Commented 13 hours ago2022-08-14 04:40:47 UTC in vault item: dm_demoncore Comment #104723
Remember to have your screwdriver out! I mean firmly slotted in the gap! Don't pull it out!
And don't forget to charge your HEV suit, it helps a bit in case of slipped lid.
Commented 1 week ago2022-08-06 09:04:29 UTC in vault item: dm_depo Comment #104709
Yeah, i agree, it feels too cramped. Got killed by my friend with crossbow too many times in those narrow corridors. But it was fun experiment with turning single-player map into multiplayer.
Thanks for playing, brushb0t!
Commented 4 weeks ago2022-07-15 06:49:41 UTC in vault item: sv_prefab Comment #104660
I like how well detailed these props are. Very nice!
Commented 3 years ago2019-04-28 07:58:18 UTC in vault item: Metropolice Outpost Comment #101970
Thanks for feedback everyone.
I've updated the map a little by adding some weapons, ammo, grenades, health kits, health chargers, armor charger and armor batteries around the map, so it's should be a lot more fair for now. It's kinda problematic cause when you test your own map it feels too easy, especially when you played it a ton of times.
Also added ambient occlusion to lightning.
And thanks for playing :)
Commented 3 years ago2019-04-14 03:53:23 UTC in vault item: Metropolice Outpost Comment #101953
Hey! Thanks for playing. And i appreciate very detailed feedback from you, this will help me to improve my mapping skills.
Good job with finding code, and finding second secret. There is actually a third secret and it's a well hidden room which really hard to find, maybe even impossible if you don't know about it's existence. In this room is a result of my experiment with monitor, camera and combine scanner.