Competition: Glass!

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Open Date
19 years ago2004-08-10 00:00:00 UTC
Close Date
19 years ago2004-09-05 23:59:59 UTC
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Allowed Engines
Judging Type
Judged (all engines combined)

Build an HL SP map that shows how creative you can be with glass.
Large or small; plain glass, breaking glass, windows or skylights play an important role in any map.
Make a glass feature in your map that will have the judges wanting to run it again. (This is not a mirrored floor compo).


Here are the results, judged by Andy and Seventh-Monkey.

Special mention goes to Hans (download): This was probably my personal favourite. No readme, sadly, and was a little small, but the gargoyles are pretty cool. Good stuff; pity you didn't concentrate more on this one, Hans, instead of submitting several.
1st Place - Trapt
Agamemnon Icarus Glass
This starts off with a really well-mapped corridor, really show-offy with dramatic lighting, then down to a planet made of glass! Masterful vertex manipulation, so I had to give it first place even though it didn't really honestly use glass to its fullest.
2nd Place - Vassy
Glass defence system (fixed)
Okay, so the name isn't too original, but Vassy used a property of glass in this good entry, which is why, although the lower-floor architecture isn't too superb, it wins silver. I love the entry (the grunts are on roller-skates, according to official reports).
3rd Place - BJ
Admittedly this is rather trite idea seeing as we had about five glass mazes submitted, but this was well-made and nicely-lit. Good entry from BJ with a nice extro sequence.