Commented 4 years ago2016-01-07 00:33:20 UTC in vault item: Onda (7 Map Mod) Comment #12356
I appreciate the feedback. This was really my first attempt at anything singleplayer beyond a few unfinished maps I made a long time back. I did most of my mapping for a Counter Strike server so I really lack singleplayer experience.

The next project will have a lot more depth, it'll be quite a bit shorter than this mod but be a lot better in terms of quality.
Commented 4 years ago2015-04-30 21:05:59 UTC in vault item: Fy_Spoils Comment #20866
I have lights, its using light_environment. In fact it was compiled using Sledge's tools in the Final mode.

Trying the map in game is how you give good feedback. Or even at least looking at other screenshots on the Gamebanana page for example.

Not doing that comes off as extremely patronizing, especially to someone who is not completely new to mapping and has their maps running regularly on full servers.

I apologize if I come off as aggressive with this post, just I feel like this type of non-feedback is extremely common in the Goldsource and Source mapping community.
Commented 4 years ago2015-03-20 04:29:46 UTC in vault item: Flat-Life Comment #14329
Eyyy, is there another mirror for this? Original host is dead.