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By zeeba-G (See more)
7th April, 2011

Half-Life: Deathmatch
1.47MB - BSP

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Entry for 30 brush competition.

Don't let the wind push you to your fall as you gauss around this skyscraper summit. Take the elevator to the gauss and conveniently teleport to helpful destinations. Scared of heights? Hold the lower level secure by blasting your enemy with the shotgun and rpg. Are you skillful enough to aquire the legendary bow "awp of halflife"?


avatar Stojke says: star star star star star 7th April 2011, 10:56 AM
Wow i cant believe thats only 30 brushes O-O
avatar Captain Terror says: star star star star star 7th April 2011, 22:37 PM
A really nice little dm layout, considering what you have to work with, and i like your texture choices besides the black glass texture.

lighting is also quite nice, and it's striking to noclip and "back off" a bit to look at the whole thing.

fsr, your custom sky does not come through for me, even though i copied the sky brushes to my valve/gfx/env folder (twice to make sure).

Great entry and i hope we get more of this quality before the end!

5 stars for an exceptional 30-brush entry.
avatar zeeba-G says: 8th April 2011, 03:16 AM
Thanks guys! Yea I think the scale helps it feel it would be more than 30 brushes.

Strange, did the sky work for you srojke?

With the glass texture I began with more building like textures with balconys and windows etc. Than I went to the glass theme but with lines dividing it into panes. After experimenting I realized it was too hard to properly allign the textures against the slanted edges without a few extra brushes so I had to go with a generic texture.

I also experimented with lighter glass at first but finally went with the dark. For goldsource I think it represents tinted glass okish.
avatar FresheD says: star star star star 11th April 2011, 15:39 PM
Good, but not brilliant. That pretty much sums it up for me. Overall you've made an interesting piece of architecture, but for me personally it lacks a bit in texturing. It's just a bit dull, especially with the dark shades of color. The sky creates a warm atmosphere, but the building tends to give a certain coldness due concrete textures and dark green texlights. It's an odd sense of contrast that doesn't work for me. On further notice, i'm not quite sure if the gameplay will work as the idea suggests. Even with the fact you've made optimal use of vertical height, I think the scale of the map is too small for any RPG's to be used. Still, for 30 brushes you managed to make an excellent map.

PS: Please don't make a folder named to the map. It's annoying when you want to extract the files.
avatar zeeba-G says: 11th April 2011, 18:18 PM
The maps plenty big to use the rpg. Its actually quite a large scale for such a small layout. The base alone is 1216 x 1024 units. And there are 1696 units from the base level to the crossbow. Thats a huge ammount of space. And I didn't take into account the warmth of the sky and the coolness of the lighting. I just used the sky chosen because it has clouds above and below which indicate you being really high up. And I used cool lighting on the building because it helps represent a cold massive structure. Didn't think the building had to match the sky imo.

And yes I admit better textures should have been used in such a brush tight map. I disagree that it isn't "brilliant". It is a three level deathmatch map with an elevator shaft in the middle, teleports, feeling, A sense of realism, ambience and I only used 30 brushes.
avatar FresheD says: 12th April 2011, 16:16 PM
I can't help but to think that I somehow offended you, since you're actually trying to disprove my opinion as if it were something objective. Take my opinion as you want and disagree if you will, but there is no need for such a response. Last and least, and with all due respect, but claiming your own map as brilliant is quite the sign of arrogance. Respond as you will - I might have misunderstood your post - but i'll leave this be. There is no need for such a discussion about an otherwise excellent map.
avatar zeeba-G says: 13th April 2011, 01:56 AM
Not necessarily saying it was brilliant but to say it was'nt almost says that it isn't good. I think it was good for the given criteria but I un arrogantly admit it could have been better. But with the amount of given brushes this "idea" I don't think could have been taken much further.

And the rpg not being able to be used in this map isn't an opinion. Its either big enough or not and this case from the base level to the top it is. I think its more useable vertically than laterally. I mean yea it makes sense that this map is almost too small for it but you have to know how to use it to do so on this map.

Also I took your warm sky to cold structure bad contrast into consideration. I am studying architecture and everything we design is taken into consideration but you cannot control the sky and it changes everyday so would you really make a building to match it? And in real life it would reflect the sky as it dose in source so that would help.

And it may have been somewhat offensive to say "I don't think gameplay will work as implied" when your only point is that the rpg wouldn't work. It addresses the entire paragraph versus one point.

Edit: I've grown to agree with you on the sky Freshed. I guess I couldn't tell right after I made it but it along with many of the textures should have been different.
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