Commented 7 years ago2014-11-26 00:52:09 UTC in wiki page: func_tracktrain Comment #101140
I'm experimenting with func_tracktrain at the moment.
I'll make a tutorial on my channel if I figure it out.
Commented 7 years ago2014-10-05 12:07:06 UTC in journal: #8442 Comment #42378
Happy Birthday!

I hope you recover from your fatal case of Icecreamitis :D
This comment was made on an article that has been deleted.
This comment was made on an article that has been deleted.
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Awww! They're suspiciously cute. They must be plotting to overthrow us humans... 0_0
Naturally fooling us with these cute scenarios.
Commented 7 years ago2014-09-13 11:47:51 UTC in journal: #8431 Comment #67567
I'll sort out custom textures and models later. For now I'm just concentrating on brushwork (Mostly) which I will replace if need be once I've completed other stuff. Thanks for the feedback guys- It's appreciated!
Commented 7 years ago2014-09-12 22:35:34 UTC in wiki page: Tutorial: Terrain Comment #100581
This is great! I never knew you could do terrain like this before- up to now all my maps have been pretty... flat! Thanks!
Commented 7 years ago2014-09-12 14:32:46 UTC in journal: #8431 Comment #67566
Nooo! I lost all the stuff I just typed out for you guys! Curse you, Google Chrome!
Anyways... in short, thanks for the feedback!
-Work on lighting details i.e candles and outside.
-Find some new textures (Or make some... maybe...)
-Swap certain brushes for models
-Possibly gently change the terrain
-Tell Jessie what a work experience week is.

Also thanks for feedback + offer Bruce, but I think I'll concentrate on improvement and getting the basic map planned out fully before adding hearses and stuff. mind you, that lamp-post has given me an idea- Street lighting!

Jessie: A work experience week is something schools in England get year 10 pupils to do so we know what to expect after school and know how to get a job too. We basically choose somewhere and work there for a week, e.g a shop.

Alberto: Your tips are a great help! I'll probs sort out textures and models once I've got my basic map completed.

Also DiscoStu: I agree about the candles; as for lighting I think it's actually light enough, but needs some strategic light entity placing to create a better atmoshpere.

So! Cheers again guys! I'll continue this on the forums after I return from the realms of 75% off Skyrim on Steam! But if you want to answer anything related to this stuff, please post here until I make an "Official" thread. Thankyou :D
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According to the Guardian, England (My home!) is corrupt, dysfunctional, and unfair; And I agree! At least, the politicians are. All they ever seem to do is argue, but I suppose it's their job to.

So... Good luck- I hope the people of Scotland get what they want! I don't mind Scotland being independent, so long as all this political fuss stops. :D