacking me at once.
avatar 2muchvideogames says: 27th September 2010, 22:15 PM
reely? I don't think I've ever seen that happen before. what can I say about them scripted_sequences.
avatar Bruce says: star star star star star 18th March 2018, 00:00 AM
Some truly awesome scripting, too bad HL doesn't integrate it too well with AI.
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