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Smoke weed every day
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O hai. Haven't seen a post from you in a while!
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Calculus and a mod
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Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Happy Birthday
There,quantity is now 5
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Just because no one notices your work.
Just because you don't have a thousand people worshiping you.
That doesn't mean you have to give up.

If you really need validation from others,two things:
1.Don't wait for it now.Do it and let the validation come.
2.Work till you get to the point where validation comes without you lifting a finger.

You think we're all big stars born with talent?
You think we're all just so naturally good at this?
Whatever we know,wherever we are,it's all because we got there.
You can't go from your house to some other place by just sitting on your butt and not moving.
We all did something.

With that being said,UrbaNebula has a point.
There are certain things which are interesting to you,but which no one else is interested it.
Play around with it if you wish.
But remember,mostly we have PC gamers here (for the Valve games atleast).

Not everyone became skilled in one day.
Rome wasn't built in a single day.

To build your Rome,
to build up your skills,
to make something you and everyone can enjoy,
it takes time.

Remember that.
Go forth.
Show us what you can do.
But take your time.

-a guy who was just like you.