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Summer has the best thunderstorms.
I doubt this has no input from your end, nobody is "that" good to allow something like this to go on with out wanting to.
What do you mean?
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Are you trying to do an etching solution?
Nope, just trying to do some random stuff that sounds fun. There, I was trying to ignite iron.
I'd personally go on my Steam account, block and remove him from my friends' list if I was you, to be honest. This is definitely not friendship at all. Always remember than only you are in control of your life, not him. The only thing we can control is ourselves, not the others, so he just can't do that, if he can then that means that you're letting him do it. Keep your eyes open. And welcome to TWHL! :crowbar:
Thanks. I can't just block him though. He also knows where I live, telephone number and I am also in the same school, and am always where he is, basically. So I'll have to learn to be able to say something against him.

What worries me is that I suspect he might physically attack me if I leave him, and who knows how far someone so bad at feeling any empathy will go.
Dude, I'm going to try and say this as kindly as possible, but that's not a friendship. That's a hostage situation. I get that you like the guy and at times he can be kind and caring, but for him to go off on you for taking a few moments to yourself... That's borderline psychotic. And the fact that he has caused LASTING phobias as well? Relationships and friendships break apart all the time and both sides get over it. Hell, once school is over you will likely lose touch anyway, if not immediately then certainly over the coming years when you're both off doing different things. Telling him that you don't want to hang out any more might cause him some grief in the short term, but drawing this "friendship" out doesn't exactly seem like it's going to do YOU any favours.
Thanks for the words. I think I'm going to look for some sort of psychological help if I can, maybe that'll make it possible for me to leave him. It really isn't possible for me to leave him right now.