Competition: Real World Reconstruction

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Open Date
19 years ago2004-10-18 00:00:00 UTC
Close Date
19 years ago2004-11-17 23:59:59 UTC
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Judged (all engines combined)

Create a reconstruction of your favourite "Real World" photo.

Find a photo of the place you want to recreate and build that. Your entry must include your reference photo.


Special Mention goes to Gman and doodle. Gman came so very close to third, but in the end was just muscled out by MuzzleFlash. Very good effort from Gman, keep up the good work. Doodle's entry shows that he is still learning, but he is improving very quickly, and has potential to be a great mapper.
1st Place - AJ
Sydney Harbour Bridge
This map completely knocked me off my chair. The bridge itself looks almost
exactly as it does in real life, and the camera was set up quite nicely
(apart from the end of course =D ).

This is possibly the most architecturally brilliant map I have ever seen.
The amount of VM that Ant has done is phenomenal, and I see that he has
taken similar shortcuts to some certain professional mappers in a certain
recently-released map, which is quite a coincidence really.

The only downside I can see to this map is the fact that there is no
lighting, and the sheer amount of lag experienced whilst playing the map.
2nd Place - RacerX
Mysterious Egyptian Museum
Quite a nifty little entry here from RacerX. He took a different approach to
his entry, and I found it to be quite cool. He chose a number of Egyptian
artifacts to map, and placed them in a museum, where you mysteriously fall
into an ancient tomb kind of thing. Very, very cool.

Good solid stuff, with some very interesting things in it. Those sprites did
looks a bit odd though :P.
3rd Place - The Mad Carrot
Abondoned Locomotive Werehouse
Not sure of this entries exact title, so Abandoned Locomotive Warehouse is
gonna have to do.

MuzzleFlash has once again showcased his mapping skill by accurately
remaking a building which is familiar to him. The map as a whole looked
quite nice, although a little more detail in its surrounds would’ve
been great. Then again, I do understand that this is the HL engine, and that
he had limited time.

Once again, great mapping, although was a bit uninteresting since nothing at
all happened.