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A gaming and technology blog by TWHL admins Penguinboy and Ant. A music blog by TWHL users Ant and Hugh.

Rooms Half-life

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By Captain Terror (See more)
9th January, 2010

Hosted Externally - RMF, BSP

Last edited: 5th April, 2014


NOTE: Portions of this map were built with gamma/brightness turned all the way up. So, if your gamma and brightness are set to default like most people (50% for each), portions of this map will look very dark!

This mistake is 100% on my end, so most connecting hallways are unnaturally dark, plus 3 rooms in particular in which i was in charge of the lighting:

- Intro map
- JeffMod's 1st room (the 2nd room in the series)
- Tetsu0's room (6th room in the series)

I will get fix this as soon as it is humanly possible! I APOLOGIZE GREATLY to the affected users! =(

A series of connected maps or "rooms", by members of TWHL. Each room is totally unrelated to the next, and a wide variety of themes are represented, as well mapping skill: ranging from rank beginner to elite.

Authors(In order of appearance)
Captain Terror
MuzzleFlash/The Mighty Atom
World Crafter/Soup Miner

Rooms development thread

X10 Hosting (7z)
FileFront (7z)
Internet Archive (Zip)
FilePlanet (Zip)


avatar Penguinboy says: 9th January 2010, 23:52 PM
Some great stuff, but a just a few things:

- Since when is "developer commentary" also known as "review by someone else"? I'd suggest that you remove any "commentary" that isn't actual commentary by the creator of the room. Reviews belong elsewhere.

- Text-to-speech is truly awful. Replace it with actual text (someplace-else-style), please. Once you remove the non-developer commentary-reviews that only leaves one or two maps using text-to-speech anyway, so not much effort needed :)

- Some maps are significantly laggy, but I guess people didn't really consider optimisation when only making one room. Goldsource is a dying engine, it would have been nice to see people make it look good without bringing it to it's knees.

Good series of maps overall. I hope to see further updates adding more polish! Also, what's the 'missing feature' in the hub map?
avatar Striker says: 10th January 2010, 05:28 AM
Let's see if you included my map in the end :D

You included it. Yay. But I have to play the mod first, then a rating :P
[EDIT] I have a little inconvenient. Everything that I made is organised in "muzzleflash" folders. Please, at least type in the readme that I made that, otherwise people will think muzz did that.
I hope it's not a major problem, just credits you know :)
avatar Jessie says: 10th January 2010, 06:35 AM
What was with all the Star Wars stuff?
avatar Striker says: star star star star star 10th January 2010, 08:23 AM
I played it. I'm very satisfied as how you included my map.
Man, this mod is awesome. It made me feel happy. I have a happy day now.

So I wasn't the only one to make a "disco-like" map. Discostu did one :).
World Crafter definitely got inspired from hlmod "mistake" ;)
Rimrook's map was just awesome.

After playing this mod I realised how every map actually reflects the life style of one. (oh, facepalm, my map is messy ! :( )

5 giant stars. Especially for the menus and such.
avatar DiscoStu says: 10th January 2010, 19:44 PM
"a wide variety of themes are represented, as well mapping skill: ranging from rank beginner to elite."
...also from normal mapper to ridiculously slow. Like some I can't remember.

@Striker: Your map is messy? What is mine then?

avatar Captain Terror says: 10th January 2010, 23:59 PM
Pengy: ya, the "Audio Commentary" menu item should be renamed to just "commentary" or "commentary/reviews", since only 2 authors had live audio commentary. I was hoping more people would jump on board for that, but i can't be too judgmental since i didn't either..

And you may be right about the TTS being awful and that it should be replaced with actual text. Maybe in future versions, but to date, you're the only one to complain about it! =)

And YES, i wish some authors optimized better, but i can't really complain too much since i received WAY more top-quality entries than i ever expectd to. Also, the only map that really lags for me is the Bonus Map by Striker. Rooms.bsp should also be broken up into 2 or three seperated maps, as well Tetsu0 and SpaG's map. This will probably be done in the future, when hopefully i will totally overhaul all the maps, their changelevels, and some other things..

Thanks for playing! =)

Striker: Yeah i didn't list credits for individual maps, just the series in general. But in the future i think it would be neat to be able to toggle or somehow view individual maps credits, and maybe a small write up on the details of their map. (this is what the author commentary was initially intended for) That reminds me, if you'd like to add some commentary to your map, pleez send it to me and it will be included in the next build! =)

Darkie: yeah and don't forget all the startrek buzz and beep sounds! Originally the mod was supposed to have original music and an original theme, but that sorta fell by the wayside. So to answer your question, the star wars music and was a placeholder that was never replaced, and the end credits were just a logical progression from keeping the star wars music (I think the end credits are funny/enjoyable to watch, but, i may be a little biased. ; )

Disco: I've won the award for "slowest mapper of the year" for three years running, so don't feel bad! And your map is awesome btw, and made a great/fun last map to play imo.
avatar Archie says: star star star star star 11th January 2010, 05:33 AM
My favourite rooms have to either be WCD's, which genuinely made me jump (bravo for achieving that in GldSrc) or DiscoStu's which confirms my belief that that man is a comedic genius.

But all of them were excellent.
See in Jeffmod's room, i looked around for a way to open it for AGES but eventually gave up and noclipped through the shutters. What was i missing?
avatar Captain Terror says: 11th January 2010, 05:40 AM
i'll pm you a clue or if you want the answer, visgroup hide mine and hotdog's maps, and take and do a visible entity search... the answer will then reveal itself...
avatar Strider says: 11th January 2010, 06:21 AM
Enjoyed this! Makes me wish the Source one had survived. =(
avatar Captain Terror says: 11th January 2010, 06:27 AM
Ya it would have been great to see what people would have come up for for that... did you ever finish your entry?
avatar Strider says: 11th January 2010, 07:27 AM
It's basically finished, yeah. I just left the hallway to the next area blank.

Heck if we ever did it again I'd make a new room anyway. >_>
avatar zeeba-G says: 12th January 2010, 00:39 AM
Lol, I must have downloaded this mod 30 times. Ill get it in a little while and check it out thus far!

Hey I got an idea. If we ever do this again it should be a competition of who can make the BEST room and than we'd connect them all. Maybe that can be the next comp...
avatar Suparsonik says: 12th January 2010, 08:56 AM
Dang, I joined too late for this thing.

Well, It looks great anyways.
avatar ZombieLoffe says: star star star star 14th January 2010, 16:52 PM
Oh, nice, we finally get to see this.

Played through it, I quite liked it. There were ups and downs, but generally a quite enjoyable little journey.

I dunno what rules there were, exactly, but I'd have loved to see some more gameplay. Maybe not guns blazing action, but a bit of puzzle solving perhaps?

The rooms I felt stood out there most were, first, Rimrook's palace - fantastic scenery, good use of models and architecture. Just beautiful.

Second, Muzz's room. Although the appearance was rather standard-Half-Life I simply loved the little quirks in the map. For instance, the first thing I thought when the Gman peered at me through a window was "man, it'd be creepy as hell if he were in the next window as well"... and wouldn't you know it, he was. Great effect, made me jump a bit. Other than that, nice little gizmos and details on the walls.

Third, World Crafter's horror-themed room. Absolutely fantastic. It was the room with most gameplay value (even though there was very little), seeing as how it was the only room to make you do something besides just walking in a fairly direct line to the end (some button-pressing notwithstanding). Disregarding that, it was easily the most atmospheric and, dare I say it, beautiful room in the pack. I especially liked experiencing the stark contrast between the lit and dark "versions" of the room, really made you appreciate the difference a few grungy textures can make. Very well-made, good job to you sir.

A special mention to DiscoStu's room, which really made me smile -- quite unexpected, and like a breeze of fresh air from all the previous rooms.

Finally, some general comments... Blazeeer's Submerged textures. Gosh darn there were a lot of textures from that wad, and I must say I am getting fairly tired of it. It'd have been nice to see more varied custom textures -- props to Rimrook and Worldcrafter for avoiding the Blaz pack.

All in all, good job to all those involved, and special props to Captain Terror for putting it all together. It turned out to be quite the spectacle.
avatar Soup Miner says: star star star star star 14th January 2010, 19:50 PM
This is such an awesome project :)

DiscoStu's room was so great :P The disco ball was also a really, really well executed.

Overall, the same performance issues that plagued the project since the beginning are still here, but I refuse to give anything but 5 stars because Rooms is a defining project for TWHL's community. And it turned out EXCELLENT.

Well done to all!!
avatar Strider says: 15th January 2010, 01:20 AM
Bring on Rooms 2, I say!
avatar zeeba-G says: star star star star star 16th January 2010, 05:21 AM
Wow, really cool loading screens captain! Really cool little entrance world too with all the cool avatar flags! The part where you press e to pick up the pistol didn't work for me though for some reason.

As for my room, you guys should definitely check out my version before the textures were all majorly upscaled, it looked a thousand times better. And some of the textures were even changed.

Disco stu your room was really cool. Brings back memories because I used to always map night clubs with blinking tile floors when I first started mapping. It also made me think that "map a night club" would be a good next twhl official competition.

Lol, I think the girl in rim's room is his dream girl. Really cool peacefull map.

Well I would definitely do this project over again. Next time probably with a smaller room..

Its very impressive how much you kept on top of this project captain, good job man!

This is like the one time I get to rate my own map of course im going to give it five stars lol!
avatar Captain Terror says: 16th January 2010, 19:42 PM
thank you all for reviews and comments! keep 'em commin! =)

Strider: Yeah if we did another one, i would structure it WAY differently to make it easier to assimilate maps.. Believe it or not, it was a real pain in the ass sometimes to get everything to work... (mostly because of the menu system which i insisted on adding... =()
The plan is/was too though, to keep accepting/adding entries to the original project for as long as i can, but only time will tell how sustainable that will be..
= )

Zeeba: I dunno, pressing e to pick up the pistol works for me fine, at least on the first map. It WILL NOT work on subsequent maps tho (game_player_equips won't continue to work after you've used them once, accross a changelevel fsr), which is why you are "auto-equipped" when you return to the menu, and why the armory was added as backup.

Is this what you were talking about, or did the the pistol equip NEVER work for you?
avatar Sajo says: 17th January 2010, 10:01 AM
Mirrors please.
avatar SpaG says: star star star star star 18th January 2010, 21:07 PM
Heh finally played it. Good work there Captain.
BTW regarding your comment on my map (yes this was the first time I heard it :-D). At first I thought that size would be the limit, and then when I found out it isn't, I just didn't have enough time to make something bigger/better and eventually forgot about it.
avatar zeeba-G says: 22nd January 2010, 13:34 PM
Oh cool, I just tried it again and when I pressed e on the pistol it worked and picked it up. Just didn't work before for some reason.
avatar Captain Terror says: 22nd January 2010, 23:51 PM
kk =)

SpaG: um yeah i'm not actually sure what you mean(i thought your room was fine), but what i meant by the above comment is that it was a bad decision on my part not to separate your two maps(for performance reasons, different lighting values(Tetsu0's map was originally brighter), and just that it would be cleaner that way.. does that make sense? =)
avatar SpaG says: 25th January 2010, 15:14 PM
Blah, that was the answer to you comment on my map. :-D (The comment itself was perfectly clear to me)
I was referring to the part where you said that you wanted to see more of my map.
avatar ashephard says: star star star star star 28th January 2010, 05:43 AM
Oh my god that was excellent, make the sequel NOW!
my favourite map would have to be the one which made me jump several times!!
that map was amazing, i can't remember the name of the author of that particular level but congratulations, you need to make a mod in that genre! i was shitting my pants the whole way and was almost glad that the room ended!
that has never happened to me in a videogame before, not to mention a goldsource game! i even jumped when i played the room again!
raver's oriental room was beautiful, as well as rimrook's.. hmm i don't know what to call it but it was amazing, halflife hotdog's map reminded me of a scene in soldier of fortune, where you see infected people in areas like the forrested areas surrounded by glass, which were great by the way
all in all, this was a great mod and all the rooms were fantastic, 5*'s!!
avatar Captain Terror says: 28th January 2010, 06:09 AM
thanks for the kind comments. =)

The map that made you jump was WorldCrafter's (soup miner) map. It's an extremely well-built level, and themed perfectly to the horror genre; I jumped too, from the "slamming shut" sound and the "ghost" effects/sounds..

I agree too all the maps had something to offer, but if we ever do this again, i agree with Zombieloffe we should add a gameplay element of some sort.

thanks again for the review and rate.
= )
avatar Sajo says: star star star star star 1st February 2010, 11:26 AM
Really well made.
The entity work (loading screens, confirm/cancel)

All of them were top notch. All was to be expected though, seeing how every mapper worked on their own room so much. World Crafter's mirror effect was simple yet effective. I wonder if did he get inspired by "Prey". I always wanted to try that in goldsource after playing "Prey".(love Silent Hill)
Atom's room affected me the most perhaps.. I miss Half-Life.
The beginner mappers rooms were also nice with the help of other TWHL members.
Every room had a well made effect in it, showing how each member is creative individually.
Author Commentary was also a nice touch, really showing the players how much amount of serious work was put into the project.

This project really shows what TWHL members can accomplish in unity. Astonishing stuff.. made me wish I joined too. Well done again, everyone.
avatar kdunivan says: 2nd February 2010, 01:13 AM
I finally got around to re-installing half-life 1...sorry.

Overall I like it all, and they only two that I wouldn't make any comments about is Rimrook and WorldCrafter. Those two caught my eye the most and made me stop and look around a bit. Love the chick by the pool, nice touch. Even though she didn't have a face it was a surprise to see that coming around the bend.

All and all I think it was a great success and congratulations to all.

Let's do this for Source now....
avatar Captain Terror says: 2nd February 2010, 09:24 AM
thanks for comments! = )

Sajo: Hey you can still submit a room if you want, since project is ongoing! Please feel free to add a room if you want!
= )
avatar zeeba-G says: 2nd February 2010, 14:42 PM
Forgot to mention how cool I thought the entry to my room was. It was frggin awesome! With the cool elevator and than the sweet gutter area. I was so happy to see that it lead to my room!
avatar Captain Terror says: 3rd February 2010, 10:09 AM
Hey it was my pleasure man! I really enjoyed building the connecting hallways fsr; i dunno, it was fun i guess.
= )
avatar Suparsonik says: star star star star star 13th July 2010, 00:26 AM
I really liked it.

It was kinda a drag not able to go down to the lower levels in zeeba's.

Soup Miner's wasn't that scary to me. :)
avatar Captain Terror says: 13th July 2010, 00:46 AM
the "slamming" sound in his map gets me every time..
avatar Skals says: 13th July 2010, 04:32 AM
What is this I don't even remember this community project. O well. dlling it now!
avatar Stojke says: star star star star star 11th January 2011, 14:35 PM
Rooms was awesome, I love the horror room, its so cool! The big level with a fountain and that chamber thingy O_o is the best. Cool stuff.
avatar Captain Terror says: 11th January 2011, 23:02 PM
hey thanks! The authors all worked very hard on their maps, exceeding all my hopes/expectations of what i thought people were actually gonna submit =)

I'm happy with how it turned out, but i agree with some of the comments there should be a gameplay or puzzle element built-in to make it more interesting/fun.

there's an overhauled version of the "hub" or beginning map in the works, where the player can walk through all the "hologram" rooms and hallways, as well some additional interactive elements. there are also the lighting fixes(mentioned above) i have to get finished and upload as well, before i totally forget how to goldsrc map!

thanks again glad you liked it!
= )
avatar OxiB00ST says: 16th January 2011, 20:00 PM
This should be done again, IMO.
avatar Huseyn26 says: star star star star star 11th April 2011, 10:51 AM
I like this.The new models is excellent
avatar Qwertyus says: star star star star star 1st April 2013, 23:45 PM
Really, outstanding!
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