Commented 20 years ago2003-06-22 03:51:15 UTC in vault item: Canyon Barricade Comment #36
I really liked this TFC map.
Didn't quite understand why you would put in the Vent Shafts, but figured that the sneaky scouts might like it. The spawn protection didn't seem to work? and I didn't like the buttons being shootable only. Apart from that as I said, I really liked it.
Some good places to Conc jump too as well.
Yeah, I like this map......
Commented 20 years ago2003-06-22 03:30:15 UTC in vault item: Radiance Comment #35
Looks like good brush work and good use of textures. Gives it a good feel, lighting is consistant with the theme and play is actually Ok. Did you overdo the Monstermaker, or did you want endless snarks? I found that they don't really swim that well do they...
For a 6-8 player DM, the only thing I would recommend is making it Bigger, as there will be a lot more Death than match.. and maybe a few more breaks in the slime cover?
Good effort for a first map.