Commented 9 months ago2023-09-05 08:40:00 UTC in vault item: Contact Established Comment #105527
It's finally up, nice job. Like I said before, this is a pretty sweet and nicely polished mappack. It can pass as an early 2000s release and I say that as a big compliment :D

Be sure to upload it to ModDB also to get more publicity.
Commented 10 months ago2023-07-23 11:59:32 UTC in vault item: Sjaak's Test Chambers Challenge Comment #105438
Very fun and well made map, I liked the ending too :D
Commented 10 months ago2023-07-21 18:44:32 UTC in vault item: Sjaak's Test Chambers Challenge Comment #105428
Looks fun, I'll try it :D

There is no reason to launch it as a multiplayer game though.
Commented 1 year ago2023-05-06 18:09:28 UTC in vault item: Haphazard Comment #105243
Yeah, all in one sitting :)
Commented 1 year ago2023-02-26 07:19:45 UTC in vault item: Half-Life but there are no restrooms outside Sector C Comment #105132
Commented 1 year ago2023-02-06 00:37:28 UTC in vault item: Testing Map Comment #105086
Why do you keep uploading your test maps?
Commented 1 year ago2023-02-04 22:51:14 UTC in vault item: My First Half-Life Map (but better) Comment #105082
Great image.
Commented 1 year ago2022-12-25 21:29:34 UTC in news: Competition - The Whole Goop Life Comment #104949
Thanks but I don't think so. Too close to your "get the HEV suit - slime becomes passable" example. I was trying to understand the goal better, don't want it to seem like I'm fishing for free ideas.

I'll think of something else, the point is being creative like you guys said.
Commented 1 year ago2022-12-23 03:15:05 UTC in news: Competition - The Whole Goop Life Comment #104944
Dang, one of the first ideas I had was grabbing parts of some sorf of device for the suit and combining it into an upgrade to get past the slime, I guess that goes out the window :biggrin:
Commented 1 year ago2022-12-20 18:43:27 UTC in news: Competition - The Whole Goop Life Comment #104938
Toxic waste isn't a very easy theme to tackle. What kind of scenarios are you looking for?

A full length minimod that has slime as an obstacle? A single, beautifully created map that has no real gameplay but nice, goopy ambience? Or a combination of the two: a minimod that's a gruntfest without the slime playing a role, but decorating the environment instead?

Can you give some examples?
Commented 1 year ago2022-07-06 22:16:24 UTC in vault item: shanty Comment #104617
Just finished the final (?) version, I enjoyed it.
Here's some feedback:
  • There are no ambient sounds anywhere. Some distant machine groans or humming sounds near vending machines etc. would make your maps feel much livelier.
  • shanty2 has a misaligned shotgun that clips through the box its standing on.
  • shanty4 is too gray and has way too many empty rooms, not even crates are there to fill up space this time. At the start of the map you created two paths, one goes to the right and one to the left. The path on the left leads to a small room that has only a single headcrab and nothing else, made me wonder why it was even created to begin with.
  • The ending is pretty lacking, if you're going to finish up a mod / mappack but don't want to do something extraordinary you can always throw in a boss. Since we're on topside, a helicopter battle would suffice for example. Instead of a text saying "lazy ending" make the player arrive to a helipad, make them fight with some soldiers and finally a helicopter or a tank they call up. Once the boss is killed make it trigger a fade, give it an ending text or simply a "The End" and make it spit player out to the main menu. As is, we can see that there is nothing behind the door the player opens up after the fade disappears.

You map fast and clearly have skill. If I were you, I would re-visit the already finished maps and give them more details (or even connect a couple of them as one) and add interesting scripted sequences, create a couple more topside maps and end it properly with a nice setpiece or a boss. This Shanty of yours can be a well made medium sized mappack with 10+ maps (4 storage - 3 offices - 3 topside maps for example) if you commit to it.

As is I still enjoyed it, but there are definitely aspects that can be improved.
Commented 1 year ago2022-06-26 19:17:50 UTC in vault item: shanty Comment #104583
I like it very much, nice old school mapping.

The only thing I'll say is that you rely boxes as decoration way too much. Not really a problem, this is something I also do from time to time. Boxes are simple to create and lay down, they can also easily make an empty area look busy. Though some areas could use pipes, vents, conveyor belts and other fitting objects to make your maps look more complex and unique.

Hope you continue friend.
Commented 2 years ago2022-06-01 19:20:57 UTC in vault item: Haphazard Comment #104494

Epic :gak:

Well, I don't know if it's that good, but it's a map alright, thanks :biggrin:
Commented 2 years ago2022-05-16 01:35:38 UTC in vault item: Advanced Half-Life FGD (for VHE 3.5) Comment #104409
Bayağı faydalı eklentiler var, şevke gelip aylardır açmadığım Hammer'da üç saat geçirdim.
Commented 2 years ago2022-04-16 13:48:59 UTC in vault item: Ricochet - Male.mdl with original GoldSrc jump animation Comment #104331
Commented 2 years ago2021-12-22 08:27:40 UTC in journal: HL1 Alpha comic? Comment #103893
I know this is nuts but even something as specific as that has been done before, and officially:

Two characters roam the Alpha Black-Mesa and get in all sorts of troubles, the theme is also comedy here.

But obviosly no one would stop you if you do your thing.
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