Commented 5 years ago2014-11-26 00:52:09 UTC in wiki page: func_tracktrain Comment #101140
I'm experimenting with func_tracktrain at the moment.
I'll make a tutorial on my channel if I figure it out.
Commented 5 years ago2014-10-05 12:07:06 UTC in journal: #8442 Comment #42378
Happy Birthday!

I hope you recover from your fatal case of Icecreamitis :D
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Happy 2 days after your birthday!
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In the UK we have lots of roundabouts. We probably have more lights though. And then we have ridiculous roundabouts which have about 6 traffic lights for one exit and you have to stop EVERY time cause the timings are really bad. Most of the time though it's ok- it's mostly just those big motorway ones.

As for old people and driving... Thankfully there aren't many. And the ones which do drive either barely drive at all or they're not senile- or both. So the only accidents that really occur are at really awkward junctions or when idiot who barely passed their driving test goes over the speed limit by 20mph.

Glad you're okay Dimbeak! That sounded like a close escape.
Commented 5 years ago2014-09-14 19:05:40 UTC in journal: #8432 Comment #42361
Awww! They're suspiciously cute. They must be plotting to overthrow us humans... 0_0
Naturally fooling us with these cute scenarios.
Commented 5 years ago2014-09-13 11:47:51 UTC in journal: #8431 Comment #67567
I'll sort out custom textures and models later. For now I'm just concentrating on brushwork (Mostly) which I will replace if need be once I've completed other stuff. Thanks for the feedback guys- It's appreciated!
Commented 5 years ago2014-09-12 22:35:34 UTC in wiki page: Tutorial: Terrain Comment #100581
This is great! I never knew you could do terrain like this before- up to now all my maps have been pretty... flat! Thanks!
Commented 5 years ago2014-09-12 14:32:46 UTC in journal: #8431 Comment #67566
Nooo! I lost all the stuff I just typed out for you guys! Curse you, Google Chrome!
Anyways... in short, thanks for the feedback!
-Work on lighting details i.e candles and outside.
-Find some new textures (Or make some... maybe...)
-Swap certain brushes for models
-Possibly gently change the terrain
-Tell Jessie what a work experience week is.

Also thanks for feedback + offer Bruce, but I think I'll concentrate on improvement and getting the basic map planned out fully before adding hearses and stuff. mind you, that lamp-post has given me an idea- Street lighting!

Jessie: A work experience week is something schools in England get year 10 pupils to do so we know what to expect after school and know how to get a job too. We basically choose somewhere and work there for a week, e.g a shop.

Alberto: Your tips are a great help! I'll probs sort out textures and models once I've got my basic map completed.

Also DiscoStu: I agree about the candles; as for lighting I think it's actually light enough, but needs some strategic light entity placing to create a better atmoshpere.

So! Cheers again guys! I'll continue this on the forums after I return from the realms of 75% off Skyrim on Steam! But if you want to answer anything related to this stuff, please post here until I make an "Official" thread. Thankyou :D
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According to the Guardian, England (My home!) is corrupt, dysfunctional, and unfair; And I agree! At least, the politicians are. All they ever seem to do is argue, but I suppose it's their job to.

So... Good luck- I hope the people of Scotland get what they want! I don't mind Scotland being independent, so long as all this political fuss stops. :D